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By Simeon Nwakaudu

Governor Wike inherited a dilapidated  road infrastructure.  From Port Harcourt to the other 22 Local Government Areas, the roads were not motorable. This impacted negatively on the economy of the state.

Upon assumption of office, Governor Wike launched Operation Zero Potholes, which led to the revival of major roads in Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor Local Government Areas.  In terms of the construction of roads and major bridges, Governor Wike  is Nigeria’s most outstanding administrator.

Over the last three  years, Governor Wike has  completed over 380 kilometres of roads, while work on other roads measuring approximately 350 kilometers is ongoing throughout the state.

Some of the roads that have been delivered include: Igwuruta-Chokocho Road, Abuluoma-Woji Road/Bridge, Ogbunabali Internal Roads, Diobu Township Roads, Kpopie-Bodo Road, Industry Road, Dr Abiye Sekibo Road , Edeoha-Ikata- Ochigba Road in Ahoada East Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nkpogu Bridge, Abonnema-Obonnema Bridge/Road, Chokocho-Umuechem-Ozuzu road ,  Chokocho -Igbo-Etche-Rumuokurushi Inter- Change in Etche Local Government Area, Rumueprikom-Rumuolumeni road among  other major roads.

Governor Wike is driving some signature road projects to completion in the final year of his first term.

They include:

·        Dualization of Sapkenwa – Bori road;

This is one of the sugnature road projects of the Wike administration. This road project is connecting three major Ogoni Local Government Areas–Tai, Gokana and Khana. The road also links Andoni and Opobo-Nkoro Local Government Areas, extending to Akwa Ibom State. It is architectural masterpiece, with street lights and major bridges. The Sakpenwa-Bori Road is an economic lifeline to the Ogoni Ethnic Nationality.

        Dualization of Slaughter – Trans Amadi – Garrison road;

This is a major road project that criss crosses from the heart of the town through the major economic artery of the state capital. It is a modern road being delivered by the Wike administration  to solve traffic challenge and assist companies at Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout to evacuate their goods. Already, the road has been put to effective use by business concerns and motorists in Port Harcourt.

·        Dualization of Oil mill – Woji – Elelenwo – Akpajo road

This is a major road that runs through the commercial nerve centre of  Obio/Akpor Local Government Area through to Eleme Local Government Area.  Governor Wike upon assumption of office, settled the compensation of landlords in this area and embarked on the massive dualization of the road.  It has given  the area a face-lift and enhanced  the economy of Obio/Akpor and Eleme LGAs.

·        Dualization of Obiri ikwerre – Airport road;

This road has become the first love of all visitors to Port Harcourt.  It is an alternative road to the Port Harcourt International Airport at Omagwa.

This road has become very important because   it serves as a by-pass from the rush hour traffic of Port Harcourt. The reconstruction of this road was flagged off by Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu on May 27, 2016. At the time the road was in a terrible shape and a nightmare for motorists due to the criminal activities of kidnappers and armed robbers.

Today, Governor Wike has delivered a dualised road, furnished with street and beautified by designed walkways at the median. This road is a testimony of rssponsive governance.

·        The Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo-Nkoro  (Unity) road;

Abandoned by the immediate past failed Amaechi administration, the Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo-Nkoro Unity Road has emerged as one of Governor Wike’s legacy  to the riverine communities of Andoni and Opobo-Nkoro Local Government Areas.

A masterpiece by any definition, this road has positively affected the economy of the two local government areas.  The quality of work delivered  is superb and it is a classical case of promise made, promise delivered.

. Abonnema Ring Road

A firm believer of using roads  to empower communities, Governor Wike is delivering  the Abonnema Ring Road as an alternative route into the ancient Port Town.

This is an engineering investment that involves reclamation of land, piling and intense sand filling. Residents of Abonnema are happy  with this road that will enhance the security and economy  of the area.

. Isiokpo Internal Roads

Abandoned by immediate past Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who hails from Ikwerre Local Government Area, Isiokpo town has suffered years of neglect.

Governor Wike changed the story when he commenced the construction of Isiokpo Internal Roads. Governor  Wike had on December 22, 2017 flagged off the construction of 22 roads, measuring 22.6kilometres in Isiokpo town to improve  the economic wellbeing of the people.

. Umueze-Umuogba-Umuokpurukpu-Umueke- Umunju-Umuellechi-Eberi road in Omuma Local Government Area .

This is a major road project for the people of Omuma Local Government Area. The road spans 16.2 kilometres and covers  seven communities of the Local Government Area.

Already, it has  rejuvenated the economy of Omuma Local Government Area, creating over 500 jobs for youths in the area.

Construction of Akpajo-Woji Road/ Bridge

This project was awarded by the immediate past failed Amaechi administration, but abandoned at less than 15percent completion stage. Upon assumption of office, Governor Wike on the premise of the  importance of this bridge mobilised the contractors back  to site.

Today, the Akpajo-Woji Road and Bridge have become  a major connector between the commercial areas of Eleme Local Government Area and Port Harcourt.  Most users prefer this road as it shortens travel time.

Other Notable Road Projects Include:

.      Construction of Abua-Degema-Emoh-Iyak-Ighom-Elok and Emoh-Egbolom Access Road in Abua/Odual Local Government Area-

.      Construction of Agba – Ndele – Abua Bridge. –

.      Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Abuloma, Fimie/Ozuboko and Amadi-Ama Community Road in Port Harcourt

.      Reconstruction of Chokocho-Umuechem-Ozuzu Road in Etche LGA –

.      Captain Amangala Street, Bishop Fabara Street, Tourist Beach Road, Elliot Henry Street, Bishop Johnson Street, Bonny Street, Adaka Boro Street, Creek Road Extension, Extension of Ada Expressways by Rumuola Bridge and Dualization of Birabi Road by Presidential Hotel Roads

.      Reconstruction of High Street, Rehabilitation of Prof. Okujagu Street and Danjuma Drive off Peter Odili Road in Trans Amadi Industrial Area –

.      Reconstruction of Edeoha-Ikata-Ochigba Road In Ahoada East Lga –

.      Reconstruction of Egbelu Street/Construction of othes link roads East-West Road, Rumuodara

. Construction of Elele Alimini  Internal Roads Phase I –

. Construction of Elele Alimini  Internal Roads Phase I –

. Rehabilitation of Eleme-Afam Road –

. Reconstruction of Elimgbu/Atali Internal Roads-

. Reconstruction of Airport-Ipo-Omademe-Ozuaha Roads in Ikwerre Local Government Area –

. completion of Kpopie-Bodo City Road –

. Construuction of Eneka-Rumuapu-Rukpokwu and Miniorlu – Mgbuakara – Eliaparawo Roads –

. Reconstruction of Obiri Ikwerre – Airport Road –

. Reconstruction of Ahoada-Odiemerenyi-Ihugbogo-Odieke Road in Ahoada East Local Government Area –

. Construction of Odufor-Akpoku-Umuoye Road in Etche –

. Reconstruction of Ogbunabali Internal Road Port Harcourt –

. Reconstruction of Ekerekana-Okochiri Link Road in Okrika Local Government and the construction of  Okochiri Internal roads in Okochiri Community –

. Dualization of Omoku-Egbema Road in Onelga –

. Reconstruction of Omuihuechi-Omuoko-Omokiri Link Road in Aluu Town, Ikwerre LGA –

 . Reconstruction of Old Aba Road By Mbano Camp Junction –

. Rehabilitation and Improvement of Rukpokwu Market Junction to Aluu Road –

. Rehabilitation of Rumuakunde and Isiodu Roads in Emohua Local Government Area –

. Rumuche Emohua Road

. Reconstruction of Rumuekini/Aluu Road in Obio/Akport Local Government Area –

. Rumuepirikom Internal Road –

. Construction of Eleme Junction-Igbo Etche-Chokocho Road –

. Dualization of Saakpenwa-Bori-Kono Road –

 . Construction of Second Nkpogu Bridge

 . Rehabilitation/Reconstruction of Ula Ehuda-Odioku-Anwunugboko-Ubeta-Ihuechi-Odiereke Road in Ahoada West LGA  –

 . Construction of Ulakwo II-Afara-Nihi Etche Road in Etche LGA by


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