Monday , 18 February 2019
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“The Nigerian Army Is Meeting With GSM Service Providers Now, To Shutdown All Networks”


Information from our intelligence report has it that top Nigerian army officials and some Hausa cabals are right now in an emergency meeting with all GSM network service providers, in a bid to shut down GSM network in Biafra land, so that Biafrans will no longer have access to communication any more.

The Nigerian government under Dictator Muhammadu Buhari is about to repeat the media blockage they used against Biafra during 1967-1970 genocide as a weapon of war.

We hereby alerting the UN, EU, AU, ISRAEL, and the international community to wade into Biafran matter and save Biafrans from another genocide

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  1. Dandy Lambart

    Yeye country with goat brain leaders

  2. Kenz Eco

    Is not possible.. WiFi network dey

  3. Uche Jubilant

    One gsm providers ought to loose on this issues if the news is trully real be it one for 1day or more hahahah its going to be a failed attempt

  4. Kosisochukwu Kelvin

    They have no moral right to do that

  5. Adebayo Suleiman Saadu

    A good development. Shut down all phone and internet communications around Kanu’s house.

  6. Anthony Ayodele

    This mission has already failed before the execution..Gbam.

  7. Joe Osakue

    This news is fake. Scannews is too fake

  8. Enobong Udoh

    They government does not have the right to close down any network

  9. Doubra Donjor

    The mighty man in Battle will not allow that to happened in Jesus Name Amen

  10. Aniekan Douglas

    Why una no shut down Boko Haram communication network.

  11. Mas

    Good job NA 4dealing so called biafra, the full meaning of IPOB is (I, indispline) (P, people) (O, of) (B, biafraud)

  12. Dcn Abiodun Adeoye

    That’s not possible. It would be the end of this administration if it happens. I hope the APC government won’t make such mistake.

  13. Wilson Wilson-iteke

    May be to give the covering to fulfill Buhari’s satanic desire against Ndi Igbo.

  14. Raphy Abang

    How does buhari intend to get vote from South East with all this show of hatred and bitterness.?

  15. Gabriel Alpha

    Then I smell war every were, just for them to deliver their evil msg in darkness. God we hold unto you

  16. Ahmed Moh

    You will definatly experience symptoms of no network coverage , network problems before the full time blow of been cut away from spreading false news capable of inciting violence, is then you will know you are dealing with the government

  17. Ken Abudu

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  18. Ezeoke Evarist Chinedu

    So that the whole world will not see all the mayhem and atrocities you will unleash on the Igbo’s in Eastern Nigeria. That is extreme abuse of rights.

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  20. Fine Tunning

    If you is not possible the story is true

  21. Onunze Emmajazzy

    We are on top of the situation….. We are biafrans and we are winning the war.

  22. Ifeanyi Emmanuel Okafor

    Pls is this Nigerian army logo or Arab/Muslim logo ?

  23. Musa Bomai

    This thing happened in Northeast part of the country as a results of unrest. Since you’re in Nigeria not so called biafra you face the same thing.why will you cry to Israel,UN,US and since you said nobody will try to arrest kanu Nigeria will catch fire and you possessed a nuclear weapon that will destroy many cities in the north. Let’s us watch out.

  24. Okoye Samuel Ugochukwu

    Dia operations are very bad that’s why dey want internet down from Biafra land they dnt want the world to see dia useless operations

  25. Celestine Nnamdi

    I will like dem 2 plan on hw 2 ask our so called south east govnors/senators 2 start using kettle after urination. Una wake up late,Ndi ara.

  26. Nnamdi Maduka

    A failed president and a curse to a nation who is in love with drinking human blood that will sink him. He will be drowned in human blame

  27. Sirajo Ibrahim

    Is This A Common Thing Look At The History Of Borno

  28. Sylvestré Utibe Umoh

    Zoo Army I have my Turaya it network can never be shutdown.
    Uncircumcised freaks

  29. Finacarly Nache

    Atleast I will rest from hearing and watch Kanu this Kanu that abegie

  30. Musa Anka Abu

    l hope it will happen only in igbo land…

  31. Muhd Inuwa Mai Garba

    Meeting for what???? Chaiii scan new if N.A want ntwks to b shut down they will just issue an order for dat

  32. Dauda Abdulwahab

    If only dis scam news could be shutdowm will go along way for peace to reign in nigeria

  33. Uzoh Olisaemeka

    Dey Days of Dictatorship is Back

  34. Kareem Kamoru

    Fake news from biafrauds scamnews .

  35. Ajeigbe Lukman

    And ibo people are nt among network providers.fabricated truth

  36. Ikedi Dim

    Which soil are u talking about….Biafra has been before ur so called Nigeria if u don’t know anything better close up

  37. Aliyu Mohammed

    Major general Jibril from Sudan is working and Cownu is hiding and ipob is falling. Thanks to major Jibril.

  38. Adaeze Chi Umeh

    No body should kick against it. Is going to be interesting. So that everyone will go on defense. I thought u Hausa Fulani and some stupid people from S,west were happy with d way Nigerian army is dealing with Biafra? Now u shall now y Biafra is against d evil governance of buhari and APC!

    • Mario Banky Marine

      you are right my beloved sis from another mother….chineke kpokwa ndi army oku!!!!…..—Hausa/Yoruba war in Ile-ife,no operation Anaconda dance
      —A cult group called Badoo emerged from nowhere and killed over a hundred souls in Ikorodu-Lagos,no operation fowl dance
      —Fulani herdsmen invaded Taraba and souls were lost in hundreds,no operation elephant dance

    • Adaeze Chi Umeh

      Don’t forget army is still dancing at Bornu state with their operation lafia doole, but no killing of citizens there! Y dis hatred over Igbo?

  39. Daniel Styles

    I thought this was a democracy? Can you see the despondency and military regime you voted into power?

  40. Kanu Chukwuma Michael

    Well let them try and see the consequences of such action.

  41. Famuboni Isaac

    So that we will be hidden and shielded from other countries in the whole world under your torture and abuse.

  42. Chioma Terese Odom

    Nigerian Army Nigerian Army… I won’t blame them anyway cos our leader is equally a retired Army General… We are still in military regime… I won’t blame them.

  43. Chim Nedum U Nkemjika

    Download firechat in ur phone apps….u can send massage to ur friends also” do videos….without network…..very easy

  44. Charles Osuigwe

    By the time they finish even the Yoruba man will become second aboki, supporting evil

  45. Emenanjor Francis

    How much will they pay them for such services?

  46. Alvin Sydney Amariks

    Nigerian army can only nagotiate wit militants and terrorists group but shoots and kill unarmed civilians….. Stupidity at its peak

  47. Smart Akhigbe

    I beg make them go fast. ….

  48. Mohammed Usman Abba

    Nnamdi Kanu Took The Wrong Part to this race, he made himself a king with no kingdom, he derives joy in abusing Nigerian Authorities, The South East Governors tried calling him to oder but he turned them down, the family of the Late. Commander. Chief Dim Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu who started this race 70 years ago tried calling him to order he refused, Kanu has clearly turned down all other options to making the SouthEast great.

    It’s obvious that SouthEast States are not even together, which means that even if Biafra is achieved there will still be another war within us, besides, the Federal Government can never give southeast referendum if the states in southeast are not together.

    Don’t expect me to type RIP on your wall if you die as a result of this mad movement.

    And stop telling me to stop talking about this issue because if war happens tomorrow, I will be highly involved. So if you think I’m talking rubbish, you better start going straight to hell.

  49. Harry Jo

    USA have seen all this tragedy.

  50. Donchris Sniper

    Fantastically corrupt SYSTEM of GOVT that’s NIGERIA problem

  51. Kabiru Garo

    Something horrible will come out.

  52. Mark Innocent Okwunwanne

    Please I’m begin you people if you don’t know what to say so that the Army will stop killing our please please and please stop sounding like a talking donkey…. I don’t me my Igbo brothers

  53. Oluyomi Akintoye

    In dat case war commence be that

  54. Ahmed Mamuda

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  55. Olamide Havilah Olusesi Yusuff

    I pray that all this will not leads to War.

  56. Trisha Sonni

    Wow, So Nigerians should now see that they are being ruled by dictatorial brutes, who oppress criticism, instead if operating within norms of society. You all better be resolved to rid the country of APC and evry politician of the past several years. You need new competent leaders

  57. Eshi Chibuike Mgbemere

    so arewa youth have told their hausa/foolani army to shut at our people last night……we must respond with full force ….. army were burning peoples houses and shuting at anyone on site this night….it is happening life in aba…….we must give them what they want….no one slept this night…..hausa /foolani must hear am….buhari and his people are using army on us….we must defend ourselves .

  58. Mustee M Mustee

    I am very happy Nigerian army go ahead

  59. Nnaemeka Bruno G

    Only in umuahia plss…I wonder why all dis complain….wen there is need to peaceful agitation to acquire de need, ,everyday Ipod and army. .abeg make una face dem without complaining….

  60. Ameen A Auwal

    By Bridget Anulika.
    All my life I have never had a first hand experience of public harassment like today.
    As part of our normal routine in the office and the scheme at large, we left for facilities inspection at Aba, and off Aba along port Harcourt road.
    After we were done and coming back, we got to enyimba Junction/bakassi,coman see ipob boys terrorizing people, everyone running for their lives. We kept on moving but slowly and noticed that the road was kinda dry. Before we knew it ipob boys rushed out from nowhere and attacked our hilux, they where more than 15, carrying different weapons, one of them used shovel and hit the hilux hard, before I could blink my eyes they opened the door and started dragging us out, I heard my oga chorused , NO please, we are BIAFRANS ” I joined them o, and was shouting, biafra, biafra.. This boys weren’t even listening, one used a heavy big stone and was hitting my oga,others were removing the car Cover seat that’s made of Nigeria color /coat of arm. That we are not biafra, that’s why we had that on, that were is our flag or means of identification…. I didn’t know what to do, they dragged me outta the car, I came down didn’t know what to do, I thought of hiding under the hilux but no way because they were just everywhere. I was just praying my last prayer just incase they decide to kill us. Ever seen or witnessed any case of jungle justice? Now, that’s exactly the scene today.
    The other part of the road was another set of ipob boys damaging a truck full of goods, and another dangote truck full of cement on fire already.
    All this I witnessed/saw within 20mins…
    Finally I heard oya enter your motor and run for your life.
    We sped off.
    It was just I, the coordinator, and the driver. I started asking the driver why they allowed us go, our driver said he gave them 500naira that’s why they said we should go.
    On our way still driving carefully, because they are everywhere, we saw soldiers in their convoy coming down to calm the situation.
    On entering umuahia, the check points are tight, every living thing except the driver inside a bus, car, keke must come down and raise his/her two hands up to be sure the person isn’t with any weapon.
    Oh well… 😐
    Until there’s a legal/defined way to go about this biafra thingy, there will never be peace. If you haven’t experienced this ipob boys and there madness you will not understand , it’s not about writing epistle on Facebook in the comfort of your home that they should give us biafra this and that. This boys are terrorizing us, their people, the igbos per se.
    Imagine if they had killed us or any of us. Just like that.
    Most of this ipob boys are touts, and thieves, I almost forgot to say that they took our drivers phone too.
    And returned it when he gave them the money.
    This is too much really.
    My heart is still heavy.
    Find attached the selfies I took before and after, u’ll notice the car seat cover that was removed. I couldn’t take pictures of the other scenes because I was scared.
    I just Thank God we came out of this alive.

    Punch News

  61. Queen Zee

    I have been trying to call my people in Aba their number is not going through, Nigeria Army General should for once use his brain nah.

  62. Livinus Nwala

    Their level has not reached there and they can not do it at all. So let us forget it .

  63. Oluyomi Peters

    Spreading Fake News is your specialization

  64. Abdulrahman Bakarema

    Oh… i remember when yobe, borno and adamawa gsm network was shut down. Mehn, it was not pleasant.

  65. Mario Banky Marine

    Nigerian Army…putting a round peg in a square hole…rubbish!!!!

  66. Muhammed Abubakar

    Great Liars agent of d foolish group called ipob

  67. Pst Michael Olokor

    So what will happen? They should try and be proactive and not being reactive to things that are matter at all.

  68. Prince Tennyson

    Download “Firechat” App now, free for video msg, chat, etc. No data required., function without ntwk or data

  69. Otuu Samuel

    For how long so that we can buy more memory cards to save all you atrocities and wait for you and them to come back

  70. Aliyu Albert

    Good one, latest developments

  71. Akomolafe Toba

    Fake blog with fake news Scannews 😀

  72. Noah Dele George

    That’s a big lie and not possible to achieve

  73. Joyce Amarachi Mbatu

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  74. Shamsuddeen Musa Ahmad


    “I will go to Abuja, and when am coming home I will bring Buhari:s head”Nnamdi Kanu.

    ” If they don’t give is Biafra, there will be nothing left breathing in that zoo called Nigeria” Nnamdi Kanu.

    “Its either Biafra or death” Nnamdi Kanu.

    “If they don’t give us a date for referendum, there will be no election in Anambra or any part of Biafra land” Nnamdi Kanu.

    ” It is clear that the only language the zoo called Nigeria understands is war and death and we are ready for war” Nnamdi Kanu.

    “From today forward, I put the protection of Biafra land in the hands of the Biafra Security Services” Nnamdi Kanu.(no wonder ipob started collecting Taxes)

    ” If the zoo Army enters Biafra land, they will die” Nnamdi Kanu.

    “Buhari is a mad man” Nnamdi Kanu.

    “I call on all Igbo’s who have the know how to manufacture bombs, arms and ammunitions to come forward, we need to take this war to the zoo ( via Biafra radio). Nnamdi Kanu.

    He publicly made the above statements and even more, some us didn’t think he went too far, nor caution him or publicly denounce what he is doing, but now, tongues are quick to wag in condemnation of the Nigerian Army’s action.
    We pray God’s wrath, come down hard on all the enemies of peace and their sponsors plus supporters.

  75. Abubakar Garba

    That’s good does animal need any communication services

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  78. Maxwell King

    Shame to expired Nigeria government.

  79. Abbas Bappa

    It is a war between Biafra army and Nigerian army, so we bloody civilians are less concerned 😂😂😂

  80. Somtoo Valentine

    Dahs d consequence of voting in a clueless government… I hope dis country survives it after dis regime

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