Thursday , 23 May 2019
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What makes a nation #FantasticallyCorrupt

By Amadi Temple 1. A president lies to the public about his assets and also breached his promise to make it public and his supportes hail and defend him 2. A President goes to National Assembly to present a #BudgetOfCorruption …

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Buhari is fantastically corrupt

By Emmanuel Ogbeche Why the hysteria about being fantastically corrupt? A man lies about walking into a bank and gets loan of N27. 5million to buy his party’s nomination form: there was dollar rain (check the bbc) to get him …

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“Fantastic Corruption”:

One year after change, the British High Commission and secret intelligence service(MI6) doesn’t seem to believe the hypocrisy of the APC led government in Nigeria. The Archbishop believes by faith that things will get better, but the Prime Minister seems …

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Justice must be done

By Tubotamuno Dick On that fateful Saturday, 11th of April, 2015 when Smart Soberekon and Ipalibo Jackson were shot, I rushed both of them to Degema, the Buguma Hospital not functional and my friend, Concept Doctor Ebi Robinson, whose NGO …

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We miss GEJ

By Kehinde Ifemi Maye Lets be honest! We miss GEJ. He was slow but he was moving. He was quiet yet we were kept informed. He was soft yet boko haram were fazing out. He was dark but we had …

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