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Every state with genuine developmental instincts and prospects must be able to develop its own consciousness and economic blueprint capable of transforming that state into a formidable, prosperous and model state. This is my own idea of state building.
                          ——   Sen. Samuel Anyanwu —–
The quest for understanding my state Imo and its socio-political system has been an important part of my life. It has always been my wish to help my people understand the stark political realities that exist in this part of the world. Inspired by this phenomenon, I decided to venture into the murky waters of politics as far back as 2002 when I contested for the chairmanship of my LGA, Ikeduru and subsequently voted to represent Ikeduru Local Government in Imo House of Assembly on two tenures and presently a Senator representing Imo East (Owerri Zone) in the National Assembly.
It is an obvious fact that, we have not been able to provide the right leadership that would have propelled our economy to prosperity instead of poverty. The abundant natural and human resources endowed on us by God have been poorly managed. If our natural and human resources have been prudently and judiciously managed, Imo would have been flowing with milk and honey. There is every prospect of Imo becoming one of the richest States if not the richest in Nigeria if we had deployed our resources to the right places. This can only be achieved if we can elect leaders with the right vision and commitment to serve selflessly and prudently. Each time I reflect on this reality I feel a burning desire in me to lead the salvage mission. The question that keeps beating my imagination is how we have allowed bad politics to take pre-eminence over good governance and development of our State. Sadly too the entire political system thrives on lies and propaganda.
In Imo state our great party the PDP has become a laughing stock in the eyes of key political players. There has been mutual suspicion and intrigues amongst the members. This has further heightened the level of distrust and insincerity already threatening our unity and undermining our collective progress.
It is worthy of note that all these problems are completely inter-twined and largely triggered by one common factor which is impunity and high-handedness. In all these, one cannot rule out the handwork of anti- social elements who want to acquire political power at all cost. It is not out of place for me to state in categorical terms that the renewed call to rebuild our party and reposition it for victory in the 2019 election propelled my decision to run for the office of Governor. However, I am majorly coming into this race on account of the following reasons;
1. To assuage the sufferings of Imo people through wealth creation, employment generation and poverty reduction
2. To take Imo to a new phase of governance that will respect the rule of law, and respond to the needs of the people
3. To run a government that will focus on developing the economy of the state and making it the hub of south East market by identifying and developing viable areas of comparative advantage
4. To create an enabling environment that will attract investors and encourage private sector participation in developing the state economy
5. To run a government that will liberate the state from the dependency on federal allocation and offer equal opportunity to its citizens to attain their full potentials.
These are my dreams for Imo state. Unfortunately, we have not seen any visible sign and commitment of the present APC administration in taking Imo to that height.  The hope of the people is on PDP to do so.
It is a known fact that the foundation holding our great party can no longer be sustained by the current wave of mass exodus from the party which will make it difficult for PDP to face the challenges facing us as a party in opposition. We therefore, need to expeditiously embark on a redemption mission, not just to fix the problems but to strengthen the party for the task of recovering power from the APC government and bringing back smiles on the faces of our suffering masses.
As the effort of reconciliation is yielding good result across the country, the story about Imo is not something to write home about, unnecessary bickering and level of impunity in the party being perpetrated by few leaders have left the party in tatters. This, everybody with critical mind feels concerned about including ordinary citizens outside partisan politics. Imo people are aware that Nigerians across ethnic divide have resolved that PDP must be rebuilt and repositioned to reclaim power at the national level. If that be the general wish of all Nigerians, then the cries, pains and sorrows of Imo people in the hands of APC government cannot be ignored.
At this point, I must state without any equivocation that my interest to join in this race is to help the party build bridges of unity that will ensure that PDP regains power in 2019. Contrary to some insinuations, I have not come to fight or outwit anybody, neither am I in the race for any unguarded selfish ambition.
I have come in response to the overbearing pressure from well-meaning party members, leaders, and stakeholders including religious groups, Youths, traders etc across party divide beckoning on my humble self to rise up to the challenge of recovering the party and restoring back the confidence the masses are expecting from PDP to be able to regain power in the Douglas house come 2019. I really feel humbled by this widespread confidence reposed in me.
In view of the foregoing considerations I, Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu currently representing Imo East (Owerri Zone) in the National Assembly, hereby declare and offer myself for the onerous task of running for the Governorship of Imo State in 2019. As a peace loving member of this great party, I pledge to deploy my energy to make sure that everybody is accommodated. I want to assure everyone that PDP belongs to all of us and not to any particular individual or group of persons. Having said this let us then begin to work together as one body and support the current leadership of the party to bring back PDP to its past glory.
I put it to you therefore that the success of this state depends upon the strength of our resolve to stick together, that way, we  can overcome the perils and ruins of the present, to achieve the dreams of our desired future. I make bold to say that the hope of every ordinary and despondent Imolites is anchored on PDP. To Imo people I am one of you and I am not unaware of the hardship and pains being experienced overtime. Let me assure you, that under my government every reckless actions of government will be redressed and every unconstitutional action taken by the current government will be revisited.
On this note, I ask for your support to ensure that victory is ours in the coming elections for our collective good as party members and the good of Imo people and Nigeria in general.
                 Long live PDP
                 Long live Imo State
                 Long live Nigeria
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