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Port Harcourt Pleasure Park: A Worthy Recreation Facility

By: Tamunobarabi Ibulubo

The landscape of Port Harcourt, the capital city of the oil rich Rivers State of Nigeria is getting greener. One feature of the dawning greenery is a luscious park, a kind that will be hard to find anywhere within Nigeria except in Rivers State. This park reckons as one of the world best within such ranking.

It is a recreational park. A new public facility that is one of the cynosure projects of the Wike led administration in Rivers State. Propelled as one of the Golden Jubilee Anniversary’s projects, it will meet the long ignored yearnings of all residents of the state who seek a place for daily recreation. People will certainly and very soon, indeed, begin to live to the fullest the best comfort that can be derived from such lifestyle.

Christened as the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park, the facility is on a massive expanse of land suiting for such purpose. Its architectural design and structural outlay are deliberately crafted. To make it best of its kind, and certainly so, it will afford patrons limitless space for walkout. People can also engage in other social but recreational activities of choice that are so provided. The approved architectural design has one thing in focus. That is, to give this iconic project a unique sale’s appeal.

Sharing same perimeter wall with the Port Harcourt Barracks of the sixth Division of the Nigeria Army popularly known as Bori Camp, the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park is located along the Port Harcourt-Aba Expressway. It is a novel model. An integrated facility it is and does have various features that will offer specific leisure treatment to patrons.

Such active culture of life died in the eighties among residents of Rivers State. The few existing gardens do not have alluring appeal. To state the point bluntly, they do not exist any more. That is why the current effort of government is commendable. It strives to restore such lifestyle with a functional facility of such kind.

This new park, which is rising to fame has a secured neighbourhood that assures of serenity. Everybody can access it from all parts of the city because of its centrality.

As the oil capital of Nigeria, Rivers State is a place where people are in daily bustle. The fast pace of growth of the city including all spheres of development driven by the Wike led administration have bolstered retinues of activities of individuals, making them live rush life in their bids to catch up with business demands and attend to other official schedules.

Such routine gets them tired out, and exhausted including those with sedentary schedules. The eateries are the best places that they have, up until now, to sit out, eased out tension and to breath relief from regimented work environment. Without a doubt, these places do not offer them sufficient recreation.

What the Wike led administration is doing is to change the telltale of mere cosmetics decorations. Where trees and grasses are planted at some designated public spaces in the guise of gardens for relaxation as done by previous administration. Such places are not deliberately planed out. The very fact that no determined plan is calved out for sustainability makes those efforts die together with the pseudo recreation gardens.

Constructing the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park bakes from a conscious decision taken by the Rivers State governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike. He envisioned the possibility of creating a climate that enhances the quality of recreation facility in the state. He knew the eventual positive impact it will have on quality of life lived by the people.

While the people will live healthier life, a functional Port Harcourt Pleasure Park will for a long time enact an irresistible attraction for all Nigerians to the State. That does not exclude foreigners. This is a boost for the tourism subsector. The gains are frankly multifaceted. And the garden city status will bloom.

Let it be mentioned here. There has been purposeful distractions that have attended the Wike led administration. The detractors seek a single goal. That is, to incapacitate the government. Ironically, their heinous overtures seem to blend with the damning effect the lean and abysmal Federal allocation to the State can cause. The weight of the crumbling effect of economic recession is heavy too but it is gravely felt in other states of the federation, not in Rivers State.

The Wike led administration has remained dogged, tacitly immune against those odds. It is committed to deliver good governance as an unbreakable social contract with the people. Of a truth, nothing deters a purposeful leader from implementing his polices and executing his programmes when his mind is put at them.

Governor Nyesom Wike is that kind of a leader. He is focused, purposeful and untiring. The force of good leadership has continued to break the hardest subtractive overtures. And the construction work on the Port Harcourt pleasure Park keeps progressing with the target date of completion exciting the people.

They see, on daily basis, how Governor Wike drives the facility like every other development project to which the state has committed funds to execute. For a long time, Rivers State has lacked the presence on the saddle of such a passionate and prudent governor. As a proud son of the state, he is creating an atmosphere that restores the dignity of the Rivers people.

He is actualising a personal dream shared in many hearts. To make the recreation facility afford the people a secured and friendly environment to relax. This is a good and unbeatable gesture of the government. The people are glad to expand the timetable of their social activities to include time for real time recreation at the park and not at the eateries or cinema alone.

Remarkably, the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park will fit the need of all residents. People can visit as group of friends , members of associations and families. The events of interest can be private in nature or public including festivals. There will be picnic shelters that can host small wedding parties, corporate functions and family reunions. For those who require the pleasure of such parks to sooth minds of guests as an inducer to make them part with money can plan their nonprofit fund raising events. Indeed, there are wide range of other special events to satisfy public hunger to benefit from the facility.

The Port Harcourt Pleasure Park has beautiful concrete paths. A well spaced sphere with internal roads that are duly marked out to make it possible for easy walk around by quests. There are enriched green terraced lawns to offer natural healing and the well spaced ornamental trees that keep guests connect to nature. While there are balls and games fields including golf course to give patrons wholesome attractions and refreshing experience.

Already, the several structures for the restaurants are at completion stages. The shopping complex that will be rented out to members of the business public are all erected. Even the eatery and the bar are intended to offer the choicest and delectable menus.

The facility also has an artificial lake constructed in it. This will offer fresh water sense, moisten atmosphere and glen sight. This is the first time effort is demonstrated by any administration in the state to turn part of the Ntawagba creek into luscious scenery of such pleasantness for public appeal. There is no way this lake, which is an extension of the creeks in the state will not be kept fresh and the water allowed to flow freely. For those who love playing on water, they can pull in small boats on the lake. The fun sense is teasing.

The climbing tower is an imposing feature of the park. It’s stands so tall. When on top of its platform, the alluring view of the entire park lays in the foreground. But the tower is for those who loves the climbing game. There are marine and stranded iron ropes with safety belts stringed to them to secure the rope climbers so that they can move from rope to rope, from lower to the ones higher up.

On all days of the week, the facility will be open to serve tens of thousands of patrons. Such investment of government will translate first into boosted quality of health of patrons. Then, it will become an income spinner for government. It is without doubt that more streams of revenue will mean more services provided to the people. The legacy is monumental. Invariably, the park will become the most distinguishing feature to use when describing the oil city of Nigeria.

Indeed, Governor Wike chose the giant construction firm, the Julius Berger Company to construct the facility. It is a commitment to quality and standard. He leaves no stone unturned with his visits the site regularly that is concern with how the facility shakes up and kept within the desired specification.

Uniquely, after the completion of the project, and eventual commissioning, Julius Berger will maintained the facility. It will be transferred eventually to private sector managing firm averse with such business and well prepared to achieve proper and effective management of the facility.

The Pleasure Park will provide recreational facilities for children and adults. Entertaining children during the holidays and weekends can prove an expensive business. Now, it will come with much fun and recreation for them. They will be lost in the natural ambience the facility provides. What can be on the table to bet is the fact that the facility will offer the kind of pleasure fit to have on the earth. Certainly, it will delivers no substantial hole in the pocket. Come join in the fun at the best value ever to be offered to both the adult and children.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park facilities include secure car parks, left luggage areas, cash points, bureau de change plus everything you will need for a day out at the simplest but finest tourist attraction centre in Port Harcourt.

The facility is also friendly to the physically challenged. Indeed, everything is done to ensure guests have a safe and pleasurable experience when they visit. certainly, rides within the park and other attractions will not be physically demanding and vigorous except for children at designated play grounds.

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