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Jonathan: I’m surprised that those who attacked me over N87 pump price are silent now that it’s N143

Former President Goodluck Jonathan says he is surprised that those who criticised him for leaving the pump price of fuel at N87 are not speaking out now that it has been jerked up to N143.
Speaking on Thursday when Tunde Adeniran, one of the chairmanship aspirants of the PDP, visited him in his Abuja office, Jonathan defended the decisions he took on the price of fuel.
In what seems to be an indirect attack on the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Jonathan said the PDP led Nigerians well in its 16 years of being in power  “even though some people came up with propaganda and lies that 16 years of the party in government was a waste”.
“My government was severely criticised for increasing the pump price of petroleum from N67 to N97 at a time that global crude price was going for over 100 dollars,” Ikechukwu Eze, Jonathan’s spokesman quoted him as saying.
“The pump price was later reduced to N87 when the price of crude oil dropped and they attacked us that it was supposed to be lower.
“Those who criticised my administration are not talking again now that the global crude oil is about 53 dollars per barrel and the pump price of petrol is N143.”
He said the PDP needs a chairman that can return it to government and as well correct a sitting president if he makes mistake.
“We must do the right thing. We must elect a chairman that will run the party democratically,” the former president said.
“We need a courageous chairman that knows that imposition is destructive.
“We need a chairman who by God’s grace if we win election by 2019, when the president makes certain mistakes, he will be courageous enough to correct him.
“We need a chairman that can lead us to victory and sustain that victory.
“What we need is a person that can give proper leadership for this country, a chairman that can lead us to elect good material for the presidency.
“We need a chairman that will bring the proper change and economic growth for this country.
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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  1. Victor Onos

    The so-called intelligent, analytic Yorubas have forgotten Ojota and TBS – their protest/carnival venues

  2. David Uche

    And u’ve also be silent for the fact that there had been no scarcity and long queues at filling stations. Useless ogogoro ex president.

  3. Tonia Uchendu

    Yes they said you were a woman and Buhari is a man

  4. Gbenga Joshua Jolayemi

    Every time I bought a PMS at #145naira I cursed d day majority of Nigerians voted most useless president into power.

    They claimed, that subsidy is a scam and they announced that subsidy have been cancelled, why are u cancel what doesn’t exist.

    Today they paid huge subsidy to petrol marketers through subsidy of dollars to import PMS to Nigeria.

    God will open d eyes of APC government supporters that, dis government is not just clueless but useless government

  5. Sadeeq Baba Sadeeq

    GEJ the funny former president. The issue here is not the price of fuel but the stability in price and availability of the fuel at the moment without spending hours and sometimes days on the queue at filling stations nationwide. GEJ should please try to understand senario

    • Sadeeq Baba Sadeeq

      Suffering and smiling, how Mr Emeka Ken?

    • Spencer Godwin

      Sadeeq Baba Sadeeq why . Why. Why. My frn . Let’s speak the truth .stop being tribalistics. Ghanaians voted for change. Today they are happy.. Nigerians voted for change and they are suffering. Sadeeq you know what’s up. Even bobote don comot hand for buhari.

    • Sadeeq Baba Sadeeq

      I’m not speaking tribal sentiment here. Just look at the parameters on ground. PMB promises fight against insurgency. Boko haram and other terrorists groups are greatly degraded. Secondly, he promised to fight corruption and on this at least things have changed from where we are coming from eventhough I have some reservations on this. Thirdly, economy and our economy is greatly improving with diversification, improve in foreign reserves even with low crude prices, foreign direct investment. Mr. Spencer Godwin reason well please don’t be deceived by the lies of scammers

    • Maurice Cash

      don’t worry by the time we restructure this country u would know if the oil and gas in GEJ’s region is meant for bastardized, ungrateful demons like u down in the north or west,by then u go no how scarcity of petrol go dey for cursed and polluted region in the north

    • Xtophy Adah

      Sadeeq baba sadeeq may unending sickness vist u n ur generation unborn whch corruption is buhari fighting buhari is d bokoharam himself

    • Sadeeq Baba Sadeeq

      Mr. Maurice Cash this is hate speech and tribal centiment. Spencer Godwin hope you see this tribalistic speech here

    • Aroh John-Blaise Ajaero

      Sadeeq d problem is pmb seems good to you guys in the north but in the east I can tell you that no federal project have been done since your pmb came into power
      Try to see how our federal roads are. Things in the east have gone from bad to worse over here please tell me y d north support buhari

    • Ifeanyi Okolie

      Sadeeq Baba Sadeeqsadee my brother boko haram are still operating in d north east seriously but media can’t carry out the news, corruption is still on ongoing but it will take an opposition to take over before d corruption in dis regime will be exposed, my brother i only pity d future of this country.

    • Ebere Devine

      buhari jibiril of Sudan where is our $26000000000 in NNPC

    • Enejere Mc Paul

      26b nnpc scandal and 260m sgf which corruption buhari is fighting you are just a tribalistic hausa muslim.

    • Henry John Odjirigho

      May sadeeq baba family be run the way buhari is running Nigeria

    • Spencer Godwin

      Sadeeq Baba Sadeeq sorry about the hate speech. But I m speechless when you say the economy is good. You talk about the foreign reserves.. Bro I have been to 3 different countries and I have friends all over Europe and United state. Right now I m not in Nigeria.. The economy is worse as Ebola. Again do you take care of your parents and siblings financially? If you do. Then you realise the economy is taking another phase as monkey pos. Bro talking about the Boko haram. Who is the CEO? Bro even blind man sabi say Apc na failure..i should even be happy because when I send dollars home it will increase in NAira. But I have the heart of my citizens and I love my country people so I m not happy…

    • Nicholas Austin Eleanya

      Yoruba demo s like you are the reason the country is stagnant.
      The north has succeeded in brainwashing all of you such that they are noe better than most of you intellectually.

    • Sadeeq Baba Sadeeq

      Aroh John-Blaise Ajaero if I understand you well you’re talking about bad roads in the east right. But your GEJ spent 6 years in power without doing these roads. How do you want PMB to do these roads within 2 years if GEJ could not do them in six years? You said PMB is not doing any federal project in the east abi, how about 2nd Niger bridge and the east west road? Xtophy Adah is this how a good Christian suppose to behave? I pity you. Lol. Mr. Ifeanyi Okolie I didn’t say Boko haram is totally defeated but we in the north east have seen an improvement in security under PMB than during GEJ. On corruption I didn’t say that there is no corruption now but it has reduce compare to PDP/GEJ time. Enejere Mc Paul where is SGF now? And which 26b are you talking about? To my knowledge there was nothing like that you have to check your facts please. Even kachikwu didn’t say that but he said he was sideline on contract award. Henry John Odjirigho ameen ooo. I want my life to be run like the way PMB run Nigeria with sincerity without an iota of record of stealing even when he serves at different capacities and now a president. Thank you sir.

    • Maurice Cash

      sine u useless creatures from the north and west have refused to appreciate the region and the people wit the oil and gas that have fed u for over 50years..nigeria must be restructured or we divide simple

    • Blessing Ebong FullofGrace

      Can you hear yourselves? The issue is not in price…Nigeria never suffered fuel scarcity under GEJ yet fuel was cheap. May be you don’t even own a motorcycle that’s why you are vomiting rubbish. Tribalism will kill you all.

    • Nicholas Austin Eleanya

      Spencer pls don’t spend a better part of your time making the dollar than responding to fools like this. Don’t worry, we know how to take care of them here.
      We will kill them all with the truth that they will keep hiding their heads in shame.

    • Ogbuiyi Friday

      Sadeeq Baba Sadeeq He built over 400 schools for stupid almajiri like you in the North

    • Aroh John-Blaise Ajaero

      Sadeeq I spoke in the context of what I am sure of so stop lying for buhari coz GEJ repaired our roads so shut up the second Niger bridge was a project commissioned by GEJ before leaving office and it has been abandoned

    • Seedorf Princewill

      Then GEJ wanted to remove subsidy and you guyz were on the street protesting now the Same subsidy has been removed yet you guyz went why blame GEJ?

    • Amy Peace

      Sadeeq Baba Sadeeq when Jesus said “it is finished” I didn’t realize, he was referring to your brains… Anu mpammm empty skull.

    • Machar Wakawa

      GEJ is right here because crude oil is 58 dollar per barrel and it is the hike in fuel price that lead to inflation. Nigerians are feeling the pain

    • Maurice Cash

      the worst part of this whole thing is that parasites,beggars and thieves that don’t contribute a dime to the economy even with them being majority r the same idiots that have held this country down in all ramifications but still have the ordacity to abuse the minority that have fed them for over 50years..this vagabonds would sit down doing nothing and wait at the end of the month for allocation gotten from oil and gas to be shared amongst them

    • Obiakor Austine

      Before and after Election, I pity those who fell for this scam.

      I will abolish the office of the First Lady, I will sell off presidential jets, none of the above have been done.

      Buhari is a well packaged scam.

      ▪Nduji Destiny

  6. Aniekan Douglas

    APC had no plan they where just desperate for power now they v seen that govt isnt about propergander but work to deliver ur promises.

  7. Eric Meju

    APC have come to steal, to kill & to destroy” by the way who initiated that party & the evil broom…..

  8. Silas Silas

    Don’t Mind Them @ Peace Maker. Even If Sold For #3oo,they Will Still Poorest Gvt In Africa Borrow Borrow.Group Of Illiterates That Ruling A Country. Nig Economy Is O% Shit.Leadership Of Bokoharamists.

  9. Kachi Prince

    That’s for you to see how Nigerians are the love strong hands you were to soft and they never appreciated u

  10. Aliyu Muhammad Shehu

    With due respect Mr.former president there are more to it than what u were told.@87 naira we spent 2 to 3 days in the filling stations to buy it at 200 naira.There are so many things that makes Nigerians to second guess u.For instance when u were asked about the level of corruption in ur cabinet u ended up arguing with journalists that what was in ur government is nt corruption but stealing as if stealing is something legal.When sunusi lamido blows d whistle pertaining the non-remittance of certain amount into government treasury u ended up sacking him for touching a super minister.please sir try to remain silent because whenever u talk u remind Nigerians the worst government they ever witnessed where corruption was celebrated

  11. Abdullahi Usman

    The silence is due to the trust Nigerians have in the President.

  12. Maurice Cash

    sir they the Yorubas and the northerners attacked u because of religious and ethnic differences even if u had turned naija like Dubai the evil and satanic manner in them were bent on bringing u down…can’t u see the bakares,femi kutis,Soyinka’s,momodus of this world r not complaining with the way things r in the country

    • Dcn Abiodun Adeoye

      That’s not correct. Some of us cried to high heaven against Buhari presidency but we were in the minority. It is unfortunate.

    • Sokari Josiah

      Dcn Abiodun Adeoye,e don tey I had a long and hilarious laugh,tnx for ds relief. Happy wkend, chairman

    • Enoch Thomas

      Some of the northerners pls

    • Maurice Cash

      majority wins the vote i don’t care even if u cried to lower heavens

    • Samuel Aro Tempo

      The people you mentioned knew how the then government mismanaged subsidy and even the proceeds from crude oil N120 par litre and they also know how much the crude oil go for now. They are not the type of elite who play politics with the fate of Nigerians.

    • Dcn Abiodun Adeoye

      Sokari Josiah we all know the election was massively rigged but the effect is on everybody today. Nigeria didn’t go into recession when oil was $18 per barrel and massive looting during Abacha regime, why are we saying it was Jonathan looting and low oil price during Buhari government that crashed the economy? It’s lack of good policy that affected this government. No matter how good a policy is, it won’t work if introduced at the wrong time.

    • Maurice Cash

      @tempo just like they know now how 26billion dollars is well managed and how in general term Nigerians r enjoying every promised buhari made before election and yet they remain mute?why r the yoruba media houses not talking about the wide spread corruption in this government unlike what they did in Jonathan’s,because u have a yoruba houseboy as vice abi

    • Linda Okaroh

      Maurice, one of those names u mentioned have run to south Africa to pick up teaching appointment, is he not a coward? Let him come and carry placard against fuel subsidy removal

  13. Maurice Cash

    sir they the Yorubas and the northerners attacked u because of religious and ethnic differences even if u had turned naija like Dubai the evil and satanic manner in them were bent on bringing u down…can’t u see the bakares,femi kutis,Soyinka’s,momodus of this world r not complaining with the way things r in the country

  14. Lawal Ibrahim Bakuru

    And how many days it takes you to get the 87 per liter?

  15. Hassan Aliyu

    D product is everywhere now why d noise then. Relax pls.

  16. Shafi

    Because we do hope it will soon benefit to us

  17. Mordecai Ime

    That is nigeria sir Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan

  18. Halima Husseini


  19. Adebayo Suleiman Saadu

    Your 87 stood for embezzlement through subsidies payment and frustrating long lines at filling stations while Buhari’s 184 stands for availability at the stations and end to subsidies payment. From that, I think you can deduce why people are silent

  20. Zephaniah Zubiaru

    They are all enemies of progress

  21. Aliyu Isyaku

    They believed with the good government

  22. Abubakar Ibrahim Musa

    Idiot, is better because they are killing us.

  23. Kelly Tefiemine

    They are hypocrites and parasites.

  24. Yasir Ale

    They say he was corrupt yet food was cheap during his reign.
    They say he looted Nigeria, yet Nigeria’s economy was booming under him.
    They say he milked Nigeria dry, yet money was circulating every where, even beggers were enjoying.
    They say he is clueless, yet hunger never ravaged Nigerians during his tenure.
    They say he was an economic calamity, yet Nigeria was never in recession under his govt.
    They say he is a kindergarten president, yet his govt is composed of the best economic team that led Nigeria’s economy to be the largest in Africa!
    They abused him and called him goat, yet he never arrested those who call him goat.

    Goodluck Jonathan’s perfomance keeps speaking for him, two years after leaving office.
    GEJ, the best prsident Nigeria ever had.

  25. Ebere Devine

    Yoruba is the problem, God bless you sir

  26. Ola Kosoko Giwa Qudus

    So God never open our eyes now in the country pls nobody should deceive us with political sweet mouth Johnathan was the thief and pls we should always slow whom we have selected as a leader to to work and pls the nation not to be frustrating there times just to compares with ex lead that was surrounded with thief’s and still disappoints him at the end of the day

  27. Ibe Patrick

    They have hidden their faces in shame and disguised

  28. Xtophy Adah

    No mind dem because u are a Christian

  29. Ifaniyi Awotunde

    Am Ifatunde grandson of Baba Ajagunno of ijebu Igbo land am here to advertise my grandfather job what do you realy need. you want your market to be selling fast, you have any disease, you want to be more richer, do you have a husband problem or wife problem, in any problem you have, just come to Ifatunde. Have the evil spirits blocked your marriage from having the fruits of the womb,Protection ring, Do u want to get promoted in ur office,Do you want your lover to take good care of you and continue to spend for you, or Are you suffering from one of the deadly diseases that you are ashamed of or u want progress in your work this is the opportunity for you…. Address Awolowo way ijebu Ogun state. 07056265700 IFA AGBEYIN OOOO

  30. Dave Onyekachi

    e don teh wey i visit naija so fuel don enter 143? 😀 to run generator go be like ehh

  31. Eric Ikechukwu

    Nigeria is a big zoo what u can find in a zoo as nigeria are just monkey’s,,as leaders

  32. Ola Kosoko Giwa Qudus

    APC PDP they are all still in the cabinet PDP where there with APC only fool will say that only one political party is rolling the country pls we need to be wise and wise up we are all looking for what to eat. Many of us can’t say the through just to get what they need from you.

  33. John Owoh

    You (GEJ) are a GOOD man. God bless you. You meant excellently well for this country. The problem were those selfish rogues that surrounded you. They sabotage your government. Their days are numbered and they’ll surely pay for it.

  34. Aroh John-Blaise Ajaero

    Buhari gave them ear infection😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Zubairu Sabo

    And how much d PMS is selling in dollars during your time, and how much PMS is selling per dollars now? Again, people are quite now because, they believed in PMB. Because, your government cause a big Wood dat will not heal for 50 years.

    • Nkpuma Ifeanyi

      People are quiet bcs of intimidation of buhari’s attackers efcc,dss and police.tell me anyone that criticizes this government that was not arrested?.they have intimidated every one in nigeria except Nnamdi kanu.buhari has borrowed 5.7 trillions in two years and recovered 3.5 trillions from looters in pages of newspapers and social medias and can’t point at one single project he has done for two years in power.even some governors are showing their achievements but not for buhari.ur here talking of crude oil price but u don’t talk of the cheap prices of commodities.why will nigeria sold crude cheap and buying petrol high price as #145 while it supposed to be cheap as #40.during obj’s government crude oil was sold #30 and petrol was sold #35.

    • Richard Eyop

      And he cant function in the other room

  36. Evan Nwosu

    You are a father indeed, who listens to the cry of his children, but you allowed your simplicity to be trampled upon by your political associates.

  37. Erumole Maria

    U dont mind d foolish idiots

  38. Areyennih Tohbih Abidemi

    the fact is dat is good for a man to marry two wife. They thought there were going to find confort and relief in dix administration. Politicians ar desame they will promise and fail

  39. Bigi Latu

    It’s seems you grew up out side Nigeria. GEJ.

  40. Sunday Olusola Ogundunmade

    The truth is you lacked people’s trust then. No leader leads by force and win ultimately. That’s exactly what you want to do.
    Even till now, you are yet to earn my trust as a leader, neither Dezieni. You and your cabinet openly looted Nigeria and caged the crusade for anti -corruption fight .
    The most disappointing part was that you openly said “stealing isn’t corruption ” . I think that was the most foolish statement I ever heard from a leader.
    With the level of impunity perpetrated in your regime, you should have been in jail by now,but for the large heart of PMB.
    Only fools who have their brains in their legs still believe in you. If anyone says otherwise, may God allow their enemies manage their lives exactly how you had managed Nigeria.

  41. Bello Kabir Abba

    At ur era petrol sold at $150/barrel 87/litre at home but not available no single station that can easily get it but at buhari era $28/barrel 140/litre but available any where why not be so silent, u disappointed Nigeria and Nigerians we won’t forgive u forever Jonathan ebele the cheater

    • Dotun Prosper Isaiah

      1 is $51+ per barrel
      2 is $57+ per barrel.
      Mind u in 2015 when APC was making promises it twas about same Price
      But yet they claimed it to high at #87
      NOW they in power the music dance step is changed!

    • Odinakachukwu Izuchukwu

      So u cannot survive without oil..oil thieves

    • Paul Nwachineke

      Mr. Bello Kabir Abba, i never believed that a sensible idiot like you will still allow religion to blind your heavy eyes, and damage your brain cells, until now that it has been confirmed. How much was a bag of rice under GEJ? How much was dollar under GEJ? How much was a litre of fuel under GEJ? How many foriegn investors do we have under GEJ? Compare all these, now and then, then you tell me the difference. I will advise you go to London for medical check up. May be your btain cancer has risen to that of Buhari.

  42. Precious Ekeh Achugwo

    What brought about this issue now, Gej should beter shut up, his clueless & looters dotted gov. is what we’r suffering now

  43. Lasbrey Ohaju

    Am not one of them and I can never be a part of them. But your greatest mistake of all time was not doing anything good to break Nigeria and give us #Biafra under your leadership since you know very very well that APC government is full of lies and propaganda ??????

  44. Ukaegbu Agbai

    nigeria means fraud even if Angel Gabriel come down from heaven nigerians will still called him criminal

  45. Luda Umombe G

    The hypocrites aren’t talking, just acting like the ostrich, putting its head in the sand. Until they publicly asked for your forgiveness, Nigerians ain’t forgiven them.

  46. Albert Uwakwe

    How will they react when in fact they are the proponents of the new pump price. The are the devil incernart.

  47. Chinemerem Prosper

    You were so weak to have left your Rightful Seat 💺 for all this Satanic Government , Infact you caused the Huge Suffering and Humiliation Nigerians are experiencing now 😰

  48. Mayen Edet


  49. Ola Kosoko Giwa Qudus

    There was typing error. please I mean Jonathan was not the thief. I am so sorry

  50. Maina Umar Pansy

    Your aims were defeated so you have the right to say anything,we are waiting for PDP

  51. Wise King

    i hear u sir! tell them.

  52. Junaid Sa

    Because you’re the worst President Nigeria ever experienced. Only people suffering from intellectual atrophy thinks you’re a good leader.

  53. Malachi Ifebude

    yorubas and hausa/fulanis have put nigeria into big mess because of greedy nature now they have go mute imagen no protase again no writing of letter again in nigeria ples can somebody tell obj to come borrow my pen to write letter to buhari abi 1million boys don cut off his fingers stupid and greedy animals

  54. Uchenna Kennedy

    They are Hypocrites even some pastors that went to Ojata are not saying anything.

  55. Benoulii Osondu Chigbo

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  56. Bello Tajudeen Atanda

    When you have ruined the economy beyond repairs and sold public corporations like PHCN to your friends at give away prices ; why won’t the price/litre be N200? You better keep quiet. Looters’ President. Malabo oil scandal will soon expose you. Italian report is underway.

  57. Nsibiet Michael

    Buhari even went on a protest with his co northerners.and they say one Nigeria…

  58. K Fitz Nnaji

    Sir, you mayn’t understand but during your time we had food on our tables and where sure of the next meal, we had the strength and temerity to occupy the streets and protest because we knew you will listen to us and we where sure of our safety.
    In the Present dispensation Sir, things are no more the way it was when we own the country, right now, there are deaf and we are hungry. Nobi person we chop the protest?.

  59. Emeka Okonkwo

    They Didn’t Expect That Anything Good Should Come From Nazareth

  60. Cyril Best

    Oga Jona, no fuel scarcity in Nigeria again

  61. Kingdom NwaEtche Onyeuwaoma

    I doubt if GEJ said this…. My bros go hide ur face for shame…. The people that pushed u out of aso rock are about to push u to prison….

  62. Onajite Constance Ohohe-Oru

    Nigerian Youth we need a fresh start oh. It’s obvious nothing is working well under this APC government

  63. Machar Wakawa

    Fuel has been available during your time and Nigerians are better off than now where everything is shrouded in secrecy like cult

  64. Prince Dennis Lucas

    please sir we are buying it 150 not even the 143 again

  65. Kingsley Mbuko

    Yes because, you dont know how to play the game. I begin to wonder over such a golden opportunity that was dashed out. Life wat a great teacher

  66. Chinedu Chizzy

    My brother the thing tire me! Nigeria as a country is caused no to ways about it….

  67. Tunde Bajeh

    How much was stolen in the name of subsidy? Tell me where we were buying fuel at #87 per litre in Jonathan’s homeland? We never had a leader in Nigeria and we will never have one until we restructure our mindset.

  68. SangoBiyi Arabagbangbamu Adifala







  69. Chuks Godfrey

    Please my dear president don’t be surprised because those who protest against the the pump price during ur time in office was finance by those in government. U can empower us to do so.

  70. Ekene Udensi

    God have vindicated you Sir…. APC , is like poison to nigs….

  71. Muhammad Hassan

    Is better for me to buy PMS at the rent of #200 than for me seen my families die, for me today is better than yesterday

  72. Churchill Osai

    Yes they have suddenly gone dumb, especially the likes of Femi Galena, Wole Soyinka and Tunde bakare!

  73. Muhammadu Ahlan Wasahlan

    N200 pms per litre is more convinient to majority of nigerians than your N87pms/litr. Now nigerians buy pms at their convinient without schedule. Unlike your time when you pretend to sale at N87/litre while is not available in filling stations. The black markets sales at N400 to N500 per litre. This govt is not for goats that eat yams but for goats that eat grasses.

  74. Champion Maro Edward

    Apc is demonic party, control by evil men with close brain followers. Vagabond in power, barugate, buharigate, ikoyigate, grascutter, authority stealing pass arm robbery

  75. Lawal Yusuf


  76. Nwafor Dumebi John

    They claimed he steal money but he kept the fuel price at 87naira but aboki with cow brain said baba is saint to fight corruption but the price is 187naira ..the reason is that those fighting you then are slaves

  77. Ezekiel Ajiya

    I pity d life of those who are still attacking the former president despite we have experience both his government and APC

  78. Agwu Ikechukwu

    If I say I hate you, it will be a hate speech. But never mind I have seen you selfishness (because you have made it) that’s why you willingly dump us as PMB backyard, let him use us any how he likes. No problem. God is watching.

  79. Jonathan Uchenna


  80. Eunice Akpolu

    Yeah, that’s the level of shameless hypocrisy prevalent in the country now.

  81. Chiedozie Stephen

    Not only them oooo even comedians and musicians ooo

  82. Doris Day

    Ur not a politician at all..

  83. Umar Hudu

    This is the reason why our nation is so stagnant . bias mind

  84. Henry Njoku

    Don’t be surprise Sir, when a group of people that has no plans, clueless and unfocused but just needed POWER base on hate, religious and ethnic Sympathy… This is what you will see, mediocrity will be there order of the day….

  85. Torbem Favour

    We attack you because we knew you will not do anything with money from the increase in pump price

  86. Godwin M Odigbo

    My brother , nature above the vacuum , what goes up must comes Down …

  87. Adebola Adeniran

    I think this man should just go and hide his face in shame… are a curse to Nigeria and Nigerians. You are the cause of the mess we are going through right now. Pls keep quite for once. Thank you.

  88. Samuel Aro Tempo

    Foolish talk , how many times did you make fuel available at feeling stations. There were times pump price went as high as N400 par litre or more. We have also not forgotten how you people took advantage of subsidy to enrich yourselves. When you sold Crude oil at N120 and even N150 par barrel what did you do with the proceeds. Mcheeeeeeeeee

  89. Orignal Greatness

    Nigerians cry ur own cry.
    U decided to vote for change enjoy ur change. I dey enjoy my self for Ghana

  90. Lalo Tahir

    Okkkk.. Na wetting you go meet ibb weather make you talks talkam?,.. Some one we no fit bring his constituency Na him de guide you?

  91. Kehinde Bakare

    Because u are weak in decision making & implementation.

  92. Kparev Benjamin Torbem

    Your God will put all of them in shame.

  93. Esokpunwu Kross Osakpolor

    No difference… U where a better thief.

  94. Michael Abur

    GEJ take note. That’s the difference between a sinner and a saint. You sold at low and squandered everything* He sells at high and utilize it.

  95. Ikechukwu Christian Ojigbe

    143 abi 147 ,,subsidy fund gone fiyam

  96. Ahmed Mamuda

    50 percent splash price!!! Buy Dangote cement for N1,000 per bag, individual can purchase from 100 bags above, trailer load of 600 bags and 900 bags. Contact the sales manager Obajana factory Kogi state on 08130489670 for ordering and delivery nationwide. We hope to serve you better!

  97. Dan Chuks Newlife

    Not only that. Those who wanted to crucify you when dollar was 190 are now celebrating it at 380

  98. Osagency Mike Osaji

    Buhari is truly a misfortune to Nigerians.

  99. Daud El-hajj

    You subsidies at 87per litre for D. Madueke and others to looted

  100. Heaven Heart Godson

    Sir. Don’t be surprised. It is simply called suffering and smiling. I witnessed it all. I’m also waiting for one of those elite that was complaining then during your regime. I’m waiting for them to complain now. But I can’t believe the level of silence from everyone. God help us.

  101. Yan

    Really but people are very creative now unlike before where looters in every household.

  102. Chibuzor Ntekume

    What will give me hem the urge to talk
    When have seen what is softer and lighter than water
    Stupid idiots who feels they are dealing with you by removing you in aso rock
    Now they are all biting their dirty fingers for their foolishness and ignorance

  103. Simon Junior Simon Sjs

    Their are all enemies of progress and enemies of Nigeria

  104. Romanus Obasi

    every day buhari govt.say’s no money what did he use the fuel increment from fuel to do?remember from 87 to 145 fantastical corrupt president of the north buhari is not my president period.

  105. Hosea Micah

    Is 145 per litre o, 2 & half years now. Useless APC government

  106. Ezeoke Evarist Chinedu

    Tell them. They are shameless bunch and we await them any day these dregs of the society will bring up their weevil infested heads and start another protest or demonstration of any kind whatsoever in this contraption called Nigeria.

  107. Faith Robinson

    My brother! That humans for u

  108. Phikayour Olatheypo

    It was initially #45.the question is y did it turn 87 during ur own tunure?

  109. Prince Charlie

    It is a shame that even some educated Nigerians defend a man like Johnathan just because of the confused, useless government of Buhari. It’s also sad that an average man like Buhari is worshiped in Nigeria almost as a deity by even some educated Nigerians after ruling this country for more than two years now and nothing, absolutely nothing to show for it. It clearly shows that we the people are the problem of this country. Because men like Johnathan whose government were total a stealing one and people like Buhari whose government have been literally a confused and useless one should not be in any way celebrated by decent people of this country. It’s a shame. Let us stop defending mediocrity and let us start thinking about world best practices and standards as far as NIGERIA is concerned.

  110. Kim Sunday

    My brother, with due respect. Nigerians don’t need something good, they MUST COMPLAIN. Now, which government is “good” PDP or APC?

  111. Ifeanyi Okoli

    At Maurice Cash I saw tunde bakare and femi Kuti and Soyinka and momodus at ojota today and I asked them what’s up and they like nothing is up that everything is upside down, that them never knew it wi

  112. Chike Chike Dims

    Oga Jona u shouldn’t be surprise because the people in power now played their opposition role very effectively that they commanded large fellowership and people’s surport. PDP failed in election and is still failing in their opposition role. What a failure!

  113. Spixymine Nkem

    God will surely expose APC and buhari government, just watch n see. You remained the best because you have compassion for your country.

  114. Oguntoye Oyebanji

    Mr GEJ..fuel was N87 but you were paying your cabal $billions in subsidy, one of the greatest scams in Nigeria’s history….@N145, subsidy is eliminated and the country has saved billions…….NEXT

  115. Olawale Korede

    The man you see his picture above goes by the name Mr. Aliya Peter
    Report has it that he is a student of UNIPORT studying Mass Communication
    He has defrauded over 190 people to a sum more than 200million naira, he had promised the individuals that he will help them to play Football Betting games and return a certain percentage of their investment monthly…
    Please if you see this man anywhere kindly report to the Nigerian Police or EFCC or ICPC

    A handsome reward awaits the person that can turn him or his family member in…

    His phone number is +2348035537035

    His fraud account details are as seen on the images above…

    Proves of his fraudulent activities is also in the picture

  116. Fasasi Mukaila


    09058561135 IJEBU IGBO OGUN STATE

  117. Abubakar Yakubu

    They think we have forgotten…
    • Then President Jonathan sacked the President of the Appeal court because he refused to compromise on the case involving the ruling party and ruling that forensic examination be allowed on materials used for the 2011 Presidential election. Even when the NJC asked that he be reinstated, Jonathan refused yet, he is your HERO OF DEMOCRACY.
    • All the security details attached to then Speaker of House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal were withdrawn by the Federal Government led by Jonathan yet, you still didn’t see any reason not to worship him.
    • For weeks in 2014, the Governor of Kano State kept shouting that security aides posted to watch over the state house were recalled as a result of orders from above, not once did you accuse Jonathan of tyranny.
    • For appointing Sanusi Lamido as Emir of Kano which was within the rights and powers of the Kano State Government, Jonathan ordered security agents to lay siege at the Emir’s palace. For days, the Emir operated from the Kano State Government House. You didn’t call Jonathan by the dictatorship that he was acting out then.
    • Jonathan withdrew the security details attached to then Governor Amaechi, Jonathan grounded the plane of Amaechi, Jonathan masterminded and hugely supported the division and crisis in the Rivers State House of Assembly, Jonathan allowed his wife to govern Rivers from Abuja, Jonathan used Mbu to embarrass and harass a sitting Governor, Jonathan crippled Rivers because Amaechi was the Governor yet, you still see Jonathan as a demigod.
    • In this same country, we saw how Jonathan supported the destruction of the once vibrant Governors’ Forum by supporting 16 against 19 yet, you see him as one decent man who should be seen as a Hero.
    • We have not forgotten how Jonathan used state power to prevent sitting Governors from reaching a part of the country to support the reelection of one of their own because they were in the opposition and you who is laying claim to fairness and pretending to love Democracy still claim you miss this same character.
    • In this same country, we saw the circulation of an undisputed video by an army officer detailing how soldiers were used to rig the election in Ekiti State to favour the thug governing the state today and yet, you see same Jonathan who was Commander in Chief of all these barbarism as decent enough to be called a hero.
    • In his desperation to see the Governor Nyako impeached, The Presidency under Jonathan had the accounts of Adamawa State frozen. A State Government account oh and not personal account of the Governor and not once did you condemn the action nor call Jonathan the dictator he clearly was then.
    • Same Jonathan you can almost worship today single handedly denied his then state Governor Timipre Sylva the right to seek the nomination of his party because he had personal grievances against him yet, you never for once accused him of abuse of power.
    • For the first time in our history as a country, the CBN Governor was unilaterally sacked by the President without following the due process of our law because he asked questions regarding careless stealing of the nation’s money supervised and supported by Jonathan yet, you never called Jonathan the dictator he clearly was.
    • As far as I can remember, the only people EFCC managed to temporarily wake up from their five years slumber under Jonathan to work on were those who criticized him and as soon as they changed gear, EFCC return back to their slumber yet, not once did you accuse him of bias nor selectivity.
    • As far as I know, Fayose is yet to deny that he received the alleged money traced to his account from Dasuki. What he is crying over is immunity and you who has never seen one million naira cash of your own is busy supporting him and shouting persecution. As you always say then, use the courts.
    • That you now call Buhari a Dictator while you still worship Jonathan must surely be giving the devil hope that he may not actually.
    Stop making a fool of yourself.
    Stealing is not corruption , Appointment of key ministers from one section of our country , Allowing thugs Asari Dokubo , Tompolo to take over Aso Rock the seat of power. You can add yours from where i stop

  118. Isah Abdulahi Ahmed

    Thank God,all the proceed from this increase are in good hand, and stealing is now corruption.

  119. Justin Okoro

    Yes! They can’t talk again bcos of fear. But u urslf, u fuck up. U gave them the opportunity to to push u away. So, jst keep quiet.

  120. Fidelis Ewubare

    Buhari has disappointed Nigerians.

  121. Nancy Peter George

    My able presido the thing weak me oooo……this government na the worst so far

  122. Umar Yusuf Ndafa

    Come back and contest and test your popularity

  123. Ibrahim Hussaini Beli

    Different is you are not trust, and buhari is tested and trusted

  124. Ejiro Obasi

    There is different between sheep and goat
    Useless APC

  125. Ige Adekunle Rasaq

    Hmmm….If GEJ has credible pple around him, they should tell him to keep quite.
    You increased fuel to #97/liter almost throughout ur tenure and during eve of 2015, you dropped d price to $87/litre and Nigerians were sleeping in petrol stations to get imaginary fuel….So it is better for us now to get a litre at #145 than to to carry our jerry cans plus our generators for night vigil at filling stations, hence keep quite.

  126. Aroh Clinton Akunnia

    There is glory in every follishness.

  127. Obasi Joseph Ogba


  128. Ebony Motorso

    Good talk bros don’t mind those educated illiterates that made up Apc.

  129. Abdulkadir Mohammed

    That is what is refers to as leadership trust & only a fool will ever trust an incompetent leader like you Jonathan

  130. Collins Brilva

    past Nigerians experience Mary Joy

  131. Ovie Promise Ovwighoghere

    Your government is a disappointment to our nation.

  132. Mahdi Manga

    Sir we attack you @145! You bring it back to 97! You reduce 10 naira at the eve of elections for campaign purpose! Nobody attacks nor welcome 87 but you were late, you failed the elections!

  133. Kingsley Antai

    Oga, you did not do well as a President. Please just take a boat from Swalli jetty at Yenegoa, since there are no roads in Bayelsa if not for Governor Dickson and go round the entire communities of Bayelsa State up to Ikebri to fish town, to Koluama, then you stay in each community from morning to the next morning, then you rate yourself, checking your performance in the entire Bayelsa regions, you did not try at all. As a President of Nigeria, if I were you, I would have chased poverty, chased unemployment away, provide a 24/7 power supply, while promoting agro-industries at least, make some four (4) lane roads and connecting overhead bridges in at least Bayelsa, and some other Niger Delta states and these are the reasons people are silent in some of your comments. You did not try and you did not help the youths, the graduates of your region.

  134. Isaiah Oforbuike

    you are my president not Buhari and GOD knows my heart. My president GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN AZIKIWE, ZIK of Africa you are my president and please his exellency this is time to talk. Let nigerians know your efforts to this country unity

  135. Sarah Kristiana Chris

    they are quiet because they gaining from it

  136. Frank Onyemma

    Hausa people gave yoruba man 100million to mobilise people to protest against the 87n price for APC. Now 145 no single person campaign against it. Wipe for nigeria because APC hausa want power by all means.

  137. Johnson Onuchukwu

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  138. Johnson Onuchukwu

    Super Clean Tokunbo 2012 Ford Edge 4 urgent sale. It has automatic gear wit rear parking. Engine very sound, factory fitted A/C. Lovely interior with leather seat. Location, Lagos. Contact 4 purchase & inspection +2349095032503

  139. Donatus Mbaogu

    We haven’t got a leader, all we have are rulers, and they are all corrupt. During campaign they flex muscles using all sorts of language to ascend to the throne. But they are all the same. Truly, there was sharp reaction against pump price of 87 naira per litre during Goodluck’s era, unlike what was expected of people when Buhari sky rocketed the price presently to 143 naira. It is not that the masses did not react to the present price. What happened was that the masses felt fainting in their decades of maltreated condition such that there was no strength to cry. And till today, people are still watching unconsciously and effortlessly with no resistance to whatever treatment being handed over to them by the present government.

  140. Donatus Mbaogu

    We haven’t got a leader, all we have are rulers, and they are all corrupt. During campaign they flex muscles using all sorts of language to ascend to the throne. But they are all the same. Truly, there was sharp reaction against pump price of 87 naira per litre during Goodluck’s era, unlike what was expected of people when Buhari sky rocketed the price presently to 143 naira. It is not that the masses did not react to the present price. What happened was that the masses felt fainting in their decades of maltreated condition such that there was no strength to cry. And till today, people are still watching unconsciously and effortlessly with no resistance to whatever treatment being handed over to them by the present government.

  141. Vigietop Ukpe

    God will continue to bless u sir

  142. Vigietop Ukpe

    God will continue to bless u sir

  143. Donchris Sniper

    Dnt mind them there is NO hope in NIGERIA
    Loose hope country filled wit corrupt politicians

  144. Donchris Sniper

    Dnt mind them there is NO hope in NIGERIA
    Loose hope country filled wit corrupt politicians

  145. Precious Nkonye

    My President they can’t talk ooo….
    The Mr President of today does not tolerate dissenting voices or criticism otherwise the person will have the Army, police, EFCC and even boys scout to battle with

  146. Precious Nkonye

    My President they can’t talk ooo….
    The Mr President of today does not tolerate dissenting voices or criticism otherwise the person will have the Army, police, EFCC and even boys scout to battle with

  147. Naibi Adamu


  148. Daniel Ihekaibeya

    Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is a great woman, a woman who intelligently weighed the pros and cons ideas on how this nation would battle economic predicaments; a member of world financial institutions an economy legend.
    Doesn’t she know how she could have brought hunger and starvation on the poor Nigerians the way this witless Buhari led Government that does not know how they could balance task orientation and people orientation has done it? Is this how Qatar become the richest country in the world and is that how America become the world largest economy? A government that brought hunger and starvation on the poor innocent Nigerians which they claim they represent.
    Today in Nigeria almost everything has hiked with about 300%, little wonder Goodluck Jonathan while leaving office said Nigerians will look for him, didn’t he know how he could have brought hunger on the innocent poor Nigerians, he Jonathan knew his task as president does not supersede the people of Nigeria whom he represent, he must have known how to balance task and people in other to make good leadership unlike this witless Buhari led Government.
    Why doesn’t Nigeria recognize the effort and the person of Okonjo Iweala, she can make Nigeria great, if she happened to be a citizen of countries like the U.S they would be glad they have her as their citizen, or is it because she is Igbo.

  149. Egwim Ifeanyi Peter

    Dnt mind them sir, most Nigerians are hypocrites…suffering and smiling…

  150. Oladele Oluwabusayomi


  151. Henry Best

    That is ture let Nigerian Experience the more hardship the need chance How can Nigeria vote someone who have bad record in pass in again is a pity

  152. Ifeanyi Hans

    Nigeria a funny country. Nigerians are funny people

  153. Olalekan Tobi Bakare

    Its so pathetic my beloved President

  154. Edi Stephen Montul

    See this clueless man garaout here! You deserve to be stone seriously.

  155. Gilberth Edeoga

    Never mind all these evil minded people

  156. Wein Billy

    Just calm down and keep watching

  157. Louisa Edet

    Hmmmm. Am surprised at the way mallams attack GEJ, anytime they see his comments. Despite all he did for the North during his tenure. He was truly a president for all. Unlike this one.

  158. Sam Son

    Nigerians judge yourself.

  159. Ahmadu Mayé

    Because we don’t trust you and your cabinets, you can handle and implement all that is required of the purported benefits for the increase. Your ruler ship lacks integrity. We didn’t get anything from your Sure-P programs.
    It was under your watch the fuel subsidy program deteriorated.

    There is also lacks of popularity of your government, remember you renamed a school in Lagos but it was rejected.

  160. Adeniyi Olorunfemi

    Just go and sit somewhere, jeje, our gentle, inexperienced man.

  161. Joseph Chibuisi

    Don’t worry,the honeymoon SHALL soon end.Real enemies of Nigeria will have no hiding place.2019 loading…..

  162. Prince Alexander

    Because Hausa/fulani can never like u as a Biafra , because they know u are there to expose their years of incompetence and looting of public funds , they also know as I child of light u are capable of taken Nigerians out darkness which Hausa/fulani represents for over 57 yrs .

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