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Ortom declares me persona non grata in his “People’s House”

The strongest man of Benue, Mr. Samuel Ortom has ordered that I should never be allowed to cover activities in his “People’s House” as a reporter again. The order also extended by saying I should do everything possible and avoid seen around any government function.

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Chief Terver Akase delivered the orders to the chairman of my chapel, Aloysius Umalo. Akase was quoted by Umalo to have sounded vehement and insisted that if the message is delivered to me and I was not satisfied, I should call him so he could say it direct to me.

However, after receiving the message and to play a “good boy”, I called th CPS thrice but all I saw was a reject on my call. To be sure he know what he was doing, I decided to send a text message to the super CPS explaining the essence of my calls. Though the messages marked delivered, the CPS is yet to respond to same almost 12hrs now. I don’t think I need any other confirmation.

I recalled that on Sunday, 23rd April 2017 at about 7am, I was the People’s House on the invitation of the correspondents’ chapel chairman. But to my greatest surprised, as soon as I stepped my foot into the govt lodge venue for the function I was invited for, Tahav Agerzua who was already discussing with some of my colleagues came straight to me and delivered a serious warning that my activities against their government were becoming too much for me to continue having access to the “People’s House”. But before I will seek clarification from him, a younger brother to Governor Ortom, Joe Ortom approached me that Personal Assistant to the Governor on Special Duties, Abraham Kwaghngu wanted to see me.

It was worse from Kwaghngu. His was the “last warning” to me. What sent jitters to me further was when the security started surrounding and asking what was happening. Kwaghngu would tell them that “this is the guy we were discussing that day”. Ooooh DISCUSSING me with security? Where? And that I was a criminal or something?

Akase, I will not insist but I had wanted you to read out my sins as adjudged and pronounced guilty by your boss and maybe, your council of his media team.

May God bless Benue
God bless the strongest man of Benue
God bless the super CPS
God bless the People’s House
May rain fall in the People’s House now that the rainbow has been removed or pushed out by order. I am sure the people of Benue will have cause to smile with torrent of achievements and commissioning of “loudable” projects excluding those of the SDGs and UBEC?

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