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Abuja Girls At Night

Charity Nwakaudu
Since every woman’s dream is to look sexy and eye catching, for everyone to praise her beauty,the first thing that comes to her mind is what to wear to out stand the crowd.Abuja ladies are not left out of the game as they make sure that no one passes them without his or her attention being captured.
In Abuja,  from 11pm at places like Wuse and Maitama is a different world altogether as what ladies wear will amaze you,  the Mary you know in the day-time is different from the Mary at night ,due to transformation.You may likely not even recognize your  own sister at night hangouts.
The innovation of packaging has helped many ladies to arrive at their desired curve or figure ranging from the artificial hair,eyelashes, eyeballs,size of butt,skin colour and size of boobs.It is difficult to meet a lady with a flat butt or dried boobs at night in Abuja, because they package themselves very well to be attractive.
They lay a very standard foundation before wearing the main cloth, by putting on the bum for those that do not have the back side and those that want to make it maximum.There are different types of bums in the market,namely the lifter for those that want their bums to be standing, the hip for those that doesn’t have hips and the main bum bum,for those that just want to increase the size of theirs.likewise the boobs,it is not everything you see that is follow come,so,feel before you buy.
Some of the attires these ladies wear to outshine other ladies and lure their patrons are; tight mini fitting dress to show their bum and general figure, patterned shirt with a high-waisted short skirt revealing the legs,they unbutton some of the shirt buttons to expose the boobs for fun and sexy look,a one shoulder attire,a high front and low back dress exposing the whole laps,lacy sleeved backless mini dress to expose the back,arm less top and bum short.Most of which they buy from “bend down and select”.
They go for bright and bold colours to make them look cold and for easy identification since it is night.They don’t even wait for the men to call,they do the calling themselves by eyeing, twisting their tongue towards the intended man or displaying their assets ( boobs and bum).Most of the clothes they wear is bearly below their bum.
They have resolved  to wearing wig braids instead of the costly brazilian hair due to the current economic hardship in the land,the Brazilian hair is now left for well to do like the ministers and celebrities who can foot for it.
These  girls who are mainly in their teens and early twenties prefer going for braided wigs because it is cheaper compared to Brazilian hair,with only thirty thousand naira they can get two to three of it since they don’t even want to be pined on same look,some don’t even want people to know their real identity.
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