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“My people una mumu never do?

On daily basis, Yorubas are caught in the act of ritual killings in large numbers. This year alone, more than 30 of such ritual killings by Yoruba people have been busted by the police in various Yoruba states, yet no Lagos-Ibadan media house has ever blown the news out of proportion, in fact, none has ever given any of such incident the required coverage it deserved. Just this week alone, 2 burst have been made in 2 seperate tunnels under Oshodi-Abeokuta express way involving ritual killings of more than 200 people by these Yoruba ritual killers, so far no screaming headlines. No mention of Yoruba people in any media house. But a kidnapper was caught recently and all of them jumped out to deride ndị Igbo and you saw many learned people from their sides insulting every Igbo man and insinuating that every successful Igbo man is Evans. Then came the terrorist attack at Ozubulu church where women and children as well as men were massacred by yet to be identified gunmen or gunman and some idiots in government in collusion with a “boko haram” commissioner of police jumped out to tell us a tale by the moonlight of how a phantom drug war led to terrorism in the church? Then, the Channels TV, TVC, NTA and other Lagos-Ibadan media houses made a mincemeat for days, of how horrific and money conscious an average Igbo man is. Then our own foolish learned folks also joined the trend of Igbo bashing. 

I ask these efulefu Igbos again, una mumu never do? 

In Nigeria today, there are criminals in every ethnic groups but Ndị Igbo are always singled out for bashing whenever a criminal from Igbo nation is caught or even suspected. You begin to see the characterization of those crimes and conscious attempts being made by these Yoruba journalists, to link such crimes with ndị Igbo. Prior to the events of recent times, ndị Igbo have always been characterized by the same Lagos-Ibadan media as ritualists and armed robbers but today, with the aid of social media dissemination of information, we have got to know that Ritual killings appear to be the exclusive reserves of the Yoruba people. We have got to know that Yahoo yahoo is their other major occupation but nobody ever tries to deride or brand the good people of Yoruba land with such crimes rampant among their people. But if it were ndị Igbo, all hell will be let lose? 

My people, I dare ask again, una mumu never do? 

Learn to know when somebody is making mockery of you. One thing I’m proud of ndị Igbo for, is that we don’t condone evil as far as it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. Be rest assured that if proven that this Ozubulu Bishop is a drug baron as alleged and has a hand in anyway with the Ozubulu incident, his own and that of his entire family is over as far as Igbo land is concerned. The same ndị Igbo via our governors being led by then governor of Anambra state, Mr Peter Obi with little or no help whatsoever from the federal government, led a head on Collision war against Kidnappers and defeated them in record time making Igbo land safe once again. Same cannot be said of any other nationality in Nigeria today. Boko Haram is still ravaging the whole north and Fulani terrorists are also still on rampage with 100% support from Northern muslims of Nigeria. 

So my people, I ask you for the last time, una mumu never do? Stop allowing others rubbish you when in actual fact you should be the one rubbishing them. Learn to have some pride sometimes. It won’t kill you, you know?….

Emeka Egoigwe 
(Nwabunnia Na Nimo)

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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