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Infobytes: More Defections From APC To PDP Coming — Timi Frank 

The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Comrade Timi Frank yesterday, warned of massive defections from the party, saying many of those who earlier left the PDP for the APC have now realised that the ruling party is the worst place to be as it has no regards for laid down democratic tenets.
He, however, pledged to remain in the party. While warning the APC about its future, Frank said “the lack of internal democracy, disregard for the party’s constitution, irregular schedule of meetings, inability to conduct a convention, the absence of a Board of Trustees and arrogance of the party leadership will bring about the impending doom.
“Nigerians will remember that I predicted what is happening and I am still saying that if this party continues in this direction, an end will come to it so soon. Though the truth is bitter, but I will continue to sacrifice myself in speaking the truth because I know I am speaking the minds of a lot of members who cannot speak out”, he stated.
According to him, the leadership of the party should be remorseful following the resignation of Mr Atiku and many others from its fold, saying in as much as the democratic system of government permit politicians to move from one party to the other, the failure of APC leaders at the national level must have been responsible for the recent massive defection from the ruling party.
He said, “the beneficiaries of the flagrant disregard for the constitution of the party, impunity, and silence of some leaders are responsible for the misfortune befalling the APC.”
According to Frank, “Nigerians should note one very interesting thing in the politics of Nigeria today; in the past, it used to be that people decamp or leave the party that has lost election or that is in opposition to the party that is ruling. But, here we are today, people are moving from the ruling party to the party in opposition.
It is saddening but interesting the way politics is played out in Nigeria because here we are, people leaving the comfort zone of government and the corridors of power to the opposition party and this should signal danger to those leading the ruling party.”
According to him, “it was high time APC realised that politics is about numbers, every youth, man or woman is important. The kind of arrogance going on in the party led some of us out of PDP in those days, but we have now realized that it is even worse in the APC.
Though it is already getting late, but if this impunity is not tackled between now and early next year, APC may witness the mother of all defections to opposition parties.” He nevertheless pledged to remain in the party saying: “I believe I have worked hard to bring about the ruling party as a young man, but if the impunity does not stop, I will be left with no option. Not only me, but some other serving governors, members of the National Assembly and other known party leaders across the country have to decide their political future elsewhere”, he threatened.
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