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Amaechi’s 52nd Birthday: The Lamentations of a Failed Former Governor

By Simeon Nwakaudu

I had the misfortune of watching the immediate past failed Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi blab on Channels Television during his 52nd Birthday in Port Harcourt. I say misfortune, because I was with my team concluding work on a documentary on Governor Wike’s excellent performance in the security sector when a colleague asked me to watch Channels Television.

Personally, I abhor negative commmunication and needless propaganda. That is why I have always concentrated on the realities of developments in Rivers State. Amaechi is a personification of negative communication, needless propaganda, treachery, deceit and ungodly “bad-bellism “.

The 52nd Birthday of Amaechi was a highlight of his failures and crimes against the good people of Rivers State. It brought to the fore the wanton corruption that he championed to the detriment of his people.

I will make my observations on the following sub-heads:


Two years ago before Buhari appointed Ministers, the entire APC Leadership gathered at the International Conference Centre in Abuja to celebrate Amaechi for betraying his kinsman and foisting on the nation a non performing Government. All APC Governors and chieftains were in attendance.

Two years after, only one governor showed up alongside a minister from the Niger Delta. Amaechi’s wife, Judith was so ashamed of her husband’s notorious treachery that she ceded her place to an unknown woman. She was absent in the interest of posterity. Even the governor who attended gave Amaechi a brutally candid advice. He advised Amaechi to always listen to the voice of reason each time he stubbornly wants to betray his people.


If Amaechi has been a good leader, Senator Magnus Abe and other Rivers APC leaders would have graced his 52nd Birthday. But the truth is in the public domain of Amaechi’s high-handedness and his insistence to foist a governorship candidate on the dying APC.

Needless to point out that Amaechi has refused to learn from his oath that over his dead body would Governor Wike emerge through the ballot. The rest as they say is history.


Even at Amaechi’s 52nd Birthday, he could not reach a consensus with his paid agents on what they should do with Governor Wike in 2019.

When Amaechi declared: “Assuming Governor Wike gets a second term”, a section of the hired crowd booed him, while others agreed that Governor Wike will get a second term. This argument lasted for until Amaechi begged to change topic. More than anything else, the uproar in the room should tell Amaechi that even people hired to praise him, know that Governor Wike is a performer.


Beyond the rantings of a frustrated former governor during that 52nd Birthday, one obvious point was re-emphasised. The massive theft of Rivers funds for the sponsorship of APC across the country.

This point was first made two years ago by the Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong and the Governor of Bauchi State, Mohammed. During Amaechi’s 52nd Birthday, defeated Akwa Ibom APC Governorship Candidate, Umanah Umanah confessed how he ran regularly to the failed Former Rivers State Governor for funding during the campaign. This position was re-echoed by his defeated Delta State counterpart, Otega. They 0 told a stunned audience that all the APC candidates relied on the financial benevolence of Amaechi to stay in the race.

Without doubt, Amaechi’s financial benevolence to APC candidates during the 2015 general elections had nothing to do with any rich family heritage. We all know that Amaechi was born with no spoon. The monies he doled out to APC candidates came from the coffers of Rivers State Government .

For the avoidance of doubt, Amaechi has been indicted by a legally constituted Judicial Commission of Inquiry for stealing funds belonging to Rivers people. Amaechi only recently approached the Court of Appeal to challenge his indictment . The Appeal Court affirmed that indictment.


This may go unnoticed to many viewers. But Channels Television abandoned Amaechi as he vomited nonsense against the performing Governor of Rivers State. They placed a disclaimer on his venomous lies, dissociating themselves from a failed former Governor who is the Judas of our time.

When Channels Television realised that the incorrigible Former Rivers State Governor would not bulge, they yanked him off their network and returned to their regular programming. Nobody would be comfortable with such a sadistic liar.


Whether Amaechi likes it or not, the name Mr Projects has come to stay. This was conferred on Governor Wike by the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo. The Acting President is the leader of the APC.

Immediate Past President, Goodluck Jonathan confirmed same, so did the chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum and Zamfara State Governor, Abdulaziz Yari. Everyone who comes to Rivers State testifies positively to the presence of the pro-people projects of Governor Wike.

The mere fact that Amaechi tried desperately to compare his eight year failed government to Governor Wike’s second year anniversary underscores the fact so much has been achieved by the incumbent .


Amaechi told his hired crowd that Rivers politics is about him. Nothing can be more disheartening. This was the reason why Amaechi failed as a governor. He personalised governance. This was why Rivers people rejected him and his godson, Dakuku Peterside. They preferred Governor Wike who is a team player, lover of development and grassroots politician.

The mass development of Rivers State is the driving force behind the numerous achievements of Governor Wike. That is why the governor defends the interests of the state at every forum. That is why he is now Nigeria’s best performing governor.


Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike inherited a battered economy. At the twilight of the immediate past APC administration in the state, all the economic fundamentals were in a terrible shape, while businesses had collapsed. The basic governance structure in the state was in shambles with the state bureaucracy at a vegetative state.

Through careful implementation of reform policies, Governor Wike has over the last two years revived and repositioned the Rivers economy. After two years of good governance, Rivers economy is one of the most vibrant in the country, supporting corporate, medium-sized and small businesses across the state.

Business entrepreneurs who relocated from the state at the twilight of the immediate past APC administration are returning to the state. One of the major indicators of revived economy is the sustained growth of the state’s internally generated revenue (IGR).

While other states suffer from economic recession, Governor Wike posits that Rivers State is enjoying an era of boom because it operates a Jesus economy. The foundations of the state’s economic growth are from God, hence it cannot be affected by political and economic developments in the country.

The governor revived the State Assembly which was sitting at the dinning of the Government House under the last APC administration in the state. Since he proclaimed the Assembly, they have been passing laws for the good governance of the state. Two budgets have been passed, while the State Assembly enjoys independence and financial autonomy.


Immediate past Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi painted a gloomy picture of the finances of the state on May 27, 2015, when he declared: “Nyesom Wike is coming, let us see where he will get the money to pay salaries.” At this point two days to the end of that failed administration, the state civil servants were owed four months salaries and pensioners owed for six months.

With the state governance system and bureaucracy revived, Governor Wike has taken deliberate steps to ensure that civil servants and pensioners in the state receive their monthly salaries and entitlements.


As acknowledged by Amaechi, the only reason why his 52nd Birthday was held was because his faction of the Rivers APC sought a platform to gather.

This is my final sub-head on this issue. If the Rivers APC have had difficulty in gathering, it simply means that the people have totally rejected them. For them to gather, they needed Amaechi to use the Federal might to get approval of soldiers who almost outnumbered the invited guests.

After plundering the resources of Rivers State for eight years, Amaechi confessed during his 52nd Birthday that he is afraid to walk the streets of Port Harcourt. Of course, the guilty are afraid. A man who misappropriated N3trillion of Rivers funds will be scared of confronting Rivers people on the streets.

The truth remains, Amaechi is a failed Former Rivers State Governor. This fact cannot be erased by a hurriedly convoked 52nd Birthday. Birthday. Rivers State under the able leadership of Governor Wike has reovered from the locust yearsof Amaechi.

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