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The APC led Federal Government of Nigeria is requesting 6.4 billion dollar Loan from China to build new railways from Lagos to Kano, Lagos to Calabar, Kaduna to Kano and upgrade that of Lagos to Ibadan. But the South East region is conspicuously excluded from the plan which is expected to grow the economy of the benefiting regions. 
Every Nigerian knows that Aba and Onitsha cities are competing with Lagos in trade and investment in the country, and are even better than Kano, Kaduna or any other state in this regard. Yet, when the government sets a plan to grow the economy, South East is not mentioned. 

The worst, most dubious and obnoxious aspect of this arrangement is that the ignored and marginalized South East States are gazetted to be part of the loan refunding scheme. And one wonders what atrocity the region has committed to warrant this treatment. 

Here is the time for all South East Senators and House of Reps members to stand up and be counted. They should make sure that the intended loan does not go through unless South East is captured in the scheme. 

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe must be commended for raising the consciousness of ndi Igbos and indeed all Nigerians to this evil before it is executed by President Buhari and his cohorts. However, more effort is required to stop the present anti-Igbo administration. 

Perhaps, it is now time for the APC change government in Nigeria to tell the world in clear terms what are the sins of the South East geopolitical zone of the country.

Lancelot Ifeanyi

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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