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Purveyors of Death : The Rivers APC Notoriety

By Simeon Nwakaudu
The APC is a political party  imbued with an unfathomable  capacity for lies, treachery, violence and deception.  Wherever the APC appears, there is extreme gnashing of teeth. Endless wailing and tragedy.
The evil of the APC is felt  more in Rivers State  than in any  other part of the country. Here, the leader of Rivers APC and Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is the king of lies, treachery and visitation of destruction on his own  people. He has not attracted a single project to the state.
But the last one week has emphasised the evil and the never-do-well negative traits of Rivers APC. Rivers APC Leader’s business partner and disputed Governorship Candidate, Mr Tonye Cole has unleashed  a reign of terror on the state.
Mr Cole, who coined the title pastor for himself, started an illegal governorship  campaign  in the state to introduce himself to the people. In this illegality, Cole left in his wake a trail of innocent blood, destruction, losses and dislocation  of societal peace  built  over three years of Governor Wike.
This is disheartening because Cole is rehashing the failed  trickery of the defeated 2015 Rivers State APC Governorship Candidate, Mr Dakuku Peterside who also claimed to be a pastor, but unleashed deaths on Rivers people as the house-boy of Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.
The other day at Abua/Odual  Local Government Area, the motorcade of the disputed Rivers APC Governorship Candidate, Tonye Cole, recklessly killed two innocent women and injured several others.
Policemen  on the motorcade  that visited deaths on the women merely dumped  their corpses at a morgue and the  business partner of Amaechi continued with his flawed illegal campaign.
When Tonye Cole noticed the  uproar of Rivers people against the murder of the women, he lied against  the dead women. The Rivers State APC also got the police to manipulate the narrative on the murders. However, the police confirmed that the women were killed  by the  recklessness of the Cole Convoy.
All well-meaning Stakeholders have called on the relevant security agencies to investigate the death of the two innocent women in the hands of  Tonye Cole’s motorcade.  Since that ugly incident, the police have gone on a silent mode. They have swept the matter under the carpet and Tonye Cole has continued as if nothing happened.
These agents of death moved into Ikwerre Local Government Area where they attacked a gathering  of PDP members. It was learnt that two persons were killed during  the vicious attack of a PDP gathering at Ipo. This was confirmed by Data released by the  relevant authorities.  Several others were seriously injured in the unwarranted gun attack.
Preliminary investigations by Ikwerre Local Government Area informed that the Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and his business partner sponsored the attack alongside other APC leaders in the area.
According to Darlington Orji, Rivers  PDP Publicity Secretary: “Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the Minister of Transportation, Mr Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Mr Tonye Cole  and the Former RISAA Managing Director, Chukwudi Dimkpa for the sponsorship of unprovoked violence which led to the death of two PDP members during the  voters sensitization programme in Ipo on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.
“Rivers PDP also calls for the arrest and prosecution of Hon Chibuike Ikenga and Ezemonye Amadi who conspired with the Minister of Transportation, Tonye Cole  and Former Acting Managing Director of RISAA to sponsor a deadly cultist, Kenjika Jonathan alias School Boy to unleash mayhem on innocent and peace-loving PDP members at Ipo  in Ikwerre Local Government Area. “
The police confirmed these killings, but because the Minister of Transportation is involved alongside the disputed Governorship Candidate, nothing has been done. The victims of these bloody attacks have been left to weep without efforts to ensure they get justice.
For Amaechi, we already know his propensity to violence. But he brought his business partner with the lie that he is a man of peace. This business partner was robed in church  clothes  to deceive unsuspecting Rivers people. But the plot died at the stage of conception.
A man who claims to be in love with peace is in communion with purveyors of deaths. The Director General of the Tonye Cole Campaign Organisation, Mr Chidi Lloyd is an expert in the execution of violence.  Hanging over him is the most notorious case of documented attempted murder.  Chidi Lloyd attempted  to kill his fellow lawmaker, Michael Chinda in the full glare of the world.
Any politician  who is comfortable around Chidi Lloyd is a lover of violence and deaths. Lloyd personifies violence in its ugliest form. He is an unrepentant proponent of violence. Therefore, his appointment by Tonye Cole is a strategic endorsement of violence ahead of the 2019 elections.
Closely linked to Chidi Lloyd is the sacked Factional Chairman of Rivers APC, Ojukaye Flag Amachree.  This is Tonye Cole’s right hand man.  Ojukaye is facing two murder charges and has been running away from trial. The court has issued several bench warrants for his arrest, which the APC Federal Government and the Police have connived to disobey. Tonye Cole is aware of the issues surrounding Ojukaye, yet he is seen with him at every  scene of violence in Rivers State.  The other day, the Supreme Court stopped Ojukaye from running away, as the apex court insisted he must  return  to face his murder trial.
Tell me who is your friend and I will tell you who you are.  The friends of Tonye Cole are agents of violence and deaths. His associates are the same people working with the security agencies to deliver violence to the people. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Tonye Cole is building his disputed political journey on the street of violence.
The long term goal  of the  circulation  of violence by Tonye Cole and his agents is to intimidate Rivers people. This is an exercise  in futility.  It will fail. It has failed already.  Rivers is totally PDP. The people can never be intimidated by violence. The use of SARS and other security agencies failed to stop the victory of the PDP during the rerun elections in Rivers State.  Therefore, this technique  by the disputed Rivers APC Governorship Candidate is unprofitable.
Like Amaechi, his Oga, Tonye Cole has embraced the spirit of lies and concoction of false stories to divert attention from his trail of blood. De-marketing  Rivers State is the forte of Rivers APC.  That is the only way they get the failed APC Federal Government to allocate security agencies to them  to unleash evil on the state.  Therefore, expect planted lies from Cole in the coming days and weeks.
The good news is that  the purveyors of deaths in Rivers APC will gather, but the good people of Rivers State will triumph under the umbrella of the PDP. I have said this countless  times, the rescue of Nigeria has been  initiated in Rivers State under the leadership of Governor Wike.  These sarcastic evil displays  of mischief by Tonye Cole and his team will end in disgrace. God is in control of the affairs of Rivers  state.
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