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Man dies after being sucked into MRI scanner in Mumbai

A man has died after being sucked into an MRI scanner at a hospital in India.

Police in Mumbai said Rajesh Maru, 32, was pulled towards the machine by its magnetic force after entering the room at Nair Hospital carrying an oxygen cylinder.
Preliminary reports suggest he died from inhaling liquid oxygen. It is thought the cylinder was damaged after hitting the machine.
Mr Maru, who had been visiting a relative on Saturday night, was asked to carry the cylinder by a junior member of staff who assured him the scanner was switched off, his uncle claimed.
“We are shocked and devastated,” Jitendra Maru said. “The ward boy who was supposed to prevent such incidents told my family members to go inside when the machine was turned on.”
Metallic objects must not be carried into rooms containing MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanners because they use a powerful magnetic field to produce images of the body’s organs
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