Monday , 25 June 2018


President Muhammadu Buhari says there is tremendous improvement in his health, indeed, he wishes to return home, “but I’ve learnt to obey my doctor’s orders, rather than be the one issuing the orders. Here, the doctor is absolutely in charge.”

The President spoke while receiving the presidential media team, and the Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Matters, at Abuja House, London, on Saturday. Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, led the visiting team, accompanied by Mr Femi Adesina, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity; Mallam Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, and Lauretta Onochie, Personal Assistant on Digital/Online Media. Also there was Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Matters.

When the team expressed delight at the much improved health of the President, he retorted: “I feel I could go home, but the doctors are in charge. I’ve now learnt to obey orders, rather than be obeyed.”

On how he felt hearing different conjectures about his health, an amused President Buhari said he followed events at home closely, lauding Nigerian television stations, and the media generally, for keeping him informed.

When told that prayers were going on fervently for him, not only in Nigeria, but all over Africa, and round the world, a delighted President said: “What we did in The Gambia early this year fetched us a lot of goodwill on the African continent. It gave us a lot of latitude. I thank all those who are praying. May God reward them.”

President Buhari sent appreciation to all Nigerians, expressing hope that he would be with them soon.


Special Adviser to the President,

Media and Publicity

August 12, 2017.

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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  1. Paul Chukwudi Uzochukwu

    Same doctors that in over 95 days are still unable to know your ailment?.

  2. Rebekkah Tope Lana

    I beg.. feel free… you can stay the remainder of the four years In London… you are Ok..abi? and you can receive visitors but do not dignify NIGERIA with a live broadcast?… oooo ma seeee oooooo The story of Nigeria has become like the story of the children of Israel, who wanted a king at all cost… they never wanted God’s counsel or input.. all that matter is …” Give us a king” … ..and Yes they got chains and pains.. and retardation. May the Lord have Mercy on Nigeria. This entire Political class is SICK!!!… How under heaven DID WE GET HERE?….our society is indeed morally bankrupt!! what a pity… GOD ARISE AND SAVE NIGERIA… ARISE AND HELP NIGERIA… and before you type ur herdsman reply… REMEMBER, NIGERIA is not BUHARI…. NIGERIA IS GREATER THAN BUHARI.. and why our political appointees, class and wannabes have decided to pivot A NATION AROUND JUST THIS ONE MAN… TROUBLES MY INTELLECT!! Truth be told?…OSINBAJO CAN NEVER REALLY TAKE CHARGE…. its just white washed.

  3. Assumpta Adaobi Nnanna

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  4. Samuel Nudubueze

    U r obeying d doctor Uk but u cannot obey court order in nigeria

  5. Samson Aizenabor

    Don’t come,this is your handwork in Nigeria market

  6. Okey Ngwo

    -Team GEJ vs Team Buhari.

    Yesterday US Secretary John Kerry came into Nigeria and met with Buhari; he said these words to Buhari, “you inherited a BIG problem”. In addition, everyone you meet today, have this question to ask, “how on earth did we slide into the bermuda triangle of recession in a short period of time?”.

    My answer to Kerry and anyone with such question is simple; we were in a serious game, and we made the WRONG SUBSTITUTIONS in KEY areas. Just like a football game, once key substitutions are wrong the game is automatically lost, it’s not rocket science.

    Out- Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
    In- Mallam Mohammedu Buhari

    Out – Dr Alison Madueke
    In- Mallam Mohammed Buhari

    Out- Dr Okonjo Iweala
    In- linguist Kemi Adeosun

    Out- Dr Akinwumi Adesina
    In- Ancestor Audu Ogbeh.

    After making these substitutions in the four most critical sectors of the country, if you like call them the pillars of our economy; there is only one outcome and that is RECESSION. Even if God sends Jonah here, and the whale brings him down (because he must refuse to come to Nigeria in this time and era when every foreign investor is leaving including the indigenes, even the whale will be scared let hungry people don’t eat it) Jonah will still fail to revive the economy with these jokers in these key areas. Obama will fail with this team.

    It’s not rocket science, you can’t replace an Okonjo Iweala with a kemi and expect a miracle to happen (kemi is interested in speaking good English, unfortunately the economy doesn’t hear good English). You can’t replace an Akinwumi with an aging frail Ogbeh and expect miracles (Ogbeh wants to import grass for his cows, that’s his priority); how can a 74yr old secondary school dropout and religious bigot be more effective and efficient than a 58yr PhD holder?? (Buhari just wants Islam to spread, even though it means Christians been burnt alive and also he wants Biafra to DIE).

    Pretending that our recent problems are not tied to these wrong substitutions, is evil and treason itself. And yes Kerry you are right, Buhari inherited a BIG PROBLEM, a country that had the largest economy in Africa and third fastest growing economy in the world is a BIG PROBLEM for a 74yr old secondary school dropout. It’s like telling my little niece who will be 9 months by 2nd of September, to count one to 10. As simple as the task might be, she will not be able; same with the Almighty Buhari, if you like give him all the executive emergency power, in Ameachi’s voice “he won’t do NATIN”.

    I leave you with TEAM GEJ vs TEAM BUHARI; if you had a company, who will be your directors? I’m 100% sure that even the most moronic, idiotic and foolish APC supporter will take the former over the latter.

    I am Oyinemi Nicholas Endeley, a son from the IZON KINGDOM and I just want to make commonsense. DAZZIT AND DAZZOL 4 NOW.

    #Still on Jesus is Lord.

  7. Bella Iwuoha

    You didn’t obey Court orders, now you are obeying doctors orders, !!!!

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