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Amid condemnations, APC explains why it is interested in blocking 2014 budget, screening of Ministers, service chiefs

The Interim National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Lai Mohammed, has said the party’s directive to its member at the National Assembly to block government proposals was to save the country and democracy.

The spokesman of APC said government must abrogate the reign of impunity in Rivers State to allow justice, fairness and equity.

He noted that a situation where the lives of the people were taken for granted is the highest form of disservice to the country.

Mohammed stated that the party could not fold its arms and watch its members being harassed and intimidated because they hold a different view contrary to that of government.

According to him: “We have made it clear to President Goodluck Jonathan that the Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mbu, could not have behaved this way if he does not have the support of the President.

“We have warned that this also has repercussion for stability in the country. It will get to a point when the people will say they can’t take this anymore.

“The situation in Rivers State today is that everyday things are getting more difficult, people are being molested. We have drawn government attention to this ugly situation and since government appears not to be paying attention to the lives of the people who are being molested in Rivers State, we would ask our members to stop cooperating with Mr. President until he ensures that normalcy is back to Rivers State.”

The APC chieftain wondered why the Labour Party and Afenifere were accusing the party of trying to heat up the polity, instead of calling on government to order and ensure that the people of Rivers State were protected.

”Government is about people, if there is no peace, stability and what is happening in Rivers escalates to other states, what will be the importance of any budget?

“So, why are we putting the budget over and above the lives of the citizens in Rivers State? Government must protect them as a matter of responsibility,” he explained.

He added that if the situation persists, democracy will not only suffer but the teeming supporters of the APC would be forced to go underground because of fear of being persecuted for their political belief.

He further explained: ”Do not forget that if what is happening in Rivers State today happens simultaneously across the country it will not be easy to curtail. The luck we is that this thing is confined to Rivers State. So, we don’t want it to spread to other states. The way we are going now, the fear is that will they even allow people to come and vote freely in 2015.

”What do we want? Why are we trying to shut down government? I must say it’s all about the rule of law in Rivers State, what we are fighting for now is to make sure that the people are protected. What is government all about? Is it not about the rule of law and democracy?

”They are the one using ex-militants backed by the police to stop a peaceful rally. So, if you look at the whole situation from the balance they are the one overheating the polity,” he said.

He added that APC members at the National Assembly would ensure there is good governance in the country because it is no longer going to be business as usual.

”If Mr. President today has the political will to stop what is happening in Rivers State there will be no reason for filibustering,” he assured.

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