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Amaechi, Soldiers and the Ugly Attempt to Subvert the will of Rivers People


By Chibiko Amarachukwu

It all began with the declaration of war and dance of death by the Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi during the APC Presidential Rally in Port Harcourt.

He talked about the use of soldiers, and threatened deaths. He told the President to thank them later after the mayhem on Rivers State.

Ahead of March 9, Amaechi and APC showed their hands. They used to used to unleash terror and arrested Rivers people indiscriminately.

On March 9, 2019 during the Governorship and State Assembly elections, the soldiers on the direction of Amaechi were more brazen. They killed, maimed, robbed election materials and invaded Collation Centres across Rivers State. The video proofs of their reckless anti-democratic attacks are everywhere.

The goal was to deny Rivers people their choice of Governor Wike. In many places, Rivers people resisted via protests, but the soldiers under Amaechi’s guidance intensified illegality and violence.

The elections held at the polling units, but soldiers directed by Amaechi frustrated Collation like he threatened.

With Amaechi Commanding the soldiers to kill, maim and frustrate the democratic will of Rivers people, the question remains: who is the Commander-in-chief? Is Amaechi now the Commander-in-chief? Is there no higher authority to bring Amaechi and the soldiers to justice?

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