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UK PM Loses Voter Confidence In Constituency

Despite Theresa May’s predicted win of a larger parliamentary majority in Thursday’s election, some voters in her constituency of Maidenhead have lost confidence in the prime minister after a tricky seven-week campaign.

May has been a Member of Parliament (MP) for Conservative heartland Maidenhead, West of London since it became a constituency in 1997. Its surrounding areas have been easy wins for Conservatives for decades.

However, voters in the town, which has a population of just over 70,000, were concerned that the prime minister had faced numerous challenges during her campaign.

Since the attack on London Bridge last weekend, May has faced questions over cuts to the number of police officers during her time as interior minister.

Conservative voter Louise Patton thought May had done well in her campaign until that point – but was hopeful she’ll still win a majority regardless of “shooting herself in the foot”.

May’s troubles began on May 18, when she announced a new policy on care for the elderly that quickly proved unpopular. She backtracked days later, prompting opposition critics to pour scorn on her central claim to offer strong leadership.

For Nick Lucas, this policy showed her to be “uncompassionate”. He has always voted for May’s party, but this time will “probably” vote for Labour as he preferred the party’s leader Jeremy Corbyn’s values.

Other constituents described May as being a friendly face around Maidenhead, but weren’t convinced by her leadership skills.

Polls across Britain close at 2100GMT, and a final survey backed other opinion polls in the last 24 hours, suggesting that the Conservatives had widened their lead.

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