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ORTOM FOR GOV. 2019: Now that the Amended Electoral Act 2010 is Here!

By Asawa Joseph.

When on Thursday 30th March 2017, the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which I had previously had inherent mistrust in view of the fraudulent composition of its leadership did the unthinkable by amending the 2010 Electoral Act, I laugh.

The new amendments now constitutionally make provision for the inclusion of Electronic voting, smart card reader and the electronically transmission of results from the polling units to the collation centres.
My laughter (not that of former president Olusegun Obasanjo) was stemmed from the fact that the same amendment would robbed the president and governors the control of party primaries where their political appointments hitherto were automatic delegates.

But here in my home state of Benue, I asked a close political associate whether using the new template and technology, the APC will retain power with Samuel Ioraer(nyi) Ortom as candidate in 2019?
Within the span of one hour, our argument centered principally on the deceit and lies daily churned out on state Radio as achievements by t he Ortom’s administration when truly no tangible projects are on the ground.

We also argue on how state resources are channeled into expanding the Oracle Business while the state suffers.

The issue of insecurity, indigenous Fulanis, the conversion of Paris-London Club Funds into personal use and bra-bra were all tabled and exhaustively discussed.

Our meeting point at that level was that, if the late Aper Aku and Rev. Fr. Moses Adasu had moved the state at the millipede level within the span of two years (the manner which Samuel Ortom is going), Benue would not have been just a glorify Village, but a village just like he did during his tenure as chairman of the dump-yard called Guma.

As a concerned Benue patriot, I am completely lost when I ponder over the worrisome state of affairs in our state;

Upon all the nonsense theory of no money while Ortom’s appointees are busy stealing to buy Makurdi, Gboko, Otukpo and Abuja in a frenzy, will the Benue electorates still trust this Chameleon with their votes in 2019?

Can a man who is using the fake appellation of “In God We Trust” but turn around immediately to impose chairmanship candidates of the APC on the people be trusted with leadership again?

Can Benue people still entrust their destiny in the hands of a garage boy who is on his way of leaving the state with a heavy debt profile running into N50 billion inspite the homongous accruals and palliatives from the federal government in 2019?

But one thing is that even in the ruling APC, the general consensus there now is that the man who came in through the back-door is not electable, rather a political liability to the APC. Governor Nyson Wike of Rivers State is our witness.

As it stands now, the Benue APC is clandestinely mobilizing, conscentizing and sensitizing leadership and membership of the APC to aggressively shop for a new candidate of the party ahead of 2019 because presenting the wolf in sheep-clothing will be disastrous to the electoral fortunes of the APC in 2019 now that the card-reader is going to be sharper.

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