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Femi Adesina: Those criticising Buhari’s ‘focus on north’ request are ignorant

Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman, has described Nigerians criticising President Muhammadu Buhari’s request to the World Bank Group for focus on the north as ignorant and mischievous.
Jim Jong Kim, president of the group, said at a news conference on Thursday that Buhari asked the organisation to concentrate its intervention efforts on northern Nigeria.
Adesina refused to react to the claim when TheCable reached him for comment on Friday morning.
But in a statement a few hours later, the presidential spokesman used some harsh words on Buhari’s critics, describing them as “insidious minds”.
“Those who specialise in a deliberate twisting of information have wailed and raged endlessly on the news item credited to the World Bank Group President, Jim Yong Kim, who disclosed in Washington DC, United States of America, that President Muhammadu Buhari had requested a concentration of the bank’s intervention efforts in the northern part of Nigeria, particularly in the north-east,” he said.
“The ignorant and mischievous people, who twist everything for their vile purposes, are making it seem that it was a calculated attempt to give the North an unfair advantage over other parts of Nigeria.
“The truth of the matter is that President Buhari, right from his first week in office in June, 2015, had reached out to the G-7 in Germany that Nigeria needed help to rebuild the North-east, which had been terribly devastated by insurgency. He said the country would prefer help in terms of rebuilding of infrastructure, rather than cash donation, which may end up being misappropriated. In concert with governors of the region, a comprehensive list of needed repairs was sent to the G-7 leaders.
“Also, during a trip to Washington in 2015, and many other engagements that followed, President Buhari sought the help of the World Bank in rebuilding the beleaguered north-east, which was then being wrested from the stranglehold of a pernicious insurgency. It was something always done in the open, and which reflected the president’s concern for the region.
“Those ululating over the disclosure by the president of the World Bank should be a bit reflective, and consider the ravages that the north-east has suffered since 2009, when the Boko Haram insurgency started. Schools, hospitals, homes, entire villages, towns, cities, bridges, and other public utilities have been blown up, laid waste, and lives terminated in excess of 20,000, while widows and orphans littered the landscape. The humanitarian crisis was in monumental proportions.
“President Buhari simply did what a caring leader should do. He took the battle to the insurgents, broke their backs, and then sought for help to rebuild, so that the people could have their lives back. Should that then elicit the negative commentary that has trailed the disclosure from the World Bank? Not at all, except from insidious minds.
“President Buhari has a pan-Nigerian mandate, and he will discharge his duties and responsibilities in like manner. Any part of the country that requires special attention would receive it, irrespective of primordial affinities, which narrow-minded people have not been able to live above. This president will always work in the best interest of all parts of the country at all times. Let ethnic warriors sheathe their swords.”
The presidency also issued a statement on Twitter saying the north-east remained a priority for Buhari
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  1. Amb Eze Scholar

    After the civil war, tell me any president that have instructed the World Bank President to focus in rebuilding the southern part of Nigeria?

  2. Angela E Momoh

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  3. Inem James Eshiet

    This yoruba man is more ignorant than I thought.

  4. Peter Chegwe

    Only APC and Buharists have monopoly of knowledge in this suspect regime. The rest of us are ignoramuses…… NOT!

  5. Agbaye Ose

    Is a pity A man without certificate is enslaving u

  6. Patrick Udoaka

    I just feel like slaping this man…if you re man just come outside and say this again. Ode.

  7. Ude Louis Udenta

    Femi Adesina enough of this interpretations to suit your Masters Nepotistic Act.

    Let’s put the record straight.

    Buhari asked us to focus on northern Nigeria — W/Bank, Punch

    Here is the entire transcript of the World Bank Chief’s discussion with the Press.
    The question asked by the journalist from Thisday.

    QUESTIONER: My name is Obinna Chima from Thisday Newspapers in Nigeria and The Arise TV in Africa. Mr. Kim, what can you tell us about Nigeria, specifically your intervention in the power sector, and also, what is the World Bank doing to support those ravaged in the northeastern part of Nigeria by the Boko Haram terrorists? Thank you.

    DR. KIM: You know, in my very first meeting with President Buhari he said, specifically, that he would like us to shift our focus to the northern regions of Nigeria, and we’ve done that. Now, it’s been very difficult. The work there has been very, very difficult. I think Nigeria, of course, has suffered from the drop in the oil prices. I think things are just now getting better, but the conversation we need to have with Nigeria, I think, is in many ways related to the theme that I brought to the table just this past week, which is investment in human capital. The percentage of GDP that Nigeria spends on healthcare is less than one percent. Despite the fact that there is so much turbulence in the northern part of the country and there is the hit that was taken from the drop in the oil prices, Nigeria has to think ahead. And investing in its people, investing in the things that will allow Nigeria to be a thriving, rapidly growing economy in the future is what the country has to focus on right now. It can’t rely just on oil prices going back up. It has to think: what are going to be the sources of growth in the future for Nigeria, in what will surely be a more digitalized economy?

    And this is true for most of Africa. If you look at the numbers in terms of how successfully African countries have invested into their human beings versus other regions, there is a real issue. And so, over this next year, not only in Nigeria but in all of Africa,we’re going to focus on accelerating investments in human beings— in human capital we call it— but investments in health, education, social protection so that Africa can prepare itself for the next phase in economic development.

    One of the real questions that we all have is our traditional notions of economic growth— which are agriculture, to light industry, to heavy industry— how many countries in Africa will actually experience that, and do we need to really think about another kind of path to economic growth that’s very focused on a small- to medium-enterprises and entrepreneurship as they have in other parts of the world? I think we still don’t know that. But the one thing we know, the one thing we know, is that better health outcomes, better education outcomes, will be critical no matter what the global economy looks like. So, yes focus on the north, hope that as commodity prices stabilize, oil prices come back up and the economy will grow a bit more, but very, very much focus on what the drivers of growth in the future will be.

  8. Prince Ademefun Kehinde Mathew

    U r d most educated-illiterate in dt cabinet cox u didnt apply d culture of Yoruba in ur statement…..If nigerian r ignorant then u sud knw wot u r

    • Frederick Omondiale

      The truth is when you have a region in your country with a terrible infrastructural deficit of bombed out bridges, damaged schools, damaged hospitals, destroyed villages and more than 2million internally displaced persons as a result of insurgency, I and you fail to guide a donor offering rehabilitation to prioritize such a region… are ignorant. Ben Emiantor, sometimes you don’t comment like the rational elder that you should be.

  9. Sunny Tolukoro

    Femi and his full family plus wife and children are idiots

  10. Sele Agbonaye

    Femi Adesina you’re a monkey 🐒

  11. Egbue Augustine Charles

    Unfortunately, Femi is still hallucinating!

  12. Mike Igwe

    You should be ashamed of defending fruad,senseless spokesman

  13. Ben Emiantor

    Keep quiet , nobody twisted any thing. Even from his action you can see it

  14. Douglas Eze

    Who did this to this man ooo
    He no longer have access to his own Conscience.
    God have mercy

  15. Vitalis Pedro Amuluoha

    It is you that is ignorance for selling your birth right

  16. Basil Alfa Micheal

    Dis man is a disgrace to his family

  17. Levi Nworgu

    It seems this Femi Adeshina will die any day Buhari trows him out of his cabinet, at least for being reasonable for once.

  18. Ekpe Mahmud

    I hate reading from this lunatic and opportunist

  19. Beki Gegu

    The same people that have been calling the North Almajiri are now rushing to collect assistance from World bank meant for the North. So, everyone Sabi Almajiri! Shege Nyamiri.

  20. Lilz PopKins

    Buhari is a very u$eless Hausa g0at….so world bank president was drunk wen he said so? Blame Jonathan again na

    Ode government!!!!

  21. Lilz PopKins

    Femi adeshina is a Useles$ product of r@pe…… If he doesn’t take time..he will di£ like a Useles$ fowl…..1diot

    W@yward government

  22. Emmanuel Oladipupo

    Bt they z u don well now, y ar u still talking lk ds.

  23. Utibe Akpan

    Femi is a shamed dog who has its tail in between two legs once he does something wrong

  24. Milton Julius

    Your the most ignorant human being I ever seen that refused to use his brain before making speeches. Your a big fool
    Go borrow sense

  25. John Victor Eni

    Everyone in APC sees nothing wrong with anything Buhari does as if he is God.

  26. Nelson-Ebimie Timi Joe

    Fool of the century ,his children and generations unborn will suffer this

  27. Emmanuel Emli

    Femi Adesina is another toy in the hands of Buhari like Osinbajo.😜😜😜😜

  28. Habeeb Daheer Adanan Dbt

    Is true Sir am with 100% and I am stand for buhari no shaking

  29. Ikwumelezeh Testimony James

    Femi Adesina; since you were born, I knew you were very stupid, buh never knew your stupidity were factory fitted that you bring it also on social media!!

    Mr Jim young; if you like focus the world bank account to the Northern part of Nigeria” they would remain illiterates with poverty always knocking on their respective corridors of life!!

  30. Ogbuiyi Friday

    #20 condom could have prevented your father from making this mistake and now even the grave his regretting it having you Adesina

  31. Kenneth Itoro-Abasi

    I hope you won’t weep more than us tomorrow. Time will tell

  32. Iamkcobika Obika

    “The man you are looking at on the television is not Buhari, he is from Sudan. After extensive plastic surgery they brought him back. The person was taught Buhari’s mannerisms and he came back deceiving all of you. I can stand and prove who I am but Buhari cannot do the same thing. He cannot deceive Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB,” the IPOB leader said.

  33. Ezeoke Evarist Chinedu

    Shutup. You have lost sense of reasoning and is dancing surugede dance. Shame.

  34. Ahmed Mamuda

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  35. Abimbola Adebo

    Where will you return to after bukoharam tenor ? Continue to describe your root with left hand

  36. Adamu Ishaya

    The only thing that the present administration has achieve greatly since its inception in office is lies. This Adesina is a shameless fool.

  37. Adamu Ishaya

    The only thing that the present administration has achieve greatly since its inception in office is lies. This Adesina is a shameless fool.

  38. Eromaleey Ero Egware

    Femi Adeshina is a very good man please you people should stop insulting a fool

  39. Kingsley Inyang

    How can a vibrant young man like this be a liar just for a living

  40. Akpoyirinmowei Sunday

    This man is another problem itself to nigeria

  41. Chimobi Nanim

    Femi adeshina is an ignoramus soquito.

  42. Rossy Kay

    You are number one ignorant. You are eating your children tomorrow you think you guys are did the right thing to Nigeria.

  43. Babatola Daramola

    This Adesina i believe you know what is right from wrong.It is what you will eat that makes you unwise.

  44. Babatola Daramola

    This Adesina i believe you know what is right from wrong.It is what you will eat that makes you unwise.

  45. Godwin Sunday

    Those who are trying rebranding Buhari statement are ignorant. In the past Buhari made a statement of those who voted for him in the persentage of 97%,20% and 5% and that is how he will do his business. Nobody changed that and you can’t change what the president said. One thing is sure, it is but for a time.

  46. Patrick Ezike

    Femi is the ignorant one. Just because he is trying to do some damage control measures he labels Nigerians from the other side of Nigeria ignorant. May be Northern Nigeria and North East means the same thing. Nonsense.

  47. Nicholas Iro

    Femi, the wise one! Evey other Nigerian is ignorant.

  48. Felix Osagie

    You will loose your job in 2019..

  49. Majid Abd

    I thought Adesina was fair minded but I was wrong. The title ”If President Buhari was sectional he wouldn’t have been elected” says it all. How would anyone satisfactorily determine whether candidate Buhari’s sectional?

    As a candidate, was Buhari in a position to prove or show sectionalism mannerism? Is it not only when given the position he’s occupying now that people can then judge based on his actions and policies? Buhari’s 97% vs. 5% policy is an epitome of sectionalism. And there is no better way to describe sectionalism than the president asking the World Bank to focus on only one section of the country.

    Furthermore, the military operations across the country show different intentions as demonstrated on their operational themes:
    In the Northeast, it is code named ‘Operational Lafia Dole’ meaning peace must reign
    In the Southeast, it is code named ‘Python dance’ – prey end up inside the stomach of python
    In the Southsouth & Southwest, it is code named ‘Crocodile smile’ – crocodile is a dangerous creature that devours its preys at sight.

    By all intents and purposes, Buhari has demonstrated blatant sectionalism more than any known Nigerian leader dead or living. This is most unfortunate.

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