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George Weah As The 25th President Of Liberia.

 Former bus conductor. Then  Arsene Wenger’s boy. He said Wenger’s love and hospitality made believe racism was not all that universal.
He won the balloon dor.  The only African. Zidane says he is French.
He gave the medal to Wenger.
His football was Pace, power and finesse . Something between a Drogba and a Henry. Something greater than them.
He is large hearted , in many ways. He sponsored the Liberian team during the troubled  years. He could have chosen any European nationality. They courted him. He was the best in the world. He didn’t abandon his benighted people.
He didn’t mind not winning continental trophies and the  world cup. He didn’t count lost endorsement. Liberia was in tatters. Liberia offered him nothing then but sorrow. But…
He kept faith. Now, he is president.
It is hoped that having seen it all, he will give his all. It’s not glory time. It’s work time. Leadership has failed Africa.
If Weah works in Liberia, the continent’s other Weahs could rise.  And rescue the continent.
George Oponng Weah , could be an African revolution.
Ugo Egbujo
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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