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South-South/South-East Governors Meet: Seek Regional development

Governors of the South-South and South East geo-political zones on Sunday met at Government House Port Harcourt where they discussed regional and economic integration to enhance the development of the area .

In attendance are: Chairman of the South-South and South-East Governors Forum and Akwa Ibom Governor, Udom Emmanuel, Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike of Rivers State, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State, Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State and Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State

Others in attendance include: Acting Governor of Bayelsa State, Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John Jonah , Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Dr Nkem Okeke, Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Edo State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu and Cross River State , Prof. Ivara Esu.

In his welcome address, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike stated that the people of the two geo-political zones have always shared common heritage and affinity.

He said: “Even in contemporary Nigeria, we still share the same or similar challenges, including insecurity, poverty and under-development despite the best of efforts by the constituent State governments. Today, the two regions are the most politically and economically marginalized within the nation, environmentally degraded and deliberated neglected by the federal government in appointments and provisions of basic development infrastructures.”

The governor noted that none of the airports and seaports located in the regions is reasonably functional, while the few federal roads are not in good shape, neither are the two regions linked by any rail services.

Governor Wike said: “From geo-strategic economic perspective therefore, there is an urgent need to establish and link our cities with railways and super highways; to provide viable and affordable flight services between our cities, and to ensure that cargoes are brought into the country and the regions through our seaports, jetties and ferry services as a veritable means of stimulating economic growth and social progress across our two regions.

“Also, we are all aware that economic growth and social progress are possible only in a peaceful and secure environment. And much as we try to tackle this menace in our respective States by providing the necessary logistic support to the security agencies, perceptions of insecurity are on the rise, doing significant damage to our investment climate thereby preventing reasonable inflow of direct foreign and local investment into the regions.”

He said as neighbours, the two regions
must strive to overcome challenges through regional efforts by sharing resources, intelligence and denying sanctuaries to criminal elements in the areas.

According to him: “As we go into the business of this meeting, let us be confident in the rightness of our course and clear in our considerations that we have been and would continue to be worse off without the will to exploit our political and economic complementarities to drive our ways into political, economic and social prosperity.

“Above all, we must continue to demand for the devolution of powers and resources to the states as well as the institutionalization of State Police, now that there is national consensus on these issues.”

Chairman of the South-South and South-East Governors Forum and Akwa Ibom Governor, Udom Emmanuel urged the governors of the two regions to form a common front for socio-economic development.

He described the meeting as a new beginning for the two geo-political zones for the good of her people.

The governor expressed delight that the governors have set aside impediments to chart a new direction. He charged the two regions to work together for prosperity .

He said: “Federal presence in the region is minimal and only seen in the presence of policemen”.

He called for the development of an industrial framework that will enhance development. He said the regions are better of united than divided.

He pleaded with Nigerians to continue to strive for the unity of the country.

Simeon Nwakaudu,
Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor, Electronic Media.
26th August, 2017.

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  1. Eze Venatius

    They have to stop all this nonsense and join N Kanu

  2. Ndubuisi Nwokelo

    Everyday meeting without acheiving anything

  3. Idong Isong

    This is the right time to fully push for restructuring before 2019 or no union.

  4. Ejike Sam

    Biafra is the only answer

  5. Raymond Egbe

    They should unite and ensure Nigeria is restructured. The South South and south east cannot be treated as second class citizens NEVER!! Giving the vice President to the south west is not the solution to the marginalization currently faced by the south south and south east. 50 vice president cannot equal one sitting president. Currently the North occupies the president, Senate president and speaker of house of representatives, if Nigeria belongs to all of us, then nothing is wrong for the south south and south east to occupy the Senate president and speaker house of representatives to ensure fairness among Nigerians.

  6. Chris Freeman

    Note for your information we are looking for biafra republic so that we would flog you guys out to exile

  7. Nnanms Uwadiegwu

    Na today day break?keep carry away money to Dubai and panama ..Thieves.Regional development. Rivers pple or calabar wil release money from their state to develop a project in Enugu or Ebonyi …..

  8. Wisdom Elijah

    All this ruler that the deceiving them self

  9. Ogbonnaya Stephen

    Thank God for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. See them, they have woken 30%. God help us

  10. Onwa Ekuma Onwa

    say no to Northerns and British divide and rules policy,Biafra is One forever.

  11. Onyekachi Ernest

    the point is that, our governors are brain wash, eriri ha eri

  12. Esty Adim

    Mk una go slp home breaker naija na one

  13. Daniel Safi

    Good People, please keep it up

  14. Prince Urchman

    See criminals wey de find their pocket, which development? Ndi oshi !

  15. Ekanem Bassey

    Good and hardworking PDP governors

  16. Prince Andy

    Without this u are going no way

  17. Egede Nnanna

    U better join the winning team, Biafra only way

  18. Ekene Udensi

    Fools… We don’t have Govs!!!..

  19. Prince Charlie

    You guys are foolish. Demand for true Federalism and stop this hypocrisy

  20. Edem Eyo Asuquo

    Great team,keep working together,for God will direct you guys!! PD&P.

  21. Austin Essien

    Am sure we are now see what leadership should b. They like of Rotimi Ameachi, Orji Uzor Kalu, Chris Ngige, Rocha’s Okorocha the ritualist and Co were just parading making careless reckless silly noise worshiping Northerners while they were torturing the same zones they stupidly come from. Idiots. I pray God to give governor Wike and the rest of them to lead the zones well now so that we can unit to stand against those idiots, those animals, those dirty pigs that think Nigeria is their exclusive property to do whatever they like with it any time, any day. Still they refuse to come to reality that time and things have change.

    • Aminu Lakwada

      You guys are ingrate since 1999 which northerner rule they are all victims. Of circumstances yaradua died the present one is half bake call for unity and justice avoid this grammar

    • Austin Essien

      Aminu Lakwada ingrate in what way. Can you tell Nigerian. Do you see how you expose you stupidity and primitive mentality. Becos Jonathan was the president when sick Yar_Adua died, so to you and your co_ Northerners, it was a favour done to South South. As far as Northerners are concern, no section in Nigeria desave presidency except North agree and said so. This must STOP in this Country. Imagine cows, imagine dirty pigs. You are talking about 1999, what about before 1999? North think that other tribes are fools, abi? Is OK.

    • Aguboro Kcee

      That’s the kind of mentality they have, this same north has been ruling even during military times.
      They did not see that one.
      Just because Jonathan became President by divine providence.
      They r calling us ingrats.

    • Kingsley Njan

      Are we the one the pick sick Yaradua for u? u guys couldn’t learn from ur past mistake u brought back another unhealthy Buhari, now u are complaining. by the way! what do u mean by ingrate? @aminu

    • Harley Emmanuel

      Essien, while we encourage credit must go to Nnamdi Kanu who demolished the division crated by enemies that made it possible for these governors to see themselves as one

    • Franklin Governor

      Austin Essien: the likes of Orji Uzor Kalu can b counted exemptional cus he preaches peace and and also engage in canvesseing for restructuring,not like Ngige,Ogbanaya ONU,Rochas Okorocha and the likes who are after their selfish visions, am happy for the amalgamation of the two Geo_polical zones…it’s a welcome development… It’s a great call for unity…more especially the efforts of Ebonyi state governor and the Akwa Ibom state have to be welly appreciated, they have done tremendously well to achieve a goal.

    • Austin Essien

      Franklin Governor if you have been following the activities of Orji Uzor Kalu, am not sure your stand on him will go entirely the way its goes. I don’t know whether you know all the silly rubbish roles Orji Uzor Kalu is playing in Anambra to humiliate Ojukwu and his party and by extension Igbo race. Are you aware that the same Orji Uzor Kalu you defended entered an ungodly agreement with APC top members, when they accused him of Corruption, that he will deliver Igbo Land at all cost to APC. That was why they left him. Is it that kind of character and betrayal that one should trust. He preaches peace of the grave yard. What you see him doing now is part of the Magnet that was given to him as a condition to let him b when the so_ cal corruption fighters accused him of Corruption. He is doing window dressing. He is playing tricks to decieve you people so that he can fulfil his promised to APC Members. Live that things.

  22. Ekanem Bassey

    One Nigeria is a serious crime against humanity

  23. Roselin Mary

    It’s just unless country

  24. Chibueze Sunday

    Biafra is the solution anything more than that is rubbish

  25. Ebere Opone

    Una better wakeup now, enough is enough

  26. Okafor Chinedu Christian

    We need biafra becouse Nigeria is favoured to us

  27. Emmanuel O Emmanuel

    Good idea and may God bless this idea

  28. Anthony Uche Mmadubuko

    I know Willie Obiano will be absent. Well after Nov 18th governorship election we will elect a better person to rally round and promote a better regional cooperation not this current drunkard that is destroying good legacies Peter Obi left

  29. Destiny Aigboje

    Contact the professional in fishery for all types of fish pond construction in any part of Nigeria via 08166337389

  30. Marcus Okuku

    The Grace of God is upon Governor Udom Emmanuel! He that has ear let him hear!

  31. Stephen Daniel

    South south nd south East governors until u talk of Biafra dats wen I will take u guys serious nd see u meaning well for ur ppl…..Biafra all we want.

  32. Davison Chibyke

    Count Rochas Okorocha out. He is the worst mistake Imo State made so far.

  33. Engr Uba Uchechukwu Ferdinand

    They are governing their self and their families not us. Biafra or death

  34. Eze Sunday

    Yes north ppl enough is enough, the charm you ppl use to us in the past have expired,we can discover our mistakes now,to unit with our brothers,you ppl Use south east and south south divide two brothers,I thank God that he has unit us again,United will stand and divided will fall,most of the state in the north has international airport, but in the south south and south east is only one.what a cheating is that my ppl ,enough is enough,is the time for we to use fight for our rights,let’s come out together and fight together,go and see their roads and see the kind of roads we has in the east .

  35. Eze Sunday

    I hope that okoro Hausa,imo state governor is not among in that meeting,because
    if he do the meeting is inconsequential in the main sense thanks.

  36. Callistus Emenyonu

    Will that unfortunate thing and that bad history of Imo State be there?

  37. Holy Magana

    Make it bold. You need Biafra

  38. Fl Gazah

    What are the out come over the meeting of the Governs? Iet them put food on the table for the people in there state and all Nigerians.

  39. Nwabufo Peter Ndubuisi-De Dawn

    A journey of thousand miles begins with a step, we are gradually coming together, we the Igbos.

  40. Chinedu Anthony Odika

    These guy are really international jokes, millions of dollars are been moved overseas as they talked, there is no reflection of life on the faces of the so called South east or South south citizens,this is a move to calm Biafran agitation, Nigeria was born deformed, and is been dead many years ago,Biafra is alive!!!, they talk the talk,but Nnamdi KANU work the work,Biafra is formidable, very very formidable!!!!

  41. Nnamdi Nwafor

    South south and south east are Easter region,

  42. Edeh Ifeanyi

    Nnamdi kanu is working.. They now realise the importance of unity

  43. Elijah Obed Ogini

    Rocha’s is a big sellout o , N. so don’t include him in any of ur meetings o

  44. Neil Trevon


  45. Tobias Nazareth

    Only regional gvt system can still restore the oneness of Nigeria or else, am afraid Nigeria may cease to exist in the next 5yrs,, bcs religion, tribalism, nepotism have totally chop off the foundations of this great country, n some set of ppls think they will continue doing whatever they like by force,, without knowing that every day is not Christmas,,,

  46. Ben Ogu

    As usual, nothing come come out of it except talks and photo shots

  47. Aloy Samuel

    Those governors should pay homage to kanu for opening their eyes & awakening their conscience to do something good for their people.

  48. Starlet Starlet

    Don’t worry yourselves we will do that when biafra is restored.

  49. Ezinwa Obi

    Tell them people seriously need Biafra

  50. Joseph Okpala

    These people are all idiots

  51. Okoro Okechukwu

    Now you guys are acting like real men

  52. Victor Michael

    We most make our region Great again… we are all EASTERN REGION , before divide and rule was introduced by the British and Northern Islamic Nigeria to destroy us.. May God Bless our OLD REGION.. AMEN

  53. Nseobong Adiaden

    This can only be possible if the money enters into the hands of vision builders and not into that he hands of looters.

  54. It

    I just hope somthing better will come out of it

  55. Victor Asangansi

    The most stupid man in that group is Udom Emmanuel

  56. Chimankpa Henry

    Keep deceiving yourselves……. Lolz

  57. Vivian Etteh

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  58. Echezonachi Okwu

    Is better you people wakeup ontime to fight for your right

  59. Tonia Ebere

    I hope Ebony and Akwa ibon were there

  60. Emma Ojianwuna Monyei


  61. Clifford Amini

    Eastern Nigeria is ONE Region.

  62. Williams Adora

    Who was holding the zone from meeting? Listening to Wike when he talked of poor roads in the region, I think it is an indictment of PDP that has been at the federal for 16 years.

    • Peter Mbam

      then are they not the same people that move to APC

    • Williams Adora

      Has Jonathan moved to APC? Would you blame your brother if he is governor and refused to work on the road to your village when he had the opportunity. Has any pdp member told us that those who have left the party asked that the zone should not be developed. If for instance Akpabio decides to go to APC, will one say he didn’t perform as governor?

  63. Ahmed Mamuda

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  64. Gibson Onwueyiagba

    At least I can see unity amongst brothers,they wanted to divide us but God pass them,we are biafrans

  65. Don Labicas

    It’s just dawning on you people, better late than never though.

  66. Herbert Chukwumere

    They are too selfish to actualize this

  67. Gold Eneobong

    Oh. Lord give them. Wisdom to. Lead properly. And deliver the region from satanic starvation when we are. Wonderfully blessed. By. The. Almighty. God.

  68. Emmanuel Solomon

    Austin Essien,what was the resolution of the meeting before you join Igbo’s to talk nonsense, theirs is to see how to further exploit your stupidity to their advantage, they exploiter.

  69. Uzoeghelu Meche

    Na go we dey so many of that ur heart will almost jump out at the mention of Biafra get ready for cardiac arrest!!!

  70. Uzoeghelu Meche

    Na go we dey so many of that ur heart will almost jump out at the mention of Biafra get ready for cardiac arrest!!!

  71. Morley Prince Cookey

    Very good. I know they are afraid to see u guys together, this ll make them talk peace and development in ur region. God bless Niger delta and GEJ

  72. Morley Prince Cookey

    Very good. I know they are afraid to see u guys together, this ll make them talk peace and development in ur region. God bless Niger delta and GEJ

  73. Onyee Kachi

    Tanks very much pls if u need our love don’t mention one Nigeria to my hearing I beg

  74. Onyee Kachi

    Tanks very much pls if u need our love don’t mention one Nigeria to my hearing I beg

  75. Ken Abudu

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  76. Ken Abudu

    Thanks to Dr.momoh who saved and cured me from hepatitis B.. virus.with his herb medicine you can also reached him for similar issue on +2349068579672

  77. Onyee Kachi

    I have raid all I never hear biafra is it Dat is heavy to pronounce our wat

  78. Onyee Kachi

    I have raid all I never hear biafra is it Dat is heavy to pronounce our wat

  79. Is-Haaq Adewale Tijani

    Who has been holding back the development of the region? Development goes beyond wishful thinking and rhetorics. It calls for dedication and commitment!

  80. Is-Haaq Adewale Tijani

    Who has been holding back the development of the region? Development goes beyond wishful thinking and rhetorics. It calls for dedication and commitment!

  81. Emeka Muorah

    Willie obiano is our governor till 2023

  82. Emeka Muorah

    Willie obiano is our governor till 2023

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