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Buhari’s Selective Provision of Security

by Nat Apir

It was Buhari’s attempt to use military might to quell the South South crises that triggered the renewed heightened militant activities in the region.

The outcome of that misguided decision was the drop in oil exports, and consequently revenues . Oil installations were daily being sabotaged.

It took Osinbajo’s diplomatic approach to resolve the crises, and restore the relative peace we have there now. Oil exports have since gone up.

Now, it is the South East that is being threatened and provocked with a view to plunging the country into an avoidable crises.

Let me be very clear; I do not support Nnamdi Kanu’s approach for self determination.

But Buhari must also be advised not to throw the country into an unnecessary crises. What is operation python dance, what are its goals and objectives.

If Nnamdi Kanu is violating his bail conditions we should approach the courts and have his bail revoked.

The peoples of the Benue Valley, Southern Kaduna , Plateau and Taraba States have been victims of Buhari’s selective provision of security.

Our people have been killed and maimed with schools, hospitals, farms and harvested crops burnt down by Fulani herdsmen terrorists without a whimper from Buhari.

No operation was launched to halt what bordered on genocide and crimes of ethnic cleansing.

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  1. Prince Diepiriye Tubota

    Nigeria has never been this divided until the emergence of this horrible and selective government.

  2. Rabilu Abdullahi Ngw

    Shame on propagandists, and you will never succeeded.

  3. Imo Rivers

    Very soon buhari will be forgotten thing

  4. Ekene Udensi

    God has begin judgment on buhari…

  5. Collins Francis

    Apart from the federal government selective appointment, we still need to hold our state executives for our problem. APC or BUHARI is not the cause of salaries and pensions not been paid in some of the state in the south east and south south. Bail out funds and Paris club fund was released practically to settle back log of salaries and pensions, but what did we see,this funds were looted some diverted to personal pocket. Yes the Federal government has it own short coming, which they are trying to settle.

  6. Collins Francis

    Biafra or no Biafra, every body have right to self agitation/struggle, but it should be done in accordance with the law.

  7. Chukwuebuka Chike Solomon

    Freedom is not a crime. . Their envy and deep Hatred for the Igbos won’t let other tribes use their God-given conscience to see this ongoing massacre of Igbos and other Biafrans by the Hausafoolani Bokoharam infested army. I hope the whole world of justices are watching because I’m aggrieved and aggravated —There was Ife/Modakeke war,no operation Monkey dance
    —Hausa/Yoruba war in Ile-ife,no operation Anaconda dance
    —A cult group called Badoo emerged from nowhere and killed over a hundred souls in Ikorodu-Lagos,no operation fowl dance
    —Fulani herdsmen invaded Taraba and souls were lost in hundreds,no operation elephant dance
    —Villages were nearly wiped out in areas occupied by TIVs in Benue state which propmted Gov Otorm to say”my people have been pushed to the wall to the extent that i may not be able to convince them not to defend themselves,yet no operation tortoise dance
    —Over 400 people were gruesomely murdered in Agatu Local Govt area of Benue State by Fulani herdsmen,no operation fox dance
    —In Southern Kaduna,uncountable number of innocent men,women and children were slaughtered in blood-daylight.But we never heared of this new dance by the noble Nigeria Army rather apostle Johnson Suleman who spoke up was summoned to explain what he knew about the Kaduna killings
    —In Plateau state,it was a killing spray,kill anyone at sight.There was no proliferation of arms neither was anyone nor groups prosecuted,yet no operation dragon dance
    —The Abuja/Kaduna road has turned a kidnapping den,former ministers,former Senators etc have been kidnapped,no operation fish-them out dance
    —In Nasarawa State,over 50 police men were mysteriously slaughtered by the Ombatse people,but there was no known operation turkey dance
    —The creeks of Niger/Delta is a no-go area today;the boys have taken arms against the government,killing soldiers,police,bursting oil pipes at will and sending giant oil companies packing as well as crippling Nigerian economy;yet no operation Mammy Iwater dance
    —No one passes through Lokoja/Okene roads anymore,its either you are kidnapped or you are robbed;no one remembers operation tolotolo dance
    —How do i count them? how do i count all the evils that happened under your very own nose? how do i explain it that of all the vices you claimed you watched from your sick bed in London,the only one that deserves crushing is the ones you described as ‘miscreants’ in the south east?
    —Its only in the South East the military experiments operation python dance part 1 & 11.Hahahahaha!!!!
    —Today you are in power, tomorrow you may be no more.Those you crush today you may not have the power to crush tomorrow.But i will still advice you;since i was born,i have never ever seen fire quenching fire.You are creating problems for this nation which you may not be available solve when the time comes.We have known you and have decided whom you are from your body language and utterances. Abia is one state you should know does not fear violence.
    —Continue your python dance in such a peaceful area but also remember that pythons are not venomous but some tiny snakes are.The python may crush the tiny snakes but may not be free from venomous bites.
    —I can’t seize to be funny.Expecting OPERATION NOLLYWOOD MOVIE SOON——- down-pressed citizen of Biafra.

  8. Jimmy Jones





    It is my pleasure at this time to put on notice to everyone that called themselves AREWA YOUTH to underlined and differentiate the tribes and Languages it will be a setback and unfortunate to some group of people who think we Hausa will end up in all our life been decieved.and remain in this evil union with Fulani, this is the time we tell ourselves the truth.


    Don’t be surprise to hear this, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the truth must be told. What is Hausa relationship with Fulani? how come we are called Hausa/Fulani? What a combination name is that? Can anyone tell me the History were we come from? Am still going on research about the geology of Hausa/Fulany. Please cut this crap. I said no body can decisive me again. Hausa and Fulani are not one and if you think so, why are they so violent ? Maybe you think we Hausa are.
    Who are the problems of this country think well is FULANI’S.
    Who are the BOKO HARAM’s ? Is FULANI’S.
    Which people Boko Haram are killing is the HAUSA’S
    Then tell me the kind of family we are, some time I think all this still I cannot get it where the relationship came from,
    I can tell you that Fulani’s have completely distroy our reputation in other people eyes believeing We Hausa are the same with Fulani. While Fulani have killed many of our people, distroy our homes occupied our land systematically conquered us in the name of one family called Hausa/Fulani, is time to differentiate the two names, and that time is here.that is my reason to say quite notice to IBOS remain.
    OCTOBER FIRST..A BIG BLOODY AREWA/FULANI quite notice to the IBO’S and not by HAUSA’S because we love IBO we will never join Fulani to hate the IBOS or disrespect

  9. Ahmed Mamuda

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  10. Ekanem Bassey

    Buhari is evil and apc government is a total failure

  11. Jontor Way

    Profit should never come at the cost of human blood. Any government that places profit before people is pure evil.

  12. Abdullahi Yahaya Raigoma

    Buhari fought boko haram and now fighting their mate. Ipob they are all terrorist, where is selective?

  13. Ahmad Buba


    “1. NORTH EAST :- Operation Gama Aiki which is a multi-national operation with troops from the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) member states. This together with Operation Crackdown is an operation within operation aimed to mop up Boko Terrorists in the North East.”

    2. NORTH CENTRAL :- has Operation Safe Haven stationed in Plateau State with area of operation extending to Benue, Kogi, Nasarawa and Kwara States to quell ethno-religious conflicts and other criminal activities.

    3. NORTH WEST :- Operation Sara Daji and Operation Harbin Kunama ( Scorpion) in the North West, established to battle the criminal activities of armed bandits, cattle rustlers and robbers operating particularly in Zamfara, Kaduna and fringes of Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina and Kano states.

    4. SOUTH SOUTH :- the Navy has a major operation codenamed Operation Delta Safe which was formerly Operation Pulo Shield. While Nigerian Army’s Operation Crocodile Smile, and Navy’s Operation Tsera Teku. These operations are all aimed at crushing the resurgent Niger Delta militancy and other acts of criminality like oil theft, vandalism, and bunkering in the region.

    5. SOUTH WEST :- , there is Operation Awase with a mandate to contain the criminal operations around Ogun-Lagos axis, particularly in Arepo where illegal oil bunkering and pipeline vandalism are regular occurrences.

    6. SOUTH EAST :- Operation Iron Fence to combat armed robbers, hooligans and kidnappers. Then a new Operation Python Dance to sustain the previous operation.

    7. Finally, Operation Mesa ( LION) , which is a Joint Task Force (JTF) operation against all forms of criminal activities in ALL the states of the federation.

    Jack: In effect, there are military operations in EVERY part of Nigeria, so I don’t get the whining over python dance, the magnitude, the ethnic/religious tension, criminality, secessionists anti-constitutional activities, other security challenges bearing in mind the peculiarity of our people and country so demands.”
    – Shabba Baba Mohammed.

  14. Ahmad Buba

    Scan news, you never gone to anywhere but in your home posting rubbish.

  15. Ken Abudu

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