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Dickson is ungrateful liar who cannot pay salaries 

Julius Bokoru writes….

Governor Dickson has said Jonathan’s 6 years as President was a waste to the Ijaw nation. Personally, I quite agree because it exposed billions and trillions to many Ijaws who failed to empower those around them. What Dickson didn’t say is that he was one of such persons that handled federal cash and kept all to himself. What Dickson didn’t say is that due to GEJ’s influence he became the governor with the highest allocations in the history of Bayelsa state with nothing to show for it. What Dickson didn’t say is how Jonathan as president released monies for Ogbia light and he, Dickson, gave no good account of how the money finished and Ogbia was still in darkness. What Dickson did not say is that GEJ released money for a huge edifice in the state capital but Governor Dickson built a strategically impotent monkey-bridge at Berger junction and called it a fly-over to the anger of Jonathan who began withdrawing from him. He didnt tell us of the many back-door funds Jonathan sent to him to develop the state and how those monies became will-o-the-wisp. He didnt tell us if while GEJ was president he tried advising him on steps that could steer the Ijaw nation forward. He also didn’t tell us he has been in a festering battle with the former president in producing the next PDP Guber candidate. Governor Dickson is an ungrateful bastard, stupid, blood sucking desperado. He should shut up and pay salaries. Erm, I give no fuck about his dozens of 70k-a-month-salary social meda aides who will copy this and send to him. Tell him he’s an ungrateful liar who can use his mother’s blood for his sinister political ambitions

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