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Stomach-Quine and the Futility of Political Blackmail

I use the term Integrity Challenged Charlatan with due apologies to the immediate past Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. The proprietor  of Integrity Group of Companies , Mr Livingstone Wechie  appeared  on Focus APC where he struggled in vain to exonerate   indicted immediate past Governor of Rivers State, Mr Rotimi Amaechi .
Like I said shortly after Gbenga Aruleba’s Focus APC featured the former majority leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly, the programme has metamorphosed into Amaechi’s  image laundry outfit. Recall that Gbenga Aruleba served  Amaechi  as media consultant  for eight years.
Before I proceed, let me make  this abundantly  clear.  Mr Livingstone Wechie  was never an employee of the Rivers State Government  under the leadership  of Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.  There was  no time that Mr Wechie  acted on behalf  of the Rivers State Government or the governor. There was no need for the merchant of blackmail   to work for  the  administration, since he runs a private company.
Mr Wechie, himself, on his different  television and radio appearances, stated unequivocally  that he was not on the  sponsorship  of the Rivers State Government.  With the benefit of hindsight, the interviewers helped to keep  everything  in the right context. Whatever  Livingstone  Wechie  said on  Focus APC is unfounded  falsehood. His thoughts on the  programme  are the baseless concoction of a blackmail trader who hides under the cover of activism.
It is obvious  that Mr Wechie lacks integrity.  He is one of  those integrity challenged charlatans  that the Former Minister of Finance  referred to when she used that term. I expect to see more of Wechie on the media as has found sponsorship  in Amaechi.
Let  nobody be deceived, the Former Rivers State Governor and Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi  is working round the clock launder his image.  Wechie is just of his recently   hired hands.
It is obvious that  Mr Wechie  imagined that Governor Wike  would use state resources to fund his activities. He is horribly mistaken.  Governor Wike is a transparent leader who will never be drawn into the sponsorship  of integrity challenged charlatans under any guise.
This administration  is built on the rule of law. Nothing is done outside the prescriptions  of the law. Long before Governor Wike  won elections  in 2015, it was public knowledge Mr Amaechi  misappropriated  funds that accrued to Rivers State.  Mr Amaechi on May 27, 2015 declared Rivers State broke, stressing  that Governor Wike will have no resources to pay salaries or do projects.
With overwhelming  evidence  of the corruption  that soiled the immediate past administration, Governor Wike  established the Judicial Commission of Inquiry  that investigated the Sale of Valued Assets  of the State. The Minister of Transportation instead of appearing before  the Judicial Commission of Inquiry, rushed to Court.  The Court ruled that  the Rivers State Governor was empowered by law to investigate the Former Administration.
Amaechi  rushed  to the Court of Appeal to challenge  the constitution of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry that investigated the Sale of Valued Assets of the State by his administration.  The  Appeal Court also upheld the constitution  of the commission.
The former governor has approved the Supreme Court  on the investigation of his failed administration.
It is imperative  to declare that the Judicial Commission of Inquiry  that investigated the Sale of Valued Assets of the State sat in the public. All the documents about the fraud of that  administration  were circulated  in the public domain with journalists  writing about the activities of the commission, publishing  tendered documents.  Nothing  was hidden from the people of the state.
The Chairman of the Rivers State Commission of Inquiry into the sale of Valued State Assets and other related matters,  Justice George Omereji informed the governor that the commission received 442 exhibits,  27 memoranda while 25 witnesses testified before it. It confirmed  that N53billion was diverted by Amaechi and his officials.
The above statistics  are relevant  for the public to  understand  the scope of work by the commission of inquiry.  It received 27 memoranda while 25 witnesses testified. These memoranda  came from different organisations  and individuals who were  directly  involved in the issues  that were investigated. They  had nothing  to do with the Integrity Group of Companies.
According to Justice Omereji : “Government should act fast on the report and Rivers people will be better for it. If government acts fast,  we will be able to recover billions stashed into where they kept them. That money belongs to the Rivers people and I hope government would act fast to recover it, so that it would be used for the people of Rivers State”.
Justice Omereji  noted that the commission’s work was delayed by two suits filed by former governor Amaechi and Mr Augustine  Wokocha.  He said the commission only started sitting after the dismissal of the suits.
It will be recalled that Governor Wike set up the commission with the  mandate  to investigate the sale of the following :Omoku 150 MW gas turbine, Afam 360 MW gas turbine, Trans-Amadi 136 MW gas turbine and the Eleme 75 MW gas turbine.
The panel also investigated the sales of Olympia Hotel, the execution of the Mono-rail project, non-execution of the Justice Adolphus Karibi-Whyte Specialist Hospital after the payment of Thirty-nine million and two hundred thousand dollars to the contractor.
The Commission also investigated the disbursement and use of the Rivers State Ministry of Agriculture credit guarantee scheme fund of N2billion and the withdrawal of  N96 billion from the State Reserve Funds. The panel was also mandated to ascertain the circumstances of the sales of the four gas turbines and to identify the purchasers and also confirm whether the transaction was conducted with  transparency.
A white paper has been issued on the report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry.  After the court processes, implementation  will take place in line with the rule of law.
If Amaechi  has struggled to stop the  investigation of his failed administration and failed thus fair, resorting to merchants of street trading will be of little  help. He may enjoy transient television  and social media euphoria, but the reality  remains that Amaechi  has been indicted by a court-approved Judicial Commission of Inquiry.
Amaechi’s  indictment  has nothing to do with the Integrity Challenged Charlatan he has conscripted  to  launder  his battered  image.
Anybody  who expects Livingstone Wechie  to be the last hireling of Amaechi  is not conversant with the techniques  of desperate blackmailers. With the finances at Amaechi’s  disposal, more hired hands will file out in television and radio stations and also post falsehood  on social media.
Like the Rivers State Governor said during the Special Thanksgiving Service for PDP Supreme Court Victory, insults and falsehood will not be an impediment to the development  of Rivers State.  Insults  will not stop good governance.  Insults  will not distract the governor from his  commitment  to  the  rule of law and delivery  of quality projects.
Governor Wike believes in using the resources of Rivers State  to serve the people.  The resources are for the greatest number. To execute projects in line with the budget duly considered and passed by the Rivers State House of Assembly.  That same bugdet is in the public and can be freely accessed  by well meaning persons.
Therefore, nobody should  expect gratification  on the altar of blackmail.  The governor  will never involved in activities that are untoward. Street traders can feel comfortable in the bossom of Amaechi, afterall his administration squandered  N3trillion. He has excess funds to feed “human rice activists ” like this Integrity Challenged Charlatan.
What Sahara Reporters, Nigerian Police, DSS and Amaechi’s media consultants could not achieve in several sponsored  editorials  and documentaries, cannot be achieved by a hunger ravaged “human rice activist”. Livingstone Wechie sounded like Amaechi during his 52nd Birthday  all through  his drama  with Amaechi’s Media Consultant  in the course of the Focus APC programme on AIT .
An online dictionary defines integrity thus: “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. An individual who holds a position  for over two years, issuing countless  statements on the same facts , only to turn around after a huge dose of “stomach-quine” is bereft of integrity.
This  is a mindless  sponsored act of criminal blackmail. It reeks of conspiracy to help embattled Amaechi.  A  Otherwise, the EFCC  and that the ICPC that Livingstone Wechie wrote countless petitions  to, ought to arrest him and prosecute  him for lying on oath.
But one thing is certain, this  will also fizzle out like the DSS sponsored protests in Abuja, where they  accused Governor Wike  of sponsoring activities  to destabilize  the Federal Government. The Wike administration is built on the mandate  freely given by the Rivers people. These winds of mischief can only  strengthen it.
By Simeon Nwakaudu

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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