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By Simeon Nwakaudu
I understand that Gbenga Aruleba, the AIT Presenter of Focus Nigeria, is a business associate of Former Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.  His business relationship with the immediate failed past Governor of Rivers State is not enough reason  for him to trivialize the security of Rivers State and that of Nigeria.
As a background, Gbenga Aruleba was Amaechi’s  Media Consultant who produced a television programme called ‘Giant Strides” for the immediate past Governor of Rivers State.  The Programme gulped hundreds of millions in airtime and production costs. Even at the Ministry of Transportation, Gbenga Aruleba still works as a private media consultant  to Rotimi Amaechi.
On Monday, January 8, 2018, Gbenga Aruleba once again used his Focus Nigeria to make several judgmental  pronouncements on Rivers State and her security network.  These pronouncements  would have  been ignored, but for their obvious links with the same views expressed by the Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and his social media consultant, Deji Adeyanju.
Aruleba threw media professionalism  through the window and jumped into the arena in a desperate attempt  to promote the narratives of his paymaster.
Recall that his paymaster through Sahara Reporters on same day, promoted a similar narrative online.
Aruleba reading the Rivers APC Press Statement on set, accused the Rivers State Government of sponsoring cult activities in the state. Aruleba  re-echoed Amaechi’s allegation that Governor Wike is sponsoring protests against  the police and blamed him for security breaches in Rivers State.  While downplaying  the badoo cult killings in Lagos State, Gbenga Aruleba accused  Governor Wike of not cooperating  with security agencies to tackle criminality in the state.
It is on record  that there is no love lost between the Rivers State Governor and the AIT Presenter of Focus Nigeria.  That Governor Wike refused to continue  with the multi-million naira running contract that Gbenga Aruleba had  with the immediate failed past Governor of Rivers State led to the deep seated  hatred and the penchant to misrepresent  facts.  Since 2015, Gbenga Aruleba has made his platform  the television arm of the falsehood network of the Amaechi crew. Every statement made by Amaechi and Rivers APC  are amplified by Gbenga Aruleba and other media associates of the failed former governor.
Gbenga Aruleba is clever by half.  When the security  breach happens in other parts of the country, the Federal Security agencies take responsibility.  For Rivers State, Gbenga Aruleba tells his audience that Governor Wike should be blamed. This unprofessional double standard is unfortunate.
If we stretch the argument  by Gbenga Aruleba, it means that the governors of Kaduna, Benue, Lagos, Ondo, Cross River, Kogi, Adamawa, Kwara, Zamfara, Yobe, Kebbi, Plateau, Nasarawa, Taraba refused to cooperate with the Federal Security agencies, hence the massive security breaches in their respective states at different times in 2017/2018. It is disingenuous for Aruleba to claim that in Rivers State, Governor Wike should be held responsible for security breaches, while in other states, the President is responsible for security.
The structure of governance in Nigeria is such that all the instruments of state coercion are domiciled  with the Federal Government.  They are fundamentally  at the beck and call of the President and Commander-in-Chief.  No State Governor, anywhere in Nigeria can issue a directive to a state commissioner of police, state director of DSS or any service commander for that matter.  In other words, no state governor is a Chief Security Officer of his state. It is only academic to think otherwise.
If you doubt, ask Governor Ortom of Benue State.  The state has passed an anti-open grazing law. The State Commissioner of Police outrightly declared that he will not implement the law. Since the Police Commissioner is not answerable to the Governor, he can afford to disrespect a law passed by the State House of Assembly.
Like Governor Wike has said, state governors are mere logistics officers . They support security agencies with finance and logistics, but have no roles in directing  their operations.
Therefore, it is disheartening that Gbenga Aruleba would join his paymaster, Rotimi Amaechi to allege that Governor Wike has failed to support security agencies and has facilitated cultism. This is falsehood at its crude form.
It is on record that Governor Wike stands out as the governor that has made the highest investments  in the funding and equipping  of security agencies.  Over the last 30months, the governor  has donated over 200 Patrol vehicles, 20 Armoured Personnel Carriers, 20 Security Gunboats, Bullet Proofs, Housing Estates and funding for state-wide  operations.
Despite the politicization of security by the APC Federal Government, the governor has remained  focused in the promotion of security.
Former Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi runs a criminal media  syndicate that thrives in misinformation , outright falsehood and infantile propaganda.  Gbenga Aruleba is a major contributor to this grand scheme of deception.
Governor Wike abhors insecurity.  He is the ultimate protector  of Rivers people.  Aside setting up mechanisms  to fight insecurity, Governor Wike facilitated the passage of the Rivers State Kidnap (Prohibition) Amendment Law, 2015. This law helped  the security agencies in their fight against kidnappers and their sponsors. It also created the framework  for the tackling of cultism  in the state.
The confiscation  of the residence of Don Wani and the property of other criminal elements have been made possible  by this law. He has proposed further amendment of the law to prescribe death penalty for offenders.
Governor Wike launched a successful amnesty programme  which led to the restoration  of peace across the state. This amnesty programme calmed communities across, engaged cultists and rebuilt the state’s peace process.
The Rivers State  variant  of Amnesty Programme is the  best as its outcome has been profound in all communities  of  the .  Since the commencement of the programme  on September 16, 2016 when Governor Wike inaugurated the Rivers State Amnesty Programme Implementation Committee, peace has developed progressively in the state. There may be few infractions, but peace has returned  in majority  of communities.
The programme helped in the profiling  of all notorious cultists, creating  the background  for security  agencies to trail those who eventually returned to crime. The profiles generated have helped security agencies. It is on record that Amaechi  worked to sabotage the programme.
Gbenga Aruleba is a known APC member. But even amongst liars, there should be honour. Why would an experienced  broadcaster  allow pecuniary consideration override security interest?
If Aruleba  wants to be sincere, he will admit that Governor Wike has taken all necessary  measures to promote security of lives and property in Rivers State.  I have outlined steps already taken.
It took the intervention  and motivation  by the governor for Don Wani  to be traced and killed.  All across the state, Governor  Wike  motivates security  agencies to  do their work. He motivates traditional rulers and other stakeholders  to work towards better security for communities.
On the issue of SARS, which Aruleba touched indirectly, the position of Governor Wike is known. The criminal gang failed the Rivers people the moment it took to kidnapping and armed robbery.  It failed Rivers people the moment  it got involved fraudulent extra-judicial killings.  The facts of SARS’ indictments are known. One of such indictments is a signal from the IGP X Squad.  Governor Wike made his position clear. Initially, the Police High Command lived in denial before the national public outcry forced  a belated feeble action.
It is expected, that APC apologists like Gbenga Aruleba would cry over Governor Wike’s  insistence that SARs must stop their criminal activities in the state.  After all, SARs and their Rivers State Commander, Akin Fakorede are criminal associates of Amaechi. If Amaechi gets political mileage, Aruleba benefits.
By trivializing security  in Rivers State  on his programme, Aruleba has exposed the grand plan to destabilise  the state as championed by his paymaster. It is unfortunate that the APC Federal Government through her agents like Amaechi  are working with media traders to circulate negative propaganda for the purpose  to overheat the polity and generate crisis.
It is for this reason, that Amaechi as a former governor, delivered an illegal  state-wide broadcast, played the national anthem and spewed out falsehood aimed at instigating violence in the state.  Imagine a situation where Former  President Goodluck Jonathan delivers a national broadcast, simply to embarrass Buhari and incite violence.
Gbenga Aruleba is a personification of the unfortunate trend in broadcast journalism, where commercialization of falsehood has robbed the country of developmental opportunities.  His recent ugly on-set drama with one Dr Okonkwo on the Anambra Senatorial Rerun is a clear testimony of Gbenga’s sad descent into the propaganda business for personal gain.  They almost fought on set as Gbenga Aruleba lost control of the studio. It is true that AIT relies on the commercialization policy to survive, but there is a limit to which the management can tolerate rascality and media merchandising.
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