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Governor Wike as APC’s Nightmare

Governor Wike as APC’s Nightmare
By Simeon Nwakaudu
When Rivers State Executive Council released the programme for the Third Year Anniversary Celebration of the Wike administration, the APC did not realise that it was a nail on their political coffin.
Though the  party was already dead in Rivers State, but this third year anniversary signalled the commencement of its funeral. The quantum and quality of projects commissioned and flagged off during this period have left the APC  stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Worse hit by the superlative performance of Governor Wike is Rivers State APC that is gasping for survival . However, it is deepening its failure through inexcusable lies that are totally illogical.
Each time the entire nation celebrates Governor Wike, the leadership of Rivers APC displays needless irresponsibility and heartless treachery.
The reconstruction of the Obiri-Ikwerre Airport Road by the administration of Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike was a function of necessity. Luckily for everyone, the defeated Rivers State APC Governorship Candidate, Mr Dakuku Peterside was on ground when Governor Wike made the pledge before God and man to reconstruct this important road. However , nobody  expects Dakuku Peterside to be truthful as it is not in his nature.
During the January  2016 Holy Ghost  Rally at the Adokiye Amasimaka Stadium Governor Wike announced to the gathering of Christians that he will reconstruct the failed road. This promise was based  on the need to resolve the traffic gridlock on the only route to the stadium. The Obiri-Ikwerre Airport Road provided that alternative.
On May 27, 2016 as part of his first year anniversary, Governor Wike invited Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu to flag off the reconstruction of this key road. The ceremony was widely broadcast and the Chinese contractors, CCECC started work.
The Obiri-Ikwerre Airport Road at the time was  not motorable. The was totally damaged, with deep gullies all through because it was abandoned by the immediate past failed Amaechi administration.  It was a route no one dared to follow, because  there was no road there. It led nowhere.
The  reconstruction of Obiri-Ikwerre Airport Road lasted slightly over two years. From oblivion, Governor Wike created a masterpiece and a major gateway into Port Harcourt . The road is now the pride of the Niger Delta.
All through the period of construction, Rivers APC kept quiet.  They never knew that the day of celebration will come. When the day of celebration came, they mandated a man shut out from reality to misbehave in the public arena.
The beauty of this road has heightened the political confusion in Rivers APC. I am told that a factional Chairman loyal to the embattled Minister of Transportation is claiming that his  benefactor completed the road.
Ojukaye Flag Amachree can be forgiven for his ignorance.  After all, he was in detention at the Port Harcourt Federal Prisons whilst construction was ongoing. At the time, he was still busy feigning ailment to delay his trial for the murder charges hanging  over his head and could not decipher  the investments made on this road.
The 12.2kilometre Obiri-Ikwerre Airport Road is a delight. All you need is to get to it and you are at the airport.  It cuts travel time by over 50 minutes and it is a driver’s delight in the morning and at night. The streetlights dazzle at night.
The grouse of Rivers APC is the assessment of their party-man, Senate President Bukola Saraki.  They are unhappy that he rated Governor Wike as Nigeria’s development icon.
Hear Saraki:  “This is a road that is significant in the sense that it is from here that investors will come into the state.
“If you stand here and look across, you will be proud to be a Nigerian. Looking up there, I can see Nigeria is working and it can work better”.
But before Saraki, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon Yakubu Dogara said: “This governor is a consummation of excellence. I wonder who to compare him to. He is a representative of a refiner’s fire and a fuller’s soap. A refiner’s fire separates impurities from the gold and leaves the gold intact. Refiner’s fire brings out the best. A fuller’s soap removes dirt and leaves the cloth sparkling clean. I am exceedingly proud of what Wike has done. He will continue to purify and refine Rivers State.
“To the people of Rivers State, I know you are smart people. I will not tell you what to do. But you know what you should do. When a man has done this much to transform your state, you know what you should do moving forward. Do it.”
The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa-ad Abubakar  who is not a politician, after commissioning the Rivers State Traditional Rulers Secretariat said:“We will continue to commend you as long  as the people commend you. I call you Mr Opener because you have opened  eyes to what governance should be. What you are doing will endear you to the people”.
The Ooni of Ife said this of Governor Wike after commissioning the Rex Lawson Cultural Centre: “How many leaders can execute and commission projects so close to the people? How many leaders can stand tall and speak so close to the people. Today, I am very proud to be associated with Mr Projects, the governor of Rivers State for the love he has for his people. I want other governors to learn from him”.
Sokoto State Governor, Rt Hon Aminu Tambuwal who is a leader of APC had this  to say of Governor Wike after commissioning the College of Medical Sciences building at the Rivers State University: “I  recommend Governor Wike so highly. He is the ‘Ekwueme of Rivers State. It only takes a leader with a vision, passion and commitment to come up with this idea and implement it.”
Recall that Vice President Osinbajo as Acting President declared that Governor Wike is Mr Projects.  This was after he inspected Governor Wike’s  works and laid foundation for the construction of the Doctors Quarters which has been commissioned by Former Rivers State Governor, Dr Peter Odili.
I have taken out time to list what these credible Nigerians said on key projects across Rivers State.  These men cut across party lines, while others are apolitical.
Ojukaye Flag Amachree is a fugitive. As a man hiding from the  long  arm of the law through the aid of the crime-infested Failed APC Federal Government, no well-meaning person will attach any value to his statements. He is just a puppet in the hands of his benefactor (Minister of Transportation )  and has no mind of his own. They conjured his temporary freedom because they see in him a willing tool for  mischief.
It is Wike till 2023 in Rivers State.  The release of childish and meaningless press statements will not change the Rivers scenario.  Governor Wike through quality pro-people projects has transformed the state. Rivers people know the difference between a story teller (2007 to 2015) and outstanding performance (2015 to 2023).
Rivers APC should learn how to live with the Wike reality till 2023. With well over 300 projects across the 23 Local Government Areas in just three years , Governor Wike has changed the landscape of Rivers State.  If Buhari is doing 30percent of What Wike is achieving here, Nigeria would have been a better place.
Governor Wike has proven that in the face of distractions and economic downturn,  a leader can develop his state through judicious management of resources.
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