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Stop being tribal leader, Ezekwesili tells Buhari

A former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to stop being a sectional leader and take the moral high ground.

Ezekwesili, who supported Buhari during the 2015 presidential election, urged the President to act as a true leader by showing love to all.

The former minister said this in a series of tweets on Twitter while reacting to the recent deployment of soldiers in the South-East codenamed Operation Python Dance 2.

She stated, “It is tragic that you, our President, Muhammadu Buhari, have deliberately or inadvertently alienated a segment of the people you lead. It is tragic.”

Ezekwesili said it was wrong of Buhari to punish an entire geopolitical zone because of the actions of a few.

She added, “The leader of a country cannot be friends only of those he/she likes. No. That is not leadership. The leader builds up groups. Not divide. You cannot lead only those that worship and swear by you. You are the leader. You must carry the burden even of those that detest you.

“It is the lowest form of churlishness that is unbecoming of a leader to send signals that you dislike anyone of the groups you lead. A leader is a winner. When a winner acts like a loser, things go wrong in their kingdom. Real leaders build a bond with all their people.

“Worst is when a leader makes enemies of most because he abhors the action of one or a few. That is not leadership! That is ethnic prejudice. A real leader does not suffer from the destructive disease of ethnic prejudice. It endangers his/her people and real leaders cannot bear such

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  1. Suleiman Ja

    Stupid woman.
    You’re are missed the point as always.

  2. Suleiman Ja

    Stupid woman.
    You have missed the point as always.

  3. Olapade Idowu

    Woman if you don’t have reasonable things to talk about keep quiet.

  4. David Okeke

    Allows biafra to go their using force weapon gun on them, aboki people think they own this country the don’t know that this country is for all of us, that y their tribalism

  5. Emma Midas Nwankwo

    …but you heiped to bring the tribalist to power with your smokescreen #BringBackOurGirls Campaign.

  6. Don Scottlazaus Scott

    Na now her day break…history will always judge u all..look the pains and deaths u brought to ur people..i guess u are happy now..and also head of the accusations of ministers of women affairs..of was stage against the past government.

  7. Don Obi

    you ar part of igbos problem

  8. Amobi Bobby Igwilo

    Will he be president for ever? Will he live forever? .He is a loser!

  9. Amobi Bobby Igwilo

    Nigeria deserves a President that has insight
    Onwuka wrote:
    The Sad Story of the Puppeteer and the Puppet
    It is so sad that President Buhari has allowed himself to be controlled like a puppet being pulled by Nnamdi Kanu.
    Kanu seems to know so well how Buhari would react to every step he takes. So Kanu taunts Buhari like a woman taunts her husband by calling him “Useless man” and telling him to do his worst and see hell. So the foolish husband loses his cool and beats the wife blue black. The wife shouts that he has killed her, takes pictures and videos of her swollen face and battered body and sends them out. The man is called a beast by the public and maybe gets arrested by the police.
    When it seems that attention on him is reducing, Kanu says or does one thing to work Buhari up. He gathered some men together and announced that he had formed the Biafran Secret Service: a group that does not have even pepper spray. He boasted that nobody would dare to arrest him. He said that the person that came back from London was not Buhari but someone else.
    Given how the mind of Buhari works, Kanu knows that Buhari must react. So Kanu pulls the strings and the puppet reacts the way he wants. That is sad.
    Kanu knows that the moment Buhari reacts, there will be videos and pictures and stories for the world. And that gives his cause global publicity and wins him sympathy. Buhari will be seen as the aggressor and oppressor while he is seen as the non-violent victim.
    When Buhari returned from his medical trip and gave a speech, I wrote that the speech was written principally for Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. Buhari was telling them that he was back and would deal with them for crossing the “red line”. And true to his word, he swung into action.
    Tension has risen in Nigeria over Buhari’s reaction, and what is on the lips of everyone is Kanu, Biafra and IPOB. Rather than be cowed, IPOB and non-IPOB members have become more strengthened. Even moderates are wondering why they should still belong to this Nigeria with such viciousness from the military and the leaders.
    Those who have read Mario Puzzo’s The Godfather would see that Buhari reminds one of the impulsive first son of Don Corleone called Santino (Sunny), who would always react as predicted, and was, therefore, considered unfit to to run the Corleone empire.
    IPOB must resist the urge to get violent because of the continued killing of their members and the inhuman treatment meted out to them, neither should they resort to attacking Northerners in revenge. Violence will dent their moral standing and also give Buhari a golden opportunity to replicate an Odi or Zaki Biam in Igboland. They must deny him that pleasure. Watching how angrily Buhari reacted during the Al Jazeera interview when the killing of IPOB members was raised, I tend to believe what Fani-Kayode said he told him that “they” cannot forgive the Igbos for the 1966 coup.
    Nigeria deserves a president that is deep and tactful, a president that is proactive and not reactive, a president that will read in between the lines and see the result from the beginning, a president that will have practical ways of solving problems and uniting the nation.The Sad Story of the Puppeteer and the Puppet.

  10. Ahmad Buba


    “1. NORTH EAST :- Operation Gama Aiki and Operation Lafiya Dole which is a multi-national operation with troops from the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) member states. This together with Operation Crackdown is an operation within operation aimed to mop up Boko Terrorists in the North East.”

    2. NORTH CENTRAL :- has Operation Safe Haven stationed in Plateau State with area of operation extending to Benue, Kogi, Nasarawa and Kwara States to quell ethno-religious conflicts and other criminal activities.

    3. NORTH WEST :- Operation Sara Daji and Operation Harbin Kunama ( Scorpion) in the North West, established to battle the criminal activities of armed bandits, cattle rustlers and robbers operating particularly in Zamfara, Kaduna and fringes of Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina and Kano states.

    4. SOUTH SOUTH :- the Navy has a major operation codenamed Operation Delta Safe which was formerly Operation Pulo Shield. While Nigerian Army’s Operation Crocodile Smile, and Navy’s Operation Tsera Teku. These operations are all aimed at crushing the resurgent Niger Delta militancy and other acts of criminality like oil theft, vandalism, and bunkering in the region.

    5. SOUTH WEST :- , there is Operation Awase with a mandate to contain the criminal operations around Ogun-Lagos axis, particularly in Arepo where illegal oil bunkering and pipeline vandalism are regular occurrences.

    6. SOUTH EAST :- Operation Iron Fence to combat armed robbers, hooligans and kidnappers. Then a new Operation Python Dance to sustain the previous operation.

    7. Finally, Operation Mesa ( LION) , which is a Joint Task Force (JTF) operation against all forms of criminal activities in ALL the states of the federation.

    Jack: In effect, there are military operations in EVERY part of Nigeria, so I don’t get the whining over python dance, the magnitude, the ethnic/religious tension, criminality, secessionists anti-constitutional activities, other security challenges bearing in mind the peculiarity of our people and country so demands.”
    – Shabba Baba Mohammed.

  11. Eragbai Ay Bruno

    Will he ever change… I doubt

  12. Olapade Idowu

    Anybody that wants to disrupt the peace of this nation thunder will strike him or her .

    • Ekpe Mahmud

      Olapade which nation are you talking about? Do we have a nation? Dont be decieved there is nothing like nigeria ask your neighbour if there is anything like nigeria .what we have is a zoo

  13. Paul Dowu

    God will punish you and your agents very very soon,

  14. Obialor Uzoma

    Madam the plight of igbos in nigeria today were caused by you. They used you and then dumped

  15. Amasco Akomor

    oby when you were campaigning for pmb you never no who he is it is too late

  16. S Boy Obiora

    Foolish woman. Hmmmm i ho har all of usoooo. If they get biafra wre u go go stay? Ok nah. We go see

  17. Naseer Chindo Omar

    Highly disappointed if truly this statement is made by Madam Ezekwesili.

  18. Yusuf Mustapha

    What did you call when such operation is going in elzakzaki’s commands area in zaria or did you think elzakzaki is Yoruba or ijaw.

    Madam when did you started drinking beer to much that leads to forget what happened in zaria and never think it as tribalism.

    Madam you didn’t know of kanu threats to a country with establishment of securities and armed men.
    What did you call this human rights or tribal rights.

  19. Kine-bliss Ndegwe

    This woman help in dethroning democracy in Nigeria to enthrone a tyrannical dictator with tribal malice as president .

  20. Ekene Udensi

    IDIOT, Go and do ur ashawo work…. Ashawo na ashawo…

  21. Manir Umar

    Unrepented tribalist indeed with Kemi Adeosun as finance minister,Fashola with multiple key ministries,Ngige as minister of labor.

  22. Chimzy De Blessed

    Madam Oby, good morning o… 😂

  23. Laye Best

    Tribalism is one thing you can not take away from Buhari. Take a look at the people in top positions in this government then you will understand the kind of person you people brought to us to lead us in this 21 century. This is a norther government or Nigerian government any sensible person will agree with me.

  24. Jekwu Hansel Chukwueze

    He is the product of your stupidity.

  25. Paul Ibeh

    God will surely punish you idiot,are you not amoung those campaing against Goodluck .

  26. Onyedozi Sunday

    When you were campaigning for him, didn’t you know that he is a tribalist and a religious bigot?.

  27. Smith Jpero

    I thought i am the only one that thought he is being triabalistic.

  28. Eugene Okey Chiemeka

    The most stupid woman on planet earth

  29. Philip Takon

    Sister Oby, you never see anything yet, wait till on Monday.

  30. Douglas Eze

    Ezekwesili go and hide your face where no one will see you. You’re part this Mess called APC.
    God is bigger than all of you -#EnemiesOfMyCountry

  31. Ify Osuji

    You are a stupid woman, now you are realizing your mistakes.

  32. Fatimah Salisu

    U people are just too selfish

  33. Abdullahi Yahaya Raigoma

    Do you mean president should leave terrorist group in igbo land to kill threaten and violate laws? They shuould be fight as boko haram terrorist.

  34. Mohammed Muktar

    When FG crackdown on El-zazzaki, bokoharam nd Namadi sambo, it’s not tribal fight but when IPOB are bring to order it’s a tribalism. Nigeria interest is bigger than any group interest.

  35. Simon Iroka

    U were among the fools that called jonathan names ad strongly wanted buhari……….

  36. Nnamdi Orjiakor

    Ofe mmanu people is d problem we hv in this country cuz of dia hatred for my people. I wish them wt they wish my people….

  37. Ogunrinde Safernaty Sharafa

    No one will give you Appointment idiot.

  38. Edeh Samuel U

    Madam Ezekwesili, sorry. They have used and dumped you. You must continue, the Chibok girls are still with their political kidnappers.

  39. Tochukwu Anthoney

    Buhari must obey Biafra people by fire by force.

  40. Usen Clement Ibok

    Stop complaining because Buhari was ur brother in 2015, stupid woman

  41. Phikayour Olatheypo

    Bloggers r one of the problems of this Nation
    Making us to hate one another with their cooked stories
    Most especially scannews,they were paid 4 propagandas
    Let’s live with love, peace and harmony
    We are #onenigeria#

  42. Obiadi Charles Chinedu

    Don’t mind d clueless incompetent malu.

  43. Nasiru Abdullahi

    Madam yhu are stupid is it because thia government did not giv yhu chance thats is why uhu are saying rubish?. When Jonathan was giving yhu millions of looted contract funds you did nt think of tribalism..

  44. Rachael Ubani

    Oby it is too late , aren’t you ashame of yourself on the pains and manner the govt you voted into power has reduced your own people . I remembered the day cow Buhari was sworn into office , you said that ” May Buhari not make that same mistake Jonathan did” What is that mistake Jonathan did that subjected your people to this trash . Go and tell Mbaka in case the village where he is has got no light . Tell Joe Igbokwe , and Lauretta Onochie too that all that gilters are not gold .

  45. Ahmeed Sunusi

    Forget these peoples they are all stupidity they don’t know where they are heading I supported Nigerian army

  46. Zainab Ahmed

    Her attack should be directed to her people, the Igbos, especially now. No sensible person can ever accuse PMB of being a tribalist.

  47. Aminu Mukhtar

    Stupid women,because her protest in north west didn’t succeed

  48. Adeyinka Emmanuel

    this women brain is low beyond reasonable doubt, pls where were you when kanu was cooking the food?, where did you put your hear when kanu was disturbing peace of country up and down?, where are you when kanu was recruiting his own ipob soldier (lion squad)?, where were you when kanu stop all government worker from going work to test his might?, so you mean federal government shouldn’t take right decision at a right time..

  49. Bamidele Jimoh

    No ministerial appointment for you. OK

  50. Hawkins Sariki

    Tell them say our eyes done clear ….tell them say our eyes done open ooo

  51. Samuel Bamidele

    Is there anything called incorruptible in APC government? Certainly not. Only God is incorruptible. To be tag incorruptible in the sight of men is not incorruptible.

  52. Jude Chimaobi Amaeshi

    Hahaha madam so you are still alive…..All my life I have never seen an educated fool like you ….i believe you know that you are completely finished. …even my grandmother in village have package pass you…..#bringbackourfool

  53. Henry Okey Ojo

    I have never seen as a Leader in my whole entire life as a Nigerian. That Buhari is simply not capable to rule that country Nigeria. When IBB, OBJ, YARADUA……were there we did not see Nigeria in sure situation.

  54. Daniel Egbu

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  55. Uche Ogu

    But u campaigned for him. Good morning ma.

  56. Ado Garba

    1,000 guns seized at Apapa Port linked to Nnamdi Kanu and Turkey.

    Over 1,000 guns were hidden inside wash-hand basins imported from Turkey. A day after, Hameed Ali’s revamped Nigeria Customs Service impounded the consignment, a diplomat from Turkey paid Nnamdi Kanu a visit.

    I remember reading a report about the involvement of the President of Turkey with weapons supply to Boko Haram terrorist via Turkish Airlines.

    Fast forward to less than one week after the guns were seized, they have now been linked to Nnamdi Kanu IPOB’s founder.

    Two things should happen today. Immediate arrest and prosecution of Nnamdi Kanu with additional counts of treason as well as the withdrawal of our ambassadors from Turkey. The Turkish ambassador to Nigeria should be given 24 hrs to leave Nigeria. They are threatening Nigeria’s territorial integrity. Let us not forget that hundreds of Nigerian university students, including those in their final year were deported from Turkey earlier this year with zero diplomatic fall-out from it.
    Bunmi Awoyemi Divinewealth

  57. Ejike Nwokwor

    They will soon find 30billion for your account.

  58. Ejike Nwokwor

    Efcc will soon find 30billion for your account

  59. Obi Kendo

    Good morning,you help to make him a president,Jonathan was your enemie for nothing,all the Igbos politicians and their neighbours,who worked against Jonathan government,most be alive to see their wickedness against Jonathan,fools

  60. Mathias Jakes Okoh

    This man (mistake) can never change.

  61. Honourable E Uche

    You supported the fulani bastard (Buhari) before!
    So your opinion do not stand.

  62. Abba Kuru Adam Kaka

    That is not Tribalism, Nigeria is more than any, Any body that is need to Distroyed Image of nigeria Or Cause Function to The Unity of Nigeria We are Support To Condermed thems. Soon We meet with Niger Delta Avengers And Bring back Everlasting Peace.

  63. Ken Abudu

    Thanks to Dr.momoh who saved and cured me from hepatitis B.. virus with his herb medicine also contact him for issues such as HIV, cancer and liver failure +2349068579672

  64. Reginald Okechukwu

    You can speak out now cox he didn’t appoint a minister.
    If he had appointed you, could you have been able speak out?

  65. Shayibu Mohammed

    Imagine how stupid these people are, they have the guts to talk to president but they don’t have the guts call their sons and daughters to order. This is just the beginning.

  66. Frank Onyema

    Bring back our girls. You will not tell your Northerner’s to stop shooting our brothers and sister’s like Bush meat.

  67. ChiChi Enyi

    Is he no longer your messiah

  68. Confidence Mofunanya

    You are part of this game. You are talking now because the government did not favor you.

  69. Iyke Lingos

    Stop being a disappointment maam

  70. Musa Anka Abu

    Just because you are not appointed

  71. Princess Okafor

    Na now u want talk abeg go play for shit

  72. Iyke Ani

    Idiot now u knw abi….. All u who planned nd force GEJ out of the office must surely suffer for it… the blood those innocent biafrans that buhari are killing will surely be upon u people’s head … onye ara

  73. Ejikeme Florentus Izu

    Those writing rubbish posts, making disparaging comments and dancing Skelewu on Zukerville because they hear that some Igbo youths are tortured and killed, I hail you all.

    You say the soldiers are right while the IPOB people are wrong, abi?

    You see it suitable that those boys were made to drink mud water while receiving brutal attacks from your angels with guns, abi?

    You justify all injustices against the Igbo people by quoting the infamous lines of ONE NIGERIA, abi?

    You say Kanu is an idiot but your politicians who have turned the country into a super ponzi scheme are wise, abi?

    You wallow in poverty but when somebody raises motion for restructuring, you say he is your enemy, abi?

    You claim to love Nigeria but you are quick to jump into a job opportunity to push barrow in Malawi, abi?

    When people shout “Referendum” you say they are looking for “War” but when they show you evidences of gross marginalization, you become deaf-dumb-blind man, abi?

    Well-done, bros.

    Whatever that is your creed, I know Karma is a skilled delivery man that never forgets addresses. As you sow, so you shall reap.

  74. Chris Igbokwe

    Being a tribal leader would have been tolerable . But one on a revenge mission against his imaginary enemies, is blood- curdling.

  75. Bashir Haruna Ibrahim

    With That He Did What You Kinsmen Fail To Do! Mrs Basket Mouth.

  76. Marce Onyisi

    He is back and as usual innocentt blood of those who did not vote for will flow,I mean d ,5percenter.God is watching

  77. Sulaiman Eldalil

    When in December, 2015 the Nigerian army mowed down over 300 Shiites, destroyed their abodes and ploughed their bodies into mass graves, NO HATE mongers cried tribalism! When in the same period the president and commander In chief gave matching orders to Tukur Buratai ,the Army chief of staff and Sadique, the Chief of Air staff to decimate Boko HARAM and to send out of the Sambissa forest before April of 2016, he was not certainly a Tribal jingoist! But Buhari, the commander in chief, and Nigeria’s president has suddenly become a tribal leader because the activities of IPOB is SACROSANCT and constitutional and therefore any infringement on their Activities is TRIBALISTIC by the standards of EZEKWESILI and her BLINDLY ILLITERATE ideologues!! I am completely miffed by the judgement of people who I had respected in the past as SANE and FAULTLESS!!. I have yet to know the difference between an armed group agitating for an Islamic State or Caliphate and another agitating for a JEWISH-CHRISTIAN STATE under the supreme lordship of a certain god called chukwuka Ibioma okike(or something that sounds like that) complete with an armed National guard, a secret service police and a Directorate of state security service( supposed headquarters in Germany)! If the Boko HARAM armed group agitating for an Islamic state or Caliphate is a TERRORIST outfit , terrorist organisation,what then do you call the other armed group, or at least a National guard group complete with a state flag , currency, military uniform,secret police,and directorate of state security service agitating for a Jewish- christian state? Just what do we call that? If they are NOT a TERRORIST OUTFIT OPERATING A STATE WITHIN ANOTHER NATION-STATE ,Then we are yet to know the definition of TERRORISM! Those who are HATING and pretending , hiding under one guise or the other to perpetrate their HATE CRIME are well-known to us! THEY SHOUT PMB TRIBALISM BUT SEE WHO ARE THE REAL TRIBAL JINGOISTS!!!

  78. Babukar A Kolo

    You can not call your people to order but accusing the president

  79. Balarabe Usman

    Madam where were and what you tell your brother Jonathan when he deliberately allowed Boko Haram issue to escalate? Six local govt. areas were under the control of the terrorists. Again what did Jonathan do about the kidnapped Chibok girls. Not a single one was rescued by his govt. Worst of it all, his govt. did not initially believe that those girls were kidnapped. Now because Buhari (Hausa-Fulani) sent troops to crush (a. small group of people) who consistently call for the break up of this country and even claimed by some of them that they have stockpile of weapons enough to confront the Nigerian Army. YOU with your education and prominence in this country now stand to quarry his action. Do you expect him to fold his arms and allow the worst to happen first? You know very well that this man is not a new comer in the administration of this country and he participated in the last civil war, now a retired army general and one time military head of state, will NEVER allow the repeat of the event of 1967. Madam if you sre dissatisfied with his sction, the sensible thing to do is to GO and an audience with him and I know that NO ONE can deny you access to Buhari. But you chosed to go through media to make your criticism. That’s not right in my view.

  80. Chibuike Umeweni

    shut up ur tramp traitor u people put us where we are now.

  81. Prince Tony Ezeimo

    ASUU is on strike, NASU has joined them, labour is starting on Friday, Doctors are on strike, other health workers are starting on 20th, and they are just concerned about Nnamdi Kanu……

    What a clueless government controlled by a cow with a pig’s brain in a false contraception called Nigeria!!!

  82. Nwodo Nonso

    Full List of The Army Officers Compulsorily Retired On Friday By Muhammadu Buhari. They Are 90% Southerners. The Ethnic and Regional cleansing Continues:

    Maj. Gen TC Ude (SE)
    Maj. Gen LC Ilo (SE)
    Maj. Gen IN Ijoma (SE)
    Maj. Gen O Ejimai (SE)
    Maj. Gen PAT Akem (SS)
    Maj. Gen ED Atewe (SS)
    Maj. Gen Letam Wiwa -Younger brother of murdered Environmental Rights activist and author, Ken Saro-Wiwa (SS)
    Maj. Gen FO Alli (SS)
    Maj. Gen Mobolaji Koleoso (SW)
    Maj. Gen SD Aliyu (MB)
    Maj. Gen MY Ibrahim

    Brig. Gen GO Agachi (SE)
    Brig. Gen Okonkwo (SE)
    Brig. Gen Ogidi (SS)
    Brig. Gen Koko Essien (SS)
    Brig. Gen PE Ekpeyong (SS)
    Brig. Gen Bright Fiboinumama (SS)
    Brig. Gen. M. Onoyiveta (SS)
    Brig. Gen IMD Lawson (SS)
    Brig. Gen Oyefesobi (SW)
    Brig. Gen AI Onibasa (SW)
    Brig. Gen Bashir Mormo (SS)
    Brig. Gen AH Sa’ad (SS)-Former ADC to late President Musa Yar’adua
    Brig. Gen MG Ali
    Brig. Gen LN Bello
    Brig. Gen D Abdusalam

    Col. CK Ukoha (SE)
    Col. OU Nwankwo (SE)
    Col. Nicholas Achinze -Dasuki’s ADC (SE)
    Col. Tonye F Minimah –Younger brother of former Chief of Army Staff, LT. General Kenneth Minimah (SS)
    Col. FD Kayode (SW)
    Col. Ojogbane Adegbe –ADC to former President Goodluck Jonathan (MB)
    Col. Audu (MB)
    Col. DR Hassan
    Col. MA Suleiman

    Lt. Col GC Nyekwu (SS)
    Lt. Col C Enechukwu (SE)
    Lt. Col CO Amadi (SE)
    Lt. Col Adimoha (SS)
    Lt. Col OC Egemode (SS)
    Lt. Col TE Arigbe (SW)
    Lt. Col TO Oladuntoye (SW)
    Lt. Col Baba Ochankpa (MB)
    Lt. Col DB Dazang (MB)
    Lt. Col A Mohammed
    Lt. Col AS Mohammed.


    Now President Buhari has serially, deceitfully and masterfully completed the configuration of the entire National Security structure/architecture firmly in the hands of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani alone to the exclusion of all other ethnic blocs in Nigeria …. this is very, very dangerous for the South and for Northern Christians.

    Chief of Army Staff ……. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    Police IG ……….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    Minister for Defence ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    Minister for Internal Affairs …… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    National Security Adviser (NSA) ……… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    DG, Department of State Services (DSS) ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    Chief of Staff …… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    ADC to President ……. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    CSO to President ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    Protocol to President ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    Private Secretary to President ……. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    DG Customs ………. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    DG, EFCC ……. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    DG, Nigeria Prisons ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    DG, Immigration …… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    Minister for Petroleum …… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    Minister for FCT …….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani

    1. Head of National Assembly/Senate President …… Northern Muslim
    2. Head of Judiciary/Chief Justice of Nigeria ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
    3. Head, Federal Courts of Appeal …… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani

    Can this be true? Yes its true.

    Yet some people will not see anything bad with this arrangement and development. The intention of Mr President towards Nigerians is really manifesting in the lopsided appointments, the hegemonistic and mediaeval chauvinistic colonialism and Fulanization of Nigeria.
    Pray and watch. Military is getting ready for Jihad and Islamization. Buhari is playing a script. God is on the Throne watching. Will He keep quite?

  83. Abban Zainab

    Go and dance with Python in your village and stop maiking unnessary noise.

  84. Goodhope Arise

    When Buhari chose Chuba Okadigbo (an Igbo man) as his running mate in the 2003 presidential elections. He was not a tribalist then. In 2007, Buhari chose Chief Ume-Ezeoke (another Igbo man), a lawyer from Amichi Nnewi, Anambra State as his running mate, he was not called a tribalist.

    When he deployed troops to Niger Delta, and Arepo in South West Nigeria (where pipeline vandals were bombed by the “military”), he was not a tribalist. Buhari was not a tribalist when troops were deployed to wipe out Boko Haram terrorists; none of these selective activists ever bothered to ask if truly the soldiers were killing civilians, after all those killed are Muslims and northerners, Buhari was another a tribalist then.

    When El-Zakzaky (a fellow northerner), was arrested, Buhari wasn’t a tribalist, but now that a bunch of Waco-like hate-spewing groups is being contained by the security, Buhari is now a tribalist.

    I reckon because Buhari is a northerner and a Muslim, he should have allowed IPOB grown into a monster before acting so as not to be labeled a tribalist.

  85. Ahmed Mamuda

    50 percent splash price!!! Buy Dangote cement for N1,000 per bag, individual can purchase from 100 bags above, trailer load of 600 bags and 900 bags. Contact the sales manager Obajana factory Kogi state on 08130489670 for ordering and delivery nationwide. We hope to serve you better!

  86. Conrad Kayode

    Nonsense talk where u de bf d dance de

  87. Umar Usman

    You don’t have respect. You proved your self

  88. Bimbo Ajuwon

    Buhari is no doubt a tribal leader.

  89. Suleiman Ali Kura

    it’s what you’r supposed to tell the nnamdi kanu and the igbos not mr president cus he make nigeria a peacefull coutry

  90. Philip Kpae Friday O

    You have not seen anything yet. God is judging you on your action against GEJ. Good morning ma’am

  91. Rukayya Lawal

    Tribal as how?, in fact it irritates me when educated people become the same with illiterates.

  92. David Agadagidi


  93. Muazu Isah

    Useless woman because u couldn’t get ministerial appointment u are busy insulting and calling PMB names? Continue with your shameless act we are surprised considering who u are and where u come from.

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