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Mazi NNAMDI KANU turns down meeting with SE governors and wrote the following:

Before now, prominent leaders and groups had insisted that I tow the line of peaceful dialogue and meet with the governors to find a lasting solution to our grievances. I conceded to that request which led to the 30th of August 2017 meeting with the South-East Governors Forum at the Government House in Enugu, in the company of the very eminent Prof. Ben Nwabueze and Evangelist Elliott Ugochukwu-Ukoh.

In view of the concerted effort by the oppressive Nigerian state to shatter the peace and tranquility of the South-East and the rest of Biafraland through military intimidation, it has become necessary for me to clarify why, regrettably, I may not be able to attend Friday’s meeting with the South-East governors as earlier agreed, for three main reasons.

1.) We are currently busy attending to our dead and injured from this latest round of unprovoked military onslaught against innocent civilians in our own land. All the casualties so far were shot by men of the Nigerian Army deployed to my house and those stationed along motor ways leading into Umuahia my hometown.

2.) I have been reliably informed also, that a detachment of this same soldiers responsible for the murder of innocent unarmed IPOB family members have now been stationed near Enugu to ambush and assassinate me on my way to the meeting with the governors on Friday.
3.) On that same Friday the 15th of September 2017, the leadership of IPOB through the instrumentality of the Directorate of State (DOS) headquartered in Germany, will be meeting to vote on the viability or otherwise of continuing our struggle in this non-violent manner. There is urgent need to begin the process of defending ourselves in the face of relentless murderous attacks from the Nigerian state.

It is impossible to engage in any meaningful conversation with the governors in the midst of so much bloodshed, abductions and military siege of our town and villages. Accordingly, we will not engage in any meeting with anybody until the atmosphere is conducive and peaceful enough to allow for such.

The siren-blaring military convoys and armoured vehicles occupying the entire region is not only designed to intimidate our people but also deliberately primed to scuttle the IPOB/South-East governors meeting of Friday 15th September.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all men and women of good conscience from all over the world that have risen to condemn the barbaric slaughter of innocent Biafrans by the Nigerian military. Above all, I salute the steadfastness, devotion and total commitment to freedom from eternal slavery by the great IPOB family in Biafraland. I assure you that I remain resolute and dedicated to our shared vision of freedom regardless of the cost and visionless antics of the mindless oppressor.

We have since crossed the Red Sea and arrived at the shores of the promised land. We have our trumpets ready to begin the great march around the evil walls of Jericho, and I assure you that in no distant time, the walls of Jericho will come crashing down.
We can still hear the cries of Pharaoh and his horsemen as they are swallowed up by the Red Sea, chariots and all. Victory is ours! Victory is assured!!

Collaborators and agents of the oppressor are hereby advised to embark on self exile as there will be no hiding place for them.

Signe: Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (IPOB Leader)

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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  1. Sa

    How does this affect the military operation in south East?

  2. Tubaba Damytemy Freedom

    Lol 🙂 the king of the mumus don’t want to come out of his hiding place,his afraid of dancing python dance 🙂

  3. Uchele Oguche

    No be only mazi, na maize.

    Keeping supporting blood sucking demon in the name of separation.

  4. Gbenga G. Samuel

    Soon what we never expected will start.

  5. Ekene Udensi

    APC poisonous failed govt…. Buhari is a mad old BH…

  6. Tanimu Muhammad

    IPOB’S PYTHON DANCE a short note by Uche Nnadozie
    “They arranged a bail for him with conditions. He spurned all the conditions and dared the government. Ohaneze did not say anything, Abia state government did not say anything, South East governors did not say anything. All the abroadians and “intellectuals” who live in Abuja, PH, Lagos, etc did not say anything.
    As soon as he threatened the upcoming Anambra elections, Ohaneze said something. Anambra state government said something. South East governors said something. Because a pot of soup had been threatened. They even called him to a meeting. But he maintained his cocky stand.
    He turned around in a bid to continue to be in the news, decided to launch a Security Service. Asked his supporters to burn down the country; Ohaneze, Abia state, south east governors did not say anything. If anything at all, they aided him as according to them he was expressing his rights.
    Before now, the veepee called everyone to a meeting. Good man, he tried to approach the matter with gumption. You expected some caution from the other side. No! They made the veepee look stupid. Kanu continued his PDP and Igbo elite sponsored defiance. Kanu did not only carry on with his haughtiness, he disgraced the police everywhere he went.
    Then the military steps in, Ohaneze begins to lecture me on Human Rights? Abia state begins to speak up. All in Support of Kanu and IPOB. Nevertheless, the federal government must realize that PDP/IPOB does not own Igboland and as such cannot determine where it’s allegiance lie.
    Let all processes (legal) be taken to protect the integrity of the country as there is no country called Biafra. And Nigerians living in Igboland need to be protected by the Nigerian state, now. The country should no longer tolerate megaphones who seize the destiny of part of the country on a warped agenda called political/
    secessionist agitation.”
    Uche Nnadozie

  7. Sani Isa

    And like Buhari, Nnamdi Kalu is also another big problem. The young man is so uncultured, just sharing hate “upandan” like church fliers, and heating up the polity with threats he cannot even effectuate. If Kalu values Igbo lives, he should better deradicalize himself and his IPOB members. From the video I have seen, the people he is dealing with have a steadfast hatred for the Igbos and their hunger for Igbo blood, is new every morning.

  8. Kabiru Shikwa Abubakar

    Remain small u will be brought to book if u want Nigeria to be divided, is it how u will do to divide it? Very useless man who doesn’t know his right and Left.

  9. Daniel Egbu

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  10. Abdullahi Idris

    Don’t mind him , take him as celebrity and Biafraud

  11. Olaiya Olatokunbo

    Na for where em dey talk sef? Em no wan go Abuja again?

  12. Mmeri Forbiafra

    All the bribes nigerian govt give the Biafran politicians and trad rulers are now useless. The people of Biafra don’t to listen to them any more. A new honest leader os born. His name is Nnamdi Ohamadike Kanu. The only tested and trusted and well respected Igbo leader of our

  13. Gbenga Idowu Adeyemi

    Turn down or no way for him to go out,,,,he’s on house arrest

  14. Peterson Christopher


  15. Monsuru Folarin

    He his good looking with no brain✌👍

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